Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Public Unions Need To Be Disbanded

The proof of a union slow down in the cleaning up of snow in NYC is mounting. Thanks to these union members people died. These union members are paid great money and benefits to treat the people of NYC this way. Since they are a union and they do everything as a group then they must all loose their jobs together. It's only fair that the pendulum swings both ways now isn't it? Since it's next to impossible to fire one or these union members without pay I say they fire them all. And when the union members that didn't do anything bitch explain to them that they are in a union. This is the definition of UNION. 1.
a. The act of uniting or the state of being united.
b. A combination so formed, especially an alliance or confederation of people, parties, or political entities for mutual interest or benefit.                                                                                                                    United they stand and fall.  See belonging to a union has it's ups and down. That's life.


  1. Criminal investigations have been launched to find out why workers from the New York City Sanitation Department were reportedly hanging out at Dunkin Donuts for 11 straight hours and some drinking beer for six or seven hours instead of working to clear the city‘s streets of snow that had fallen in last week’s massive snowstorm.

    Though the Department of Sanitation has denied any organized effort to slow down the city’s snow clean-up efforts, new video that‘s surfaced seems to prove there were dirty tricks involved in workers’ efforts to clean the streets last week.
    In addition, CBS2 reports that a number of Department of Transportation workers were told to wait six to eight hours for orders from the Sanitation Department before deploying to plow secondary roads. This action left streets in the city’s outer boroughs impassable for days.

    “After looking at what happened there’s going to be hell to pay for the people who caused this and everyone’s going to be held accountable,” says NYC Councilman Daniel Halloran.

    Department of Investigation Commissioner Rose Gill Hern says the city is working to get to the bottom of what happened and is urging city residents to contact the agency if they have any evidence of deliberate wrongdoing. All information will be kept strictly confidential, she says.

  2. Screw the unions. Use this as an excuse to boot the unions and bring in a private contractor to do the job. It will be done faster, better, and cheaper. Your unions days are numbered, BUT ONLY IF N.Y. has the stones to do it. If not, you have someone else to blame.

  3. Chris,
    What you have is evidence of a possible slowdown. What you don't have and won't most likely get is proof of a union organized slowdown. The closest you'll come to that is the circumstance that they are in unions.

    You and i know that doesn't make the union or workers who did their job guilty. Just like i wouldn't be if one of my grown family members commits a crime.

    So ya don't get it twisted. Anyone who did attempt to slowdown the plowing should be fired. That includes sickouts without legitimate medical or other emergencies.

    This is an example of the problem with sidestepping the NLRA. Supervisors never should be unionized.

  4. Since your relying on this definition..

    b. A combination so formed, especially an alliance or confederation of people, parties, or political entities for mutual interest or benefit.

    Does that mean all republicans should be fired for crimes committed by Mark Foley, Larry Craig, Duke Cunningham and Tom Delay?

    is the Chamber of Commerce all guilty of the crimes its fellow members commit?

    What about parishes? Where do we stop?

    on personal note. Whats the word around St. Lukes about Imaly city?

  5. But Joe they are in a union not a family. And if a union can save their members as a union then they should fall as a union the same way. Isn't that 'social justice'? Or does a union only effect it's members in a good way and not the bad? You can't change the fact that they are a union.

  6. Joe the Republican Party is not a collective union. Nice try though. Just like when the UAW looses a plant those unionist don't loose their job. They get paid till they are placed into a new plant. Do you understandf how unions shoul;d work vs. how they have been working? You do understand what the definition of UNION is don't you?

  7. Joe have you forgotten that the Chamber of commerce,the Republican Party and Christians are all held up as a union even though they are not? What's up with Imaly City, I haven't heard?

  8. Public unions to me have distict advantage over Private unions. Private unions JOBS must show Profit. Nasty word to some but without profit Private Sector Unions will go POOF!

    Public Unions do not need Profit just Tax dollars to succeed. It seems at this point Nation cannot afford the cost of Public Unions who seem to be doing MUCH better during Our Economy Disaster than Private Sector. Only difference is WHOs paying the freight and at this point its CITIZENS and that is NOT going to work any more. Cuts must be made in ALL programs funded by TAX dollars and thats just a fact. Public Sector loses in some ways may Benifit Jobs in Private Sector.


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