Monday, February 21, 2011

Poll: Voters Support Wisconsin Governor Over Unions

A sizable number of voters are following new Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s showdown with unionized public employees in his state, and nearly half side with the governor.
A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 48% of Likely U.S. Voters agree more with the Republican governor in his dispute with union workers. Thirty-eight percent (38%) agree more with the unionized public employees, while 14% are undecided.
This is great news for all the Republican and Tea Party Governors out there. This has become a populous movement that the people stand behind. We have seen what we get for our money when it comes to government unions and government teachers unions.
The Tea Party and Republican Party has shown how last Novembers elections went not only from the Federal level but also from the state and local level. Progressives and government unions will be giving back and we Tea Partiers have the power todo some real damage to the Progressive union machine.
Have fun watching this buffoon lose his mind and come unhinged.  He starts out goofy and breaks into a full blown batshit nuts liberal. You'll laugh you but off when he turns into Cujo. I just hope they don't become violent like they usually do.


  1. Greece Italy Portgagul Spain and now Wisconsin. Public Unions have brought Nations and Now States to their Knees. Federal Government and State Governments are basiclly BROKE and cannot FUND all Public Union Benifits. It is not just Public Unions that must Sacrifice. All Citizens will and if not BENIFITS wont mean much withour FUNDS to pay for them. 2010 election was about Deficit and Spending and it still is. Politicans had better get their asses in gear or Greece may not be that far off!

  2. At this very moment, the battle for America’s future is happening in states all around the country as newly-elected governors try to wrest control from tax-eating unions. Today’s battle is just the beginning of what America will be facing through 2012 and beyond. It is a battle that, if lost, will likely have catastrophic consequences on the fiscal well being of many of the states and, as a result, the nation as a whole.

    Nowhere is the fight the loudest than in Wisconsin, where over 10,000 union supporters protested Madison’s Capitol Square on Tuesday and about 1,000 protesters demonstrated outside Governor Scott Walker’s private home Tuesday night. Hundreds of union protesters also packed Ohio’s statehouse on Tuesday to condemn Governor Kasich’s efforts to stem the union bosses’ power and reign in out of control spending. In Indiana, hundreds of Steelworkers descended on the Hoosier’ statehouse to protest unemployment reform as well. Even in New York, with a Democrat governor, unions are spending millions on fighting reform.

    Make no mistake, this is a battle for America’s economic future. It is one that will ultimately decide whether Americans will be enslaved by debt created by a government beholden to public-sector union bosses, or whether some sort of fiscal sanity can be restored before the system collapses due to the weight from years of cronyism.

    As labor activists strategize for “class war,” Leftist union bosses also know they may be losing their grip on taxpayers’ throats and they are desperate to keep it there. They’re not going to let go easily either. They’re organized and they have millions to spend on marches, sickouts, protests, candlelight vigils, and advertising.

    So, the question becomes, what are YOU going to do about it?

    The answer to that question is simple: Get Connected. Get Engaged. Then…Get Active.

    The Tea Party is having numerous rallies this week. Go to one.

  3. One Nation + One. It's time to take it to every city in America. teabaggers vs public employees and unions. One Nation is calling ALL union members to protest as One. Google for dates,times and locations.

    Do it for the children!

  4. Chris, strange that somehow Wisconsin residents don't approve of the measure 51% to 43% with 5% uncertain.

    and what even more strange is that USA Today ranks State workers as being paid 5% less than their private sector counterparts. Didn't you source something completely different?

  5. What about the benefits? Those numbers don't inclued that. That is where the big money is Joe. The government labor dept. puts State workers far above the private sector.

    The Washington Times--- NATCHITOCHES, La.—February 18, 2011—The uproar in Wisconsin is just one skirmish in a battle over public-sector pay, and part of a broader war that will be fought in state-houses across the country over the next two decades.

    Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker (R) and his proposals to deal with the state budget deficit have drawn criticism from President Obama. Ed Schultz of MSNBC's "Ed Show" is now reporting from Madison as if he were on Tahrir Square, and protestors are comparing Walker and the GOP to mullahs, Mubarak, Mussolini and Hitler. Targets drawn on the governor's face? Who knew that liberals did that sort of thing. So much for civil discourse.

