Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What Are Your Thoughts On The State Of The Union Address?

"No more pork" again, keep on  spending, "investing" in unions... I have to say that after Obama started talking about "no more pork" I couldn't hear what he said because I was laughing so hard. And putting the car(budget) in neutral when it is going off a cliff at over $1 trillion a year isn't saying much either. But other then that it was a great speech. As both sides have learned to not listen to Obama's words, but watch his actions, we will see what happens. This should help you know the facts about spending and jobs created. The government does not create jobs, the private sector does. And it is the private sector the Democrats go after to get the money for the government to spend, through raising taxes. The Democrats just can't help themselves when it come to spending our money. Take a look at the responses from Bachmann and Ryan

Michele Bachmann’s Speech

Paul Ryan's speech


  1. hmm, what do I think? Full of bs, full of politics, full of lies. I did like the part where he mentioned that America could bounce back. Unfortunetely he ruined that by suggesting that we could bounce back if only we would build a high speed train, staffed with illegals and smoked salmon that was cheaper due to reduced regulations that will never happen. Politics AS USUAL

  2. Now the serious work begins.

    We will now see WHOM is the first to actually propose legislation that will start are ECONOMYS long climb back to where it belongs.

    Whom will be the first to actually put into writing and act on the CUTS that must me made. Not just a little cut here or a little cut there but a ACTUAL attack on OUR Unsubstainable DEBT.

    Creating Jobs are also a MUST and cannot be accomplished by anybody if Private Sector is not allowed to do what it always has CREATE JOBS and Government should get the hell out of the way. Regulations will NOT Create and Niether will Legislation that Punishes or Taxes Small businesses into not hiring or simply closing.

    I have seen enough of politicans and what they say. Action from both PARTYs must be forthcoming or the valuable time lost I beleive will bring us to the brink of becoming Greece. Politics/Ideaology must be thrown aside if not WE have gridlock and posturing for 2012 none of which gets this great NATION back to WORK the key to OUR economy.

    Change in Mid Terms came about because of "Investments" and Citizens will not allow the same ole same ole to continue. Voters are alert and will not allow Politics as usual.

  3. By freezing the bloated budget, Obama has stopped the Republicans from making the cuts we voters demanded last Nov. This will make it harder for the Republican Congress to make the cuts they promised the voters.

  4. How timely is this interview:
    Richard Epstein:
    "He was always a tremendously engaging and charming individual, but he’s not the kind of guy who likes to be pushed. He has a way of listening to you to make it appear as though you’re the only person in the world who matters. And then when it’s all done, now what does he believe? He’s amazingly good at playing intellectual poker. But that’s a disadvantage, because if you don’t put your ideas out there to be shot down, you’re never going to figure out what kind of revision you want. His mind is set in concrete. If he thought a stimulus would work in 2009, he thinks it today."

    His arrogance renders him unteachable.

  5. How pleasant to have a president who cares more about doing his job than keeping it.

    We might have to go back to Andrew Jackson or even George Washington to find another.

    No one has ever accused this president of lacking brains. So what did he just do and why?

    He extended the tax cut for the rich (which they do not need, and which he said he would never do) in order to get unemployment benefits for the jobless.

    And the president could cut them to ribbons with his mind and look very good to all who supported him.

    But this won’t put any food on the tables of the unemployed. It takes Republican votes to do that.

    And the next election is two years away. There will be many more hungry children before then.

    He would rather enable the unemployed to feed their children now.

    He is paying the price the Republicans demand — making the rich richer now — rather than hear the cries of hungry children indefinitely.

    — Frederick F. Johnson

  6. Last night, in his State of the Union, President Barack Obama claimed, “We have to make America the best place on Earth to do business. ... That’s how our people will prosper. That’s how we’ll win the future.” This is true. But then he went on to say: “We know what it takes to compete for the jobs and industries of our time.” No. No, he doesn’t. The rest of the President’s speech made it very clear that he has no idea what makes America the best place on earth to do business.

