Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Tea Partier Confronts Wisconsin Dem Who Fled To Illinois (Video)

This is Mark Miller, a Democratic state senator from Wisconsin. He is supposed to uphold the US Constitution and do his job and vote. He must know what he is doing is the lowest thing a state senator could do because he slithered away like the union owned leach he is. The Tea Party is looking for you anti-democracy Democrats. We will confront you and it will get on the news.

Illinois Tea Partier: "Sir, shouldn't you be in Wisconsin fulfilling your Constitutional responsibilities?"...The senator does not want anything to do with the camera. If he was doing something honorable he wouldn't have acted the way he did. These Democrats are pissing on this country,the voters of Wisconsin...and all the people that have given their lives for our freedoms.
I can tell you one thing. These Democrats and the Democratic Party as a whole aren't winning over independants and moderates. The Democratic Party base of unions,socialist and anti-government anarchists may be getting moist over these moves the rest of the nation is imbarassed of them. This is going to turn out great for both the Tea Parties and the Republican Party. Who knows maybe a third party might come out of the Democratic Party ashes.
All I know is the more people see of these people the less they like them. So keep up the violent rhetoric, fleeing from voting, closing schools and laying off workers because the government had to shut down. I'm sure the parents and taxpayers are happy with the Democratic Party and teachers unions costing them more money.


  1. I think this is awesome. Way to go Republicans, attack the middle class and show how much you hate workers. As the Guiness commercial says, "Brilliant!!"

    Can't wait till 2012 with these drunk with power rodeo clowns trying to destroy unions instead of worrying about budgets. Tell you what the Tea baggers aren't getting alot of support from the independents and moderates over this.

    I'm fired up. Add to the mix the idiot move Snyder made with the pension tax and we are on our way to the pendulum swinging back the other way. Go Democrats.

    Happy Rahm Day everyone.

  2. Right on. Voters (aka the middle class) love to be raped by the public unions. And not just unions but the representatives who are owned by the unions (read Fleebagger DemocRATS). Those layoffs that the Fleebagger DemocRATS and the unions are forcing are going to be hilarious. I can't wait to see if the DemocRATS come in to pick up their pay checks, or if they just get them directly from the unions. My guess will be the unions.

    Did you manage to insinuate that the people that are fake-calling in sick are "workers"? I can't wait for the class-action lawsuit that hits the unions for all the working-class middle-class people who had to either call in sick because their kids' schools were closed or who had to pay to put their kids in day care because of these low-life "teachers". I know my ass would be quite red over that.

    Chicago deserves what they get. Doesn't effect me one way or the other. I actually laugh at that town, the corruption that is so rampant. What is Rahm going to do, give the union workers big raises? LOL

    Yes indeed, go DemocRATS, keep going right off the cliff.

    It really is a total idiot who laughs about what the Fleebagger DemocRATS did. What a bunch of whiny bitches. The Republicans in WI were in a minority in all branches for a long time and stayed and voted for a lot of legislation that they vehemently opposed. The DemocRATS are total pussies.

  3. Hey, Chris, did you listen to the Governor getting punked this morning?

    Walker is a wholly owned subsidiary of Koch Industries.

  4. Wow, they sure got him. Walker is in such close contact with the Kochs that he doesn't even know what they sound like. He also says exactly the same thing he says in public as he does in private conversation. SCANDALOUS!

    You DemocRATS sure are scraping the bottom of the barrel for ammo. If that's the best you got, you dirty unions and union members are in for big trouble.

    Hey bfealk, did you hear about the one where the DemocRAT thought that an island might tip over? Those DemocRATS make it so easy, they punk themselves!

  5. Did you hear that the union bosses said they don't care about the kids? Did you see that the Democratic Party and communist are standing together with the unions? Who is getting punked again? Did you hear about the Democrat from Mass. call for violence? Have you heard about the vandalism? But you are all hot and nasty over a prank call. How old are you? Bfilth, do you know the meaning of "wholly owned"?

  6. Steve is right. The DemocRATS are pussies.

  7. I just got some gas at $3.48. The Democrats have done a great job thus far. The working class will thank you later. Keep it up Democrats.

  8. So what?

    This is a thwarting of “gotcha journalism.”

    Read the article on Mother Jones

    read the responses to it.

    Good on Walker.