    Opponents to the governor's bill to eliminate collective bargaining rights for many state workers protest in the rotunda of the State Capitol in Madison, Wis., Friday, Feb. 18, 2011. (Photo: Associated Press)
    The ghastliness that has provoked such loathing boils down to this: Walker proposes to make state employees pay into their retirement program (they now pay nothing), increase their share of their health insurance payments to 12% (they now pay 6%), and restrict their rights of collective bargaining to pay, not benefits.

    Public employees earn more than their private-sector counterparts. This is true from Washington on down. Federal employees earn an average of $120,000 in pay and benefits, double the private sector average. The disparity is less at the state level, but in Wisconsin the average full-time state employee earns over $70,000 in pay and benefits, about $15,000 more than the average private-sector employee.

    Public workers are quick to point out that they are better educated than their private counterparts, and when you adjust for education, they actually make slightly less. This ignores the fact that most of those public workers at the state level are school teachers. If it's unfair to compare college-educated and high school-educated workers, it's also unfair to compare education and engineering majors. All college degrees aren't the same. State and Federal governments absorb more than their fair share of "soft" degrees.

    In the bleak fiscal landscape of our nation's future, public sector pay isn't really the problem. It's those benefits. Public employees get defined-benefits retirement programs, while the vast majority of private employers offer defined-contribution programs. The former guarantee you a certain level of income; the latter collect set contributions from employees with no guarantees of any particular return. In the case of Wisconsin's public employees, defined benefits come with no contribution from the workers—none at all—years and decades of income for free, or if you prefer, for the extra income those teachers and sociologists could get if they worked for private firms in Milwaukee and Green Bay.

    Some public employees in New York and California are retiring at 50 with $100,000 pensions and more. In some cases they get these pensions after only a few years on the job, though it's rare to become vested with fewer than ten years of service. Unfunded public pension liabilities across the country are at the very least in the trillions of dollars, the numbers varying hugely depending on how strict the accounting standards you apply happen to be. According to the standards businesses use, it's estimated they double our national debt. These pension liabilities are a loaded gun aimed at every statehouse in the country, at hundreds of cities and thousands of towns.

  6. Asking public sector employees in Wisconsin to contribute a 5.8% of their pay into their pensions (the national average for the private sector) is probably the very least the state's taxpayers should ask. Asking them to pay 12% of their health insurance costs (about half the national average for the private sector) is also a minimal demand. Neither seems sufficient provocation to compare Walker to Hitler or pretend that Madison is Cairo.

    Most of us would be delighted to get what the Wisconsin public employees will be offered under Walker's plan. We don't empathize strongly with people who get raises during recessions (as Federal workers have) and who get retirement benefits that we have to pay for. We shouldn't begrudge public workers a decent wage and a fair pension, but public workers are only a privileged class in places like Egypt and France.

    When President Obama reminds us that public-sector workers are our neighbors and friends, he might remember that we're their neighbors and friends, too, and fair goes both ways. The private sector can't carry the public sector in the style to which it's becoming accustomed. It will have to start carrying itself. And the irony of that will surely be lost on the revolutionaries in Wisconsin.

    You turn now Joe.

  7. USA Today Poll

    61% of Americans Oppose Wisconsin Type bill

    Americans strongly oppose laws taking away the collective bargaining power of public employee unions, according to a new USA TODAY/Gallup Poll. The poll found 61% would oppose a law in their state similar to such a proposal in Wisconsin, compared with 33% who would favor such a law.

  8. Bruce Heres a Poll for you November 2nd 2010 Citizens through Ballot Box Vote For FUNDING of ALL Government Entities. No FUNDING No SPENDING!

    Once again Bruce Citizens are watching Demoncrats worse enemy VOTERS!

  9. America is not behind the radical agenda that the Republicans are pushing.

    Republicans have not done one single thing to create one single job since they took power in the U.S. House., not ONE SINGLE THING.


  10. Al, People didn't vote for things that they weren't informed of. I can't find that Candidate Walker ever mentioned collective bargaining in any of his speeches. Seems to me that you can't vote for something you don't know the candidate is planning to do.

    Funny your take on polls, because haven't the right on these blogs been showing us poll after poll about healthcare, when the people had been polled at the voting booth? Yet that doesn't stop ya from criticizing the fact what the polls show now.

    But we'll see how the polls at the voting booth work out because of this attempt to break unions in 2012. It Won't look good for you.

  11. Joe Never have put much faith in polls. You can and some have made polls come out the way their agenda is moving! Beleive Walker and Republicans in Wisconsin ran on Unsubstainable Debt in their State.

