Friday, February 18, 2011

The Union Have Degraded Themselves With Violent Rhetoric And Threats

[Content WARNING: Contains strong language that may offend, and may be inappropriate for, some.]
The Hitler comparisons have been prominent in the Wisconsin protests, too. One man in Madison caught a woman with a sign comparing the state’s governor to the Nazi leader. But he also captured someone calling for revolution in the background:
After Obama said he wasn‘t really paying attention he went on to say the Wisconsin governor’s emergency budget proposal is an “assault on unions”:
Can you believe that our president is speaking on behalf of the unions? Can you believe that Obama Organizing For America has been funneling in busloads of protesters?  Can you believe that the unions would turn this ugly? I can.
Since Obama wants to stick his nose in the union unrest and stir the pot, maybe he should tell those protesters to calm down and stop their violent rhetoric. Obama, Pelosi and Reid need to call their dogs down before someone gets hurt. And while he's at it maybe he needs to tell teachers to stop using their students as sheilds and weapons. It doesn't make them look good in the end. If there is any violence coming from these protest the unions need to be held accountable. As well as Obama and the Democratic Party. They would say the same to us if there was any violence that came from the Tea Party rallies. United they stand and united they will fall. Hold them all accountable as a union. They would have done the same to us if we had ever been violent.


  1. Typical bunch of anarchists bussed in from all over seeking wealth redistribution (your money) forced from you by a government and country they wish to destroy?

    They know this makes no sense and the money is running out, but hey, it was not snowing so why not get out and protest?

  2. CP, no one wishes to destroy any country except maybe the right (see i can do it too, that doesn't make it right for either of us)

    The reality is that its not the wage cuts that is bringing the protests out it is the "RIGHT" to collectively bargain. We all know this to be the case. everyone knows that there are tough times ahead and that cuts will have to be made, but the arbitrary attacks on unionism has little to do with balancing anything let alone the budget.

    stop attacking workers rights and trying to destroy our States and things will get back to normal. But i think that as Americans they should stand up for their rights and stop those that would destroy their freedoms.

  3. The unions will bring us to our knees if we don't give in to their demands. Maybe it's safer for us all if we just pay up. When did the unions become so anti-government?

  4. I just found this. And now the protests have migrated to HOMES of Republican politicians. Yesterday morning at 7:30, some two dozen members of an organized group called DC VOTE descended on Speaker Boehner’s residence to deliver a message. They were chanting,

    “Don’t tread on DC!”


    “No taxation without representation.”

    The group is allegedly upset at a current budget proposal that would cut some federal funding to the District as well as limiting the use of Federal funds for needle exchange programs and abortions.

    The Capitol Police were on the scene to manage the crowd, but the question remains – Why did DC VOTE think it appropriate to bring their protest to the private residence of an elected official? The group’s executive director Ilir Zherka is quoted as saying;

    “Speaker Boehner is coming to our home telling us how to spend our money, we decided to come to his house to tell him to leave D.C. alone.”

    This is not the first time a protest has moved from public spaces and migrated to private homes. Less than a year ago, 500 SEIU-organized protesters showed up at the home of a Bank of America executive.

    And just last month in DC, protesters swarmed the residence of a man who has been vocal about his support for Wal-Mart’s plans to build four stores in DC, stores that could bring as many as 1200 permanent, full-time jobs to the area.

    Are these isolated incidences or is a trend developing? The right to assemble in public and protest is fundamental to the American political system. However, this relocation of protests from public spaces to private homes sounds more like something from a Medieval revolt, a storm-the-castle moment. It is certainly an issue to be addressed sooner, rather than after someone is held captive in their home by an angry mob circumventing the political process that has served our Republic for over two centuries.

  5. Obama has entered into a State Issue which probablly has not happened much before by sitting president. He must have lots of time on his hands now that he has got the Federal Deficit under control. Bargining on contracts to me is quite simple. How can Union bargin when the Till is empty?

    This message from regime is one thing PAY back for support,no more no less.

    Gov Walker has been in Office since January and just wondering what was his Campaign messages? He was Elected by Citizens just like Snyder here and the same Public Union crap will happen here soon.
    Wisc. Democrats have now gone into hidding evidently lacking guts to debate or vote on Legislation. One other thingy,with all those Union workers protesting are they using paid sick days or vacation days? Either way Tax Payers foot yet another Bill.

  6. Chris, I'm in Madison, Wisconsin, so this is a first-hand account. The protests have been and will continue to be peaceful.

    The Tea baggers will arrive on Saturday at noon on buses provided by the Koch brothers, the billionaire financiers of the Tea party.

    I hope that the tea baggers will also be peaceful, but I am nervous, with their propensity to violence, incited by the likes of Beck, Hannity, Limbaugh and the other right-wing media hate mongers.

    These are just regular, hard working Americans, trying to hang on to what's left of the American dream and hang on to the right to determine their own destiny, instead of having it stripped by a dictatorial governor who wants to bust the unions for political purposes.

    He gave tax cuts to the wealthy in the State of Wisconsin of $150 million, now he is saying, after manufacturing a "crisis" the unions have to make concessions and give up their collective bargaining rights. These people are prepared to stay as long as it takes to keep that from happening.

  7. Bruce you are so funny. "propensity to violence"??? What violence? There wasn't any violence from the Tea Partiers ever,even when liberals taunted us at our rallies. What proof do you have that the Koch brothers are sending buses full of Tea Partiers? Let's see if the liberals can be as non-violent as we conservatives have been for past 3 years? Did you know that teachers are breaking the law and their contract with these protests and strikes? Did you realize that you and the unions are anti-government? Wisconsin voted for change and that is democracy. But you and the protesters aren't for democracy are you? Not when democracy goes against your ideology. I just hope you liberals clean up after yourselves, unlike One Nation rally. And if their is violence, even if it's from taunting from Tea Partiers it's violence, period. Breaking the law, by withholding democracy by withholding a vote and breaking the collective contract is illegal. Why is it alright to stop democracy when it goes against your ideology? Why is it OK for teachers to break the law and withholding an education to the children. Is it OK for you liberals to take kids out of school to be placed and used by you people? You liberals have no morals. The rest of the country is looking at your signs,watching what you are saying and doing and it makes them sick. Parents are watching you government workers and it doesn't look good. The second you liberals lose it and become violent, and you always do, we will all be watching. People hate unions more then lawyers now, thanks to their narsasistic actions. The unions have lost the public sentament and without it they lose every time.

  8. Chris, i have a few questions. Perhaps you care to answer them.

    1. Was collective bargaining rights part of his campaign or something he kept quiet about till after he was elected? Everything i can find is that the campaign did not present that aspect of his potential reforms.

    2. I again thought we had a Republic, not a democracy. Make up your mind. Is it a democracy or a republic?

    3. Is breaking a collective bargaining agreement illegal? Ford violates ours daily, should they be criminally prosecuted?

    4. Is it unAmerican to go after another workers rights? I don't do this that often but i agree with Bruce, but you can't make large tax cuts which bring your revenue down and then claim you have an emergency to which you should break the contracts and the collective bargaining rights.


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