Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Look At All The White Faces At Wisconsin Protests. By Democratic Party Standards Those Protesters Are Racist.

 By liberal politically correct rules these protesters in Wisconsin,Indiana and Ohio are racist. Those protesters are whiter then MSNBC.
 That isn't my rule, but the left better start looking at why their protests are full of white people. We wouldn't want to see more liberal hypocrisy now would we? I've seen more diversity at the Tea Parties then these anti-government rallies in Wis,OH and IN. I wonder why the main stream media(MSM) isn't pointing out this fact with the same vigor as they did with Tea Party rallies?

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  1. Chris, is it the public sector employees fault that they aren't diverse or is it the hiring practices of the Wisconsin government?

    Since the majority of these protesters appear to be public sector employees and not people attempting to form a new political party i think your off-base with your comments.

    But then again you might feel that Two wrongs make a right. I prefer to think that plenty of wrongs make a righty, but that's just my view of things.

  2. Good angle on this Chris.

    @ Joe, If hiring a teacher is based on education would it not be unions fault for not properly educating the minority population to begin with.

    Furthermore, the government in WI previous to Gov Walker and the current GOP majority in their legislature was DEMOCRATIC, so there to the Dem's are at fault.

    Add to that, just who is in bed with each other? You guessed it; the Dem's and union's.

    Good try but you failed on both point's.

  3. Cp, well if that were the primary variable then you might wish to challenge the Unions on education level. And if we were able to determine that unionized teachers were not doing their jobs then we could attest to the failure of teachers unions. But we can not attest to the fact that is the leading cause of lower education scores. In fact i doubt either of us could make any sort of indeductive reasoning as to what percentage of the problem contractual issues are in teaching. So we will never no what level lack of education plays in minority hiring.

    I personally would place the highest percentage on the number of potential hires as to what racial mix there is.

    And would it be the Teamsters or Asfcme's fault that education a Trade they don't bargain for is suffering? You use unions as a whole, but the UAW is not to blame for issues with the MEA (here in Michigan) just as Toyota is not to blame for what ails General Motors. Another example would be blaming the chamber of Commerce for its members own problems.

    CP, the fact that you discuss the previous administration doesn't mean anything unless we are talking about only people hired in the previous four years. Would you suggest that many of these are hired that recently?

    Despite your criticisms my point is still valid. This isn't a group of people coming together for like-minded political beliefs this is largely a group thrown together through the hiring process. thus the diversity would be indicative of what was hired and not by choice.

  4. No one is blaming the employees they are blaming the union. Big difference Joe. Stop trying to make it seem personal.

  5. I don't blame the protesters for protesting either. But if they break the law with fake sick notes and walk out strikes I have a problem with it.

  6. Thanks Christopher. It came easy when all I've seen are white faces. I stopped looking for black faces and now I'd be happy with a tan one. The racism is overflowing at these events. Once again that isn't my standard, it's theirs.

  7. Chris,
    Nice deflection. Now come back to reality.

    Your saying there is very little diversity in the protests and since the protesters are largely public sector workers then it must be the hiring process that is flawed not the protests or the unions. Simply because unions don't do the hiring for public sector employees. ( i have some experience in that; my wife was a unionized public sector employee hired by a republican treasurer.)

    And also flawed is your thinking. You apply a standard that was discussed as a part of Self-segregation of the Tea Party to a protest of mostly people hired throughout the state by every form of local and state government in that State. Certainly like i said before that its impossible to compare the two. One is by choice and the other by random hiring.

    I believe that's called an apples to oranges comparison.

  8. "Self-segregation of the Tea Party". That is the stupidest thing I've ever heard. You libtards said that the Tea Party was racist because there were no blacks. Joe you can't or wont see what Chris and C-P is saying. Your head is so far up the union ass you can't see.

  9. PS The protest are mostly liberals. But they are less then half state employees. Get your facts right.

  10. It's definitely the unions that are racist, just look at the long grand tradition of racism:


    And that's just the first of many articles and studies that prove that point.

    Chris brings up a valid point, the Tea Parties. were statistically diverse, as measured by percentage of races nationally versus represented at the Tea Parties. Not to mention the huge number of minorities that ran, and won, as conservatives this last cycle. Not to mention that George W. Bush's cabinet was more racially diverse than Clinton's or Obama's.

    So that leaves us with all the lily-white union protesters. If, as Joe suggests, it is the hiring practices of the employer, well then it sure looks like the union hasn't, and isn't, doing anything about it. Sounds like the union is a pretty useless organization. Unless ... you like racism because you happen to be part of the club. Joe must be a union member, he doesn't like working with those "darkies".

