Saturday, February 19, 2011

Pro-Life Activist Exposes Planned Parenthood

The left-wing keep protecting this group, Planned Parenthood. They will use their talking points that these Planned Parenthood called the police. Not all of them called the police well after the pimp had left. Most of them just helped the child traffickers as if it happens all the time at Planned Parenthood. I find it hard to believe that the left-wing put so much effort into keeping this organization funded by the tax payers. Not only should we cut all funding to this organization. We need to do a federal investigation on them and their role in the sex trade industry.

The Tea Party would be wise to start showing up at these Planned Parenthoods and protesting with the pro-choicers. The Tea Party and the pro-choicers feel the same way about abortion being against our fundamental right of LIFE. The left refuse to see the scientific proof that an embryo is life. They also refuse to believe what science and technology has tought us about what is really happening inside a womens womb.




  1. Chris, i don't find anything wrong with contacting the main office and letting them coordinate with the FBI. Your drinking the Kool aid my brother.

    And i have no dog in this fight. I could care less if planned parenthood loses its funding or not. In fact i prefer that abortions become illegal. First because it clearly goes against the Constitution and just proves my theory about Big government right wingers and 2nd because it eliminates alot of single ticket voters.

    Finally i wonder if the right has even thought about the law of unintended consequences and how restricting abortions to rape, incest the day after pill, ru-486 and mothers health would effect us over the next 20 to 100 years. I'm not advocating for those effects, just thinking about them.

  2. I wonder if you notice the difference between Bush and Obama.

    see when Obama made something a priority we had a vote on it the first year right?

    So for 8 years we had how many anti-abortion platforms by the Bush Admin. None right?

  3. Joe we would have lost the vote if Bush would have brought it up. But yes Bush should have and didn't. Bush didn't do much on the social issues, unlike Obama where that is all he has done. Public opinion is changing now and the time is right to have a science based debate about abortions and the fundamental right to Life,Liberty and the Persuet of Happiness. Joe just like I'm not unhappy with Obama not touching this social issue, I'm not unhappy about Bush not touching it either. Unlike you I don't have two different standardes or social justice. I believe in equil justice like the law of the land says.

  4. Yeah, all that cept it didn't get brought up because in all likely hood it would cost the right votes if it ever got passed.

    Thats just my theory. Otherwise can't figure out why the right hasn't used its bully pulpit for anything but tax cuts for the rich and a war in Iraq.

    as for two different standards the right has plenty of them. You do too, but your in denial. Thats the difference between you and me. I understand that i have differing standards on things, while you falsely clam equality.


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