    As far as 2012 Demoncrats will throw all they can into the issue. Public Unions are most likely their number one Campaign contributor. Public Unions/Demoncrats are one. So go the Public Unions so go the Demoncrats. Between Sterns and that AFL/CIO baffon they have made something like 60 visits to White House. Wonder what they talked about?

    Demoncrats fleeing their States to AVOID democratic process to me does what to show Citizens WHAT?

    Walker should just Keep the employees needed and if thats all that can be afforded so be it. Look around Joe Citys, States cannot substain CONTRACTS and some are begininng the process of lay offs.

    Citizens Joe Know whats happenning with all our DEBT. Majority of Citizens Joe are Not Union connected and the final question to answer is not Union support BUT Citizens Concerns about UNSUBSTAINABLE DEBT and that in the final analysis will effect their VOTE so indeed 2012 interesting to say the least.

    My opinion Citizens will Choose DEBT reduction and SPENDING cuts vs Public Unions employment. Hell Detroit will be CLOSING halve their schools cause they CANNOT afford them!

    Bruce what a BOOB! Regime in power 2 years and do not remember you once asking that question"where on the Jobs" but now all of a sudden your tin foil hat went on. You as usual are late bruce your at the airport when the ship of common sense sailed!

  12. Thousands of protesters have convened outside of the Wisconsin State House in recent days to pledge their support for, or opposition to, a bill that would limit the collective bargaining rights of public employees.

    According to CNN, Tea Party activists have established their presence in a heated debate that has garnered national attention. Republican Governor Scott Walker has proposed a budget that would increase state workers' contributions to their pensions and health insurance benefits, as well as eliminate some of their bargaining power in contract negotiations.

    The proposal has attracted staunch supporters and critics to the State's Capitol building. The news provider reported that approximately 55,000 people staged protests on Feb. 19.

    Tea Party members, including the organization Americans for Prosperity, claim that this legislation is necessary to reduce the deficit. They hope that Wisconsin's proposal will serve as a model for other State budgets.

    "Wisconsin is ground zero," Tim Phillips, president of Americans for Prosperity, told the media outlet. "I think it is going to determine largely whether the pampered nature of these public employees is finally reigned in."

    Democratic State Senators have fled Wisconsin — residing at an Illinois hotel — in order to express their contempt for Walker's bill. The absence of 14 Democrats has prevented the chamber from having the quorum necessary to vote on the budget.

    On Fox News Sunday, Walker said that the legislators are not participating in democracy by "hiding out in another State."

  13. fealk, go put a paper mache penis over your head so people will recognize you as the dickhead that you are.

  14. I know this will not be popular with Private Sector Unions but heres a IDEA. Privatize as much of the Public Sector as Possible including Teachers and let them join Private Sector Unions. This alone may improve educatioal system in this Country!
    We have now in effect taken Government out of " Collective Bargining" all together and at the same time would Lessen Citizens Tax Dollars being used as politcal tool by both Union and Politcans.
    This approach would in fact increase Private Sector Unions and once again get back to the Purpose of Unions the Workers and NOT the Union/Politcans.

    Privattation is going to be coming a more common remedy so might well get started during this period so the Unsubstainable DEBT we have can be fully address in the manner Citizens expect. What have OUR politicans done this week to address OUR Debt? Answer took the week off. Yes 2012 will be very interseting to say the least!

  15. Al, I didn't ask the question because Democrats were actually focused on creating jobs.

    Tax credits to small business. Tax cuts for 95% of the country. Infrastructure investment that has created jobs all over the country.

    Michigan's unemployment rate has fallen dramatically, so what the fuck are you talking about, Al?

    Name one thing the Republicans have done since the took power. They haven't.

    The only things they've done is focus on abortion and PBS.

    Not one bill to create one job.

  16. Bruce You really can be laughable. Your guys have been in charge of House since 2006 4 years and in complete control of Government from 2008-2010 and did WHAT to Create a JOB or move Economy forward. Since 2006 demoncrats have spent 5 Trillion dollars for what. Republicans have held House since January 11th 2011 6 freakin weeks. Its going to take wee bit longer to undo the DAMAGE your guys did to OUR Nation.

    Bruce unemployment rate is falling dramaticly in Michigan. You had better get some air into your paper mache head cause you sound FUCKED up!


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