Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Union Boss Trumka Admits Main Goal Is Socialism In America

Union Boss Trumka Admits.. Main Goal is Using Unions To Fundamentally Change America into His Progressive(Socialist) Vision…Not Negotiate Member Salaries. These union bosses are showing their true colors now. It looks like Trumka doesn't care as much about the union members as he does about fundamentally changing this country. Nothing like the union democracy were the majority dictates over the minority. If you are a conservative or moderate union member you don't have a voice in how your union dues get spent on politics. It's Progressive or nothing with these public unions. Ya, I know some think I'm anti-union. Just like the public unions are anti-America,anti-Constitution and anti-capitalism. How could I not be against an organization like that?


  1. Chris
    What can i say? At least in re-posting the talking points you taken to giving the actual authors their due, but can i ask you about your quote?

    Where did he say what you put quotes around...

    Chris says, "Union Boss Trumka Admits.. "Main Goal is Using Unions To Fundamentally Change America into His Progressive(Socialist) Vision…Not Negotiate Member Salaries""

    That is not a quote of his. He never says that. Did you intentionally misquote him or did you just accept what the Blaze wrote verbatim?

  2. So Joe I take it you don't want to comment on these thug unions and their leaders. Nice diversion though Joe, it never get's old.

  3. This is typical of the left,
    "Massive social Change"
    "Vision of what a progressive America would be like"
    They sure are not shy anymore about them trying march America to socialism, are they?
    The more this gets out, the more their supporting party will fade in to the night.

  4. Chris,
    Well at least you edited it. Shouldn't take me telling you it. You should be more worried about presenting a compelling argument than just an argument.

    But the video is a complete and honest attempt to twist what the gentleman is saying. The addition of their inane comments only proves they aren't listening to his words but attempting to create something that doesn't exist to please its anti-union base.

    I know your smarter than this. Why do you continually dig in the intellectually dishonest pit to please your beliefs?


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