    And finally, the fact that 97% of black Americans voted for a black man should dispel any notions about just who is racist. DemocRATS are the most racist, hypocritical, vile, dishonest and hateful group in politics. Here is a nice clip where the top lawyer for the NEA lays it all out about what the unions really care about ... here's a hint, it ain't the kids. Nice group you DemocRATS have aligned yourselves with.


  11. Also, look at what giving these unions all these concessions have given us; kids that are barely literate. 50%+ of schools graduate less than 10% that are ready for college:


    These schools are such total failures that the Prez and Jenny from the block were pushing Community Colleges as post-public schools where kids could be taught the basics! Can you believe that? These kids are supposedly educated, they are graduated by the schools as being proficient, and yet they have to take basic math and english courses in Community Colleges!!! That's a failure of the teachers. The teachers are protected from the repercussions of this failure by the unions. The unions need to GO.

  12. Steve,
    Well lets get a few things out of the way. I am a UAW member and have been one for 16 years. The UAW has a proud history of being on the forefront of the Civil rights movement. It has stood with Dr. King and with Caesar Chavez in the civil rights/labor movement.

    Next that was an interesting piece of work and I am certainly not going to deny that there have been and currently are racists in Unions. But a research paper on Railroad racism doesn't make any of the unions currently protesting racist. I would guess that none of the protesters are 1930's railroad unionists. So we can dismiss your evidence right now.

    As for your accusations about me, you can go fuck yourself. Plain and simple. My belief in the equality of all men and women is something i won't debate with you.

  13. I never knew how racist the unions are until I joined one. The number of videos showing unions acting and speaking racism is amazing. But try being black or brown in a union. Every time I said something about the racism that was going on, the union told me they were my union brothers...and just get over it. There is a good reason why there are no blacks or browns at these protests.

    To Steve: Thank you for pointing out the racism in the unions. It seems that there is more video on union racism then the tea party racism.

    To any T.E.A. party people: I'm sorry for thinking you were racist in the begining of your protests.

    To JoeC: I don't know about racism in the UAW or at your plant. I have heard about reverse racism at some of the plants my brother-in-law worked at in Chicago.

  14. "I am certainly not going to deny that there have been and currently are racists in Unions"...said JoeC. Isn't that all you needed to call the Tea Party racist? So which is it Joe? By your standards the unions are racist. Since you on the left think the Tea Party is racist for just that reason. Or are the unions racist because they have proven it on YouTube, over and over again. It is sick how much union racism and union bosses admiting they have a racism problem on video.

    Do you remember this post that came with a video???
    Monday, April 12, 2010"Union Members Are So Racist" Said The VP Of SEIU
    SEIU VP Says Opposition by "White Workers" is "Racist" - Video

    WARNING: STRONG LANGUAGE This is the same union that beat a black conservative at a Tea Party rally. Now lets get past the racism within these left wing unions and take a look at what he is saying. If the union brass get imagration reform it's bad for the union members but good for the union brass. For the union members to fight within itself over the color of their skin is silly. But that is trhe liberal way. Within the union membership the whites are against the reform because it's bad for them. The union members are saying that the blacks are just too dumb to get that immigration is bad for the workes. It's not always about the color of ones skin.
    Posted by Chris at 4:25 Links to this post
    Labels: Liberal unions racist, racist liberal unions, Racist unions, SEIU racist, SEIU VP

    I have to say Joe I seen a lot of outright racism when I was union. Unions have a don't ask don't tell when it comes to union members turning in union members for doing something wrong. I have a lot of UAW friends that have told me about the racism they had on them at the Detroit Ford plants.

    Anon and Steve have made a great point about real union racism going on today. Maybe we need to start looking into why there are NO black faces in the government union protests. Racism seems to be winning at the moment. When the SEIU VP says that the union is rabidly racist I believe him. When videos prove union racism I believe them. In all fairness the Tea Party can and did purge out the racists. The unions can't fire them and they must protect their racist fringe. The problem with not getting rid of the racist fringe is it tends to grow. It seems that while the Tea Party racist fringe is gone, the union fringe has become quit large. There has to be a reason that blacks aren't at the union protests. Let's see what kind of excuses the left-wing spin out.

  15. Chris,

    Lets start with your outright lies. First it was not a racist incident. You and I know the video shows two African Americans getting into an altercation and then a white SEIU member pulling the Tea party member off of the other African American. Here you can watch a frame by frame view of it. http://img.seiu.org/analysis/viewer.htm

    Didn't think i would let ya lie once again did you?

  16. Chris, you can throw a lot of garbage not connected to the Public sector workers there and argue that they are racist by proxy, but that doesn't make it true.