    On issue after issue (education, energy, infrastructure), the President identified more government “investment” as the key to “winning the future.” But if centrally planned government spending is the key to America’s future success, then we are in big trouble, because China will beat us in raw bureaucratic efficiency every time. The source of American exceptionalism is not an expansive and powerful central government. As Heritage Foundation Center for American Studies Director Matthew Spalding has stated, the American creed “is set forth most clearly in the Declaration of Independence ... a timeless statement of inherent rights, the proper purposes of government, and the limits on political authority.”

    You can read the full reactions of Heritage experts to last night’s State of the Union here. Highlights include:

    The President’s proposed freeze of non-security discretionary spending would essentially lock in the 25 percent expansion these programs have received since 2007. Yet paring back deficits requires actually reducing runaway spending, starting with the House Republican plan to cut this spending back to 2008 or even 2006 levels. ... While investment indeed drives economic growth, politicians have proven to be poor investors. Federal K-12 education spending has grown 219 percent faster than inflation over the past decade, yet student test scores have stagnated. Thirty years of federal energy spending has failed to significantly improve the alternative energy market. And massive increases in federal transportation spending have been diverted into earmarks, bike paths, and museums or allocated to budget-busting transit programs that governors do not want. If President Obama truly wants to encourage investment, he should focus on reducing the budget deficit—which is crowding out private investment—and reduce barriers to productive private sector investments.—Brian Riedl

    On one vital point, the nation has almost without exception reached a consensus when it comes to entitlement spending—current policy is unaffordable and unsustainable. President Obama acknowledged this clearly when he announced the creation of the National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform and again when he received the commission’s final report. ... The President in short has turned his back on his own commission, on his vows of leadership, and on future generations. On these issues it will now be up to Congress to take up the mantle of leadership the President has found too heavy to bear.—J. D. Foster

  7. Based on polling done after the SOTU, over 90% of Americans liked what they heard from President Obama. Presumably that even includes some teabaggers.

    The results of the instant snap polls by CBS News, CNN/ORC and the Democratic pollsters at Democracy Corps all show overwhelmingly positive responses to President Barack Obama's State of the Union address from Tuesday night. Yet if past history is a guide, these impressions will not translate into a "bump" -- a lasting, measurable change in public opinion. These snap polls, for reasons that have never been clear, almost always yield an immediately favorable response.

    One of the big challenges pollsters face in measuring reactions to the State of the Union address is that reaching a fresh random sample of adults within minutes of the speech is nearly impossible. Moreover, not everyone watches the speech. So those that try to measure reactions to the speech compromise, and aim to interview only those who say they have watched the speech.

    In order to get a large number of interviews completed quickly -- particularly when the speech finishes after 10 p.m. on the East Coast -- pollsters also need to recruit their respondents ahead of time. Like CNN, they use standard national telephone surveys conducted a week or or more in advance, ask respondents if they plan to watch the speech, and then call back those who say "yes" within minutes after the speech has concluded. Or like CBS News, they use a similar procedure to interview and reinterview those who plan to watch the speech sampled from the online Knowledge Networks panel (more on that methodology here).

    But the bottom line is, the slice of Americans who say they watch the speech almost always skews heavily toward fans of the president. In both the CNN and CBS polls last night, Democrats outnumbered Republicans by wide margins and, as the table below shows, that pattern is typical. The same partisan skew was present for Obama's previous addresses to Congress and for President Clinton, and the reverse occurred for the addresses of President George W. Bush: Republicans typically outnumbered Democrats by roughly the same margins.

  8. 10:54 post Regime sees the hand witting on the wall. He surprizes me in that I beleive he now DOES want that second term and he indeed does see that if he does not APPEAR to pivot he will be one TERMER!

    Regime has NEVER put Nation before Ideaology and to say that and comparing Him To Washington is at the very least not bright! This regime knows exactly what its doing at all times and it will not in the end MOVE to center. Its not in the Community organizer to aboandon his Beliefs which are not that of are fore fathers.

    Im not sure what Planet you've been on but this regime from 2008-2010 held ALL the political Power and then just IGNORED the Economy and Jobs for its social agenda and thats what cost them BIGTIME in November.

    Now Citizen will judge all POLITICANs to see how the Economy Jobs and the Unsubstainable Deficit are Addressed and the Citizens will have very little patients in POLITICANS who decide Ideaology is MORE important than the NEEDS of the CITIZENS.

    That line of Starving children would NOW fall on Regimes shoulders,they are the ones who were in charge and put their Ideaology Before Starving Children! Shame on them

    Now we will see what happens Words mean very little, Action will be what all POITICANS are Judged on!

    Bruce you and your polls. Polls are all over the place on the SOTU speech depending on WHOMs Asked. Myself I beleive in Action NOT words and one thing this Regime does well is Say one thing and DO another. You do not give Citizens much credit. Citizens once again will be the JUDGE and thats a fact so Bruce calm down and lets see what Happens. Me Im rooting for the Country how Bout You?

  9. Al, I'm rooting for the country too, the one that President Obama laid out last night, a country that believes in progress.

    High speed Internet blanketing the country, high speed trains, electric cars, clean energy, one where everyone can serve openly in the military and a prosperous nation where every that wants one has a good-paying jobs with good wages and a pension and health care benefits for themselves and their family.

    That's the country I'm rooting for. How about you, Al?

  10. I think Herb is right, those last two videos were complete shit. Bachman is a loon and poor poor Ryan, most of his speech came pre-refudiated.

  11. I've lost faith in President Obama! He said the economy is getting better. Does anyone else think he's right? My house is worth less again this year. Who knows what the real unemployment is? Businesses all around me are closing. The debt for this year is $1.5 trillion and they don't want to make cuts in the budget. He is following the Bush war plans. All I know is I'm getting more poor the longer he's in office. How come the rest of you still have faith in him?

  12. Bruce Fealk said...
    "Al, I'm rooting for the country too, the one that President Obama laid out last night, a country that believes in progress.

    High speed Internet blanketing the country, high speed trains, electric cars, clean energy, one where everyone can serve openly in the military and a prosperous nation where every that wants one has a good-paying jobs with good wages and a pension and health care benefits for themselves and their family."

    This is the communist mantra. Are you a communist or socialist Bruce Fealk?

  13. Bruce Your looking at Utopia that does not exsist. In the real World you must be able to PAY for what you have. You seem to have forgotten that little matter in your Utopia.

    Bruce that is why we are on the verge of BANKRUPTSY. SPENDING what we dont HAVE. I beleive in a Nation where the Politcans Govern and do not RULE! All the things you did mention will be done by Private Sector or they will not be Done. We cannot as a Nation PAY for any of your THINGYS and I if Private Sector doers not do it,it Cannot be done.

    Yesterday Nobama listed Edision,Ford and the Wright Brothers as example of CITIZENS using their Ideas to Bring great things to life. The one thing he did not say "Government had NO part in their "Success" Private Sector did!

    I pride myself in what Citizens do NOT Government!

  14. As stated a few days ago, it's the same old same old Socialist doer/centrist campaigning.

    "Bachman is a loon and poor poor Ryan, most of his speech came pre-refudiated."

    Belittling people who speak of freedom, personal liberty, free markets and the constitution... then you have the liberal left degrading this kind of talk.

    The left is the left, people. As you can see THIS is where they don't want the country to be at.

  15. Joe great job on your attack of the messanger
    instead of the message. You sold me on your

  16. I think this idea of high speed rail is idiotic at best. Only the big cities like Chicago,NYC...will be effected by it. Too bad our populatuion is so disperced throught this great land. Obama mentioned the railroads in his speech. The problem is government didn't creat the rail system, private industry did.

  17. Al, do you think the Interstate highway system was built by the private sector? Of course not. And it was a Republican, Dwight Eisenhower, who proposed it.