    See what you haven't done is prove that any of the protesters are bigots, or that the unions don't encourage diversity in hiring all of which they have been accused of in this thread.

    But Chris, i would welcome some actual study into the racial make up of Wisconsin Public sector unions instead of research about 1930's railroad unions as your proof.

    Of Course you won't do that. You'll just print accusations, lies and statements lacking in logic. But i can hope for some research on your part for once can't i?

  17. Nice language Joe. Chris, you allow that kind of hate speech? Sure doesn't take much to make the DemocRATS melt down does it? Joe sounds pretty defensive, sounds like I hit a little too close to home.

    Joe, here is a bit about non-railroad workers, actually auto workers, as I see you love to split hairs and change the subject when it suits you. This is probably one of your heroes too. As I said earlier, there is a long grand tradition of racism in the unions, which is probably why you belong:

    "Walter Philip Reuther (September 1, 1907-May 9, 1970) was a leader of the United Automobile Workers (UAW) and oversaw many of its major political moves that made the UAW what it is now.

    However, his legacy as a progressive leader should be questioned. The policies he pursued as a union leader led to racism and elitism and ultimately the moving of Detroit's factories to cheaper labor markets.

    He negotiated the Treaty of Detroit in 1950 "that made [UAW's] members among the highest paid industrial workers in the nation." While this union contract won great benefits for the autoworkers at the time, it allowed "the automakers . . . to pursue policies about plant location, investment, and product pricing" without union say, allowing the factory owners to move the factories elsewhere to avoid the concessions forced by the same treaty.

    "In the 1930s and early 1940s the UAW fostered African-American activism, but under Reuther's leadership the union retreated from its commitment to racial justice.

    "By pushing up wages . . . the UAW and the automakers split the working class in two. Union members, overwhelmingly white and male, enjoyed greater security and comfort than ever before.

    "Nonunion members, disproportionately black and female, continued to receive low wages and few if any benefits. In time, those differences would pit union and non-union workers against each other" (111, 112).

    In this way, Reuther was not only responsible for the leaving of the factories, but for exacerbating racial tensions in Detroit well before the Riot of 1967. He stopped previous efforts at racial reconciliation inside the union and created a white, male elite of factory workers who received better benefits than black and female factory workers. In this way, he gave a strong boost to racism, elitism, and the destruction of Detroit."

    Cited article: Boyle, Kevin. "The Ruins of Detroit: Exploring the Urban Crisis in the Motor City." Michigan Historical Review 27:1 (Spring 2001): 109-27.

  18. Oh and that isn't to say that there are no black union members. Joe knows that the union considers minority workers useful (as in dues-paying) idiots. Not too many minority higher-ups in the unions is there Joe?

    DemocRATS love their useful idiots, like Michael Moore, Olbermann, Maddow, etc etc. And Joe, let's not forget Joe. Foul-mouthed Joe.

  19. Also we all know that unions support quotas (for the line jobs and such, not so much for the higher up union jobs because they can't have a minority ruling over them!) which are inherently racist. Leave it to the unions to ignore who is best for a job and instead discriminate based on skin color. Dirty racists.

    I'll put it in the simplest terms for the simpletons. Quotas = Racism. Understand Joe? Selecting someone based on their skin color is RACIST. And that is how the DemocRATS work. Everything is about skin color. Until you turn it around on them, lol.

  20. Steve, Let me say that i am impressed that you could find a source beyond your own beliefs to challenge me on. However i am not the least bit defensive. I won't be drawn into a She said/ I said battle over your perceptions of me. You choose to see me how you wish. No amount of denial will change that. So i won't engage in that. My offense at your statement does necessitate that i respond and harshly. thus i did.

    In reality it was you who changed the subject. Your post about Railroad unions in the 30's and 40's had nothing to do with the debate. If you wished to discuss the "Alleged racism" of the Wisconsin Public sector employees then find some material related to them. All i did was reference my UAW membership. It wasn't a factor in the discussion other than to make clear of my associations so you wouldn't have to guess.

    It was totally on you that your next post did not stay with the point of debate, the Wisconsin Public sector unions.

    So at this point we can return to whatever evidence you might have about the racial attitudes of Wisconsin union members or you can read my next post and we can continue to Hijack the thread? I do feel that since you attacked Walter Reuther, the UAW leadership and myself i have to respond.

    But i leave the ultimate choice to you.

  21. Gosh Swearing Potty-Mouth Joe, I didn't know you were running this site and setting the rules of debate. I don't know where it is written that I have to limit myself to discussing Wisconsin Public Unions on the 3rd Thursday in February.