    Republicans used to believe in American progress and competitiveness too, but those days are long gone.

  18. Bruce Just out of Curosity on that interstate road construction. Did the Republicans do one side of the road and the Demoncrats the other. I can see it now DDE on one side of the road with a shovel and Stevenson on the other side with a shovel. Maybe thats the shovel jobs Regime was talking about. Hows that thigy doin?

    Just for your Info ANY thing Government does is PAID for by CITIZENS and if its done RIGHT its done by Private Sector.

    Yea I can see as example Nobama in his first trip over seas APOLIGIZED to World Community for OUR ARROGANCE. Was that a METHOD of ENCOURAGING OUR Citizens forward?

  19. Anonymous, I'm neither a communist nor a socialist.

    I'm a proud American that believes in American ingenuity, that America can do great things, big things and not go bankrupt.

    We can invest in our people and our country and do things to protect our people, our water, our air,and create a better standard of living for all Americans, not just the richest 1% of Americans.

  20. President Obama's State of the Union address last night did not make one single mention of inflation, when it is the belief of NIA that massive price inflation (especially food inflation) will become America's top crisis by the end of this calendar year. Obama's speech also failed to mention the Federal Reserve, the Federal Funds Rate being held near 0% for over two years, and the Fed's latest round of $600 billion in quantitative easing. Unless Obama addresses our nation's fiat currency system, nothing else he says has any meaning at all.

    After the U.S. lost 8.36 million jobs over a two year period from December of 2007 through December of 2009, our economy has recovered 1.12 million jobs as a result of the Federal Reserve and U.S. government spending $4.6 trillion on bailouts and stimulus programs. That is over $4 million spent for each job created. Instead of bailing out Wall Street and allowing non-productive bankers to receive record bonuses, the U.S. could have sent a check for $550,000 to each middle-class American who lost their job.

    When a central bank prints trillions of dollars out of thin air, you are going to see some type of a nominal uptick in economic statistics. Obama can brag all he wants about over 1 million jobs being created, but he continues to ignore what the ultimate cost of it will be. When a government has an annual cash budget deficit of over $1 trillion that cannot possibly be balanced by raising taxes, massive inflation is the inevitable outcome. Our real budget deficit, once you include increases in our unfunded liabilities for Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid, is already north of $5 trillion. NIA believes the U.S. is now at serious risk of experiencing hyperinflation by the year 2015.

    Obama proposed in his speech that "we freeze annual domestic spending for the next five years" saying it "would reduce the deficit by more than $400 billion over the next decade, and will bring discretionary spending to the lowest share of our economy since Dwight Eisenhower was president." The truth is, Obama's proposals, if successfully implemented, would not reduce the deficit by $400 billion over the next decade. They would only cut $400 billion from proposed spending increases. NIA doesn't understand why Obama would even waste his breath talking about reducing the deficit by $400 billion over the next decade, when the Federal Reserve is creating $600 billion in monetary inflation over a period of just eight months. Americans who listened to Obama speak last night wasted over an hour of their time, because until the Federal Reserve raises interest rates and stops printing money, it will be impossible for the U.S. economy to truly recover and become healthy.

    Even if the U.S. government cut all discretionary spending down to zero, we would still have a budget deficit from Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid alone. Surprisingly, Obama admitted that most of the cuts he proposed "only address annual domestic spending, which represents a little more than 12% of our budget." When referring to the Deficit Commission's proposed spending cuts, Obama said "their conclusion is that the only way to tackle our deficit is to cut excessive spending wherever we find it". In what was Obama's most shocking statement of the night, he went on to say, "This means further reducing health care costs, including programs like Medicare and Medicaid, which are the single biggest contributor to our long-term deficit."

  21. Mark, i'm only belittling the people who talk about stuff they don't really believe in and offer only lies and propaganda.

    But in a fun way. Always remember that.

    Kinda like you belittling a republican supreme court judge for following court precedence over a vaque undefined decision of appellate court as "liberal activism". At least mine was fun.


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