    MY point, the point that you fail to dispute in any meaningful way, is that unions are inherently racist. YOU are a member of the unions. Ergo YOU are inherently racist, and support an inherently racist organization. Furthermore, this (unions) are organizations that in turn accuse other organizations, which are racially diverse and merely want a limited government, of being racist.

    Just so you know Joe, unions are racist whether they are in Wisconsin, Indiana, Ohio, or Michigan or wherever they are. The KKK is also racist, it doesn't matter in what state they are located. To suggest location matters is imbecilic.

  22. So i wish to take a look at your last two posts and then i will return to the point of debate. Steve you made some offensive comments about me, the Union i belong to and unions in general.

    1. I belong to the UAW because i work in a Union shop. I was hired by the Ford Motor, not the UAW. Any assertion otherwise is just plain bullshit.

    2. There are plenty of minorities in leadership roles. Take the UAW International Executive board. Of the Top 6 officers 3 are minorities.

    Vice President General Holiefield Chairman of the National Chrysler Dept. On his 2nd 4 year term.

    Vice President Jimmy Settles Chair of the National Ford Dept serving on his third term.

    Vice President Cindy Estrada

    Out of 11 regional directors on the Board 3 are minorities.

    Chuck Hall Region 1
    Rory Gamble Region 1A
    Gerald Kariem 1D

    3. We can hold Walther Reuther to any standard you wish. Did he do enough for minorities no, but most of the white majority did not. But the UAW was a vocal leader in the civil rights movement during his tenure as president even if it did not go as far as it should.

    4. In one post you call the Unions useless if they couldn't influence the hiring of a diverse workforce and then in the next you rail about them supporting quotas. Make up your mind. We are racist because we are supposedly lily but we are also racist because we support racial hiring quotas. Talking out of both sides of your ass again huh?

  23. To quote the bard, "The lady doth protest too much, methinks".

    Who cares what the union hack Foul-mouthed Joe thinks, raise your hands? No one? I thought so.

    Racist Joe, you think I care about your response, please don't waste your time. You are a nothing, and I care less than nothing about a nothing's hateful response, especially your hate-filled foul language. Right out of the box you come out swearing. Just like a DemocRAT.

    Quotas are racist. When you choose someone based on their skin color, it's racist. That's a fact, and I see nowhere where you have countered that fact. Racist is racist is racist. When the unions ARE forced to hire minorities, they stick them in the lowest, worst jobs. Everything else you opine on is just that, your opinion. Stick to the facts FMJ.

    I see first-hand in the union shops; it's the lowly black guys that answered to the big-shot white union leaders. Man is that hilarious to see, just for the hypocrisy factor, the black men ruled by the white man and the black men were eating it up, just for the chance to be around the union bigwigs. I'm sure it's exactly the same in your union FMJ, which is exactly how you like it. Those black guys doing their massah's bidding ... priceless. The black non-union guys could not believe it. We non-union actually have many a laugh at how low-rent it is. Too bad our laugh is at your expense but you don't seem too nonplussed about it.

  24. Steve, so when your bullshit point is proven untrue you resort to personal attacks. And then have the ignorance to accuse me of that on other threads. Why a POS you are.

  25. What point was proven untrue FMJ? Unions are racist, that's a fact and you have not proven otherwise. And what personal attack? Would this be some unprovoked personal attack I made? I sure would like proof of that, beyond your baseless accusations made on a long-extinct thread. Why a POS I are? I are a POS only in your hate-filled raging mind FMJ. Maybe if you drop some more F-bombs and rage until blood shoots out of your eyes, or maybe accuse more people of living in their mother's basement that will show how mature of a debater you are. I'm sure it's worked great for you so far. You child. You have not even the grace to admit you instigate the personal attacks. Shouldn't you be in the gutter over at HuffPo?

    OOOOOHHHHH ... WAIT A MINUTE! I GOT IT! You're THAT guy! The guy that takes cheap shots and instigates things! The guy who pretends to be Mr. Levelheaded debater, then puts his digs in and changes the subject with his ad hominem attacks when the conversation isn't going the way he wants it to, or isn't limited to what HE believes it should be limited to! And then when he gets it back he starts crying and whining about what a POS someone is! And then it begins, spinning out into a big thing! And then at the end he begs for civility and gosh darn, why can't we all get along, gosh oh gee, I bet I could sit down and have a beer with you and we would all get along swimmingly, don'tchaknow?

    Spare me FMJ. You're a typical dirtbag whining pussy DemocRAT. Indistinguishable from the other. You think you have something new to offer? Think again. And guess what? Who's the party of "NO" now FMJ? No to cuts, no to even VOTING. NO NO NO.


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