  9. I listened to the whole conversation – Gov. Walker is an honest man and his public rhetoric matches his private – I don’t know of too many politicians that are able to say that. On the legal side I think Wisconsin should enact all party consent to taping phone conversations, instead of the one party state it is currently. I find what this so called journalist did was despicable and dishonest. I wonder how he feels, actually talking to his complete opposite.

  10. It seems that Trumpka is saying that he goes to the White House a couple times a week. Can you say puppetmater? Obama went years without talking to his cabinet but sees the time to see Trumpka. I wonder what they have too talk about every week. Think about it.

  11. By the way, the Governor's office has confirmed it was Walker on the call.

  12. NICE!
    The Clocktower Resort. I'd recognize the place anywhere.
    Avoiding a constitutional question... Brilliant.
    I see the Democrat Party demise from my house. LOL.
    Chris, don't let Bruce take your post off subject. He is avoiding the subject matter of this post.

  13. Steve,
    And you criticized my language. Wow. Besides you write like a 18 year old busing tables at the local greasy spoon talks.

    Ohhh, democRATS, whiny bitches, and pussies. Why your so gifted in the literary sense its surprising no one has convinced you to leave the Basement and offered you a job. Perhaps your luck will change when the circus comes to town. They probably need a new carny.

  14. Chris said...
    I listened to the whole conversation – Gov. Walker is an honest man and his public rhetoric matches his private – I don’t know of too many politicians that are able to say that. On the legal side I think Wisconsin should enact all party consent to taping phone conversations, instead of the one party state it is currently. I find what this so called journalist did was despicable and dishonest. I wonder how he feels, actually talking to his complete opposite."

    Damn we can't be listening to the same call. Walker comes off a a complete anti-union jagoff who doesn't care about the budget, but more interested in breaking unions. Talking about Snyder and Florida. Does he have a economic interest in Michigan or Florida? Naw but the republican party has an interest in breaking unions.

    But i am concerned for you. Your the one that posted illegally recorded video's by James O'Keefe on this blog and lauded him for the work he did, but then when yoour guy looks the fool out the window goes the praise for sneaky people.

    I bet he feels awesome to answer your question. He showed the world how the conservative voters got duped into electing the Koch brothers front man.

    And how you guys feeling about that energy No-bid clause in the bill and the Gov takeover of medicare? is that democratic too?

  15. Just my point Joe. Walker comes that same way to you in public as he comes off in this phone call. You think her is anti-union with out this call. Joe the unions also have an interest in breaking the Republican Party. It's just like a liberal to start a fight and then cry when we defend ourselves. The unions have been making it personal with Republicans for a long time now. It's time the unions get back what they have been dishing out. The Koch brother give a pitence compaired to Soros and the unions. I'd rather see Walder a governor being a puppet to Koch then to have a president a puppet to Trumpka and the unions. And we can't forget the power Soros, a man that has brought down several economies on purpose to make money, is a puppetmaster to bama and the Democratic Party. The unions started something with Republicans. The unions started a fight with the tax payers. And neither of us are backing down. Maybe the unions better think twice before trying to start unrest in this country. Because the unrest will be put on the union not We the People or the Republican Party,Tea Party that have been protecting us from the vial hate and greed of the unions. We the People hired the Republican Party to keep our money in our pocket.

  16. I take it from your diversions that you agree with me on this post. Our eyes are on the Democratic Party trying to shut down government to get their way. You can point at a prank as being the second coming, but the people in the middle don't care about what you liberals precieve as being anti-union. The Democratic Party has screwed us every which way but loose and we aren't listening to the left-wing spin machine. We the People stopped listening after the budget kept going up,debt kept going up,unemployment went above 8%,health care keeps going up faster then before obamacare,housing prices keep going down. You'd have to be a total dope to keep buying what the Democratic Party is selling.

  17. Joe have you noticed your own James O'Keefe hypocracy? You liberals cried when O'Keefe did investigative work to prove ACORN was criminal. He did prove it and you liberals called fowl. The reporter lied about being a Koch brother. O'Keefe went into a public business. The liberal reporter called the Governor on a private call. See the differance?

  18. Who is this whiny bitch Joe? LOL, this guy cracks me up. I must have really pushed his rage button. The first reply from him and he starts throwing around the "F" bomb like they're a dime a dozen. I say pussies and bitches, words that can and have been said on broadcast television and he acts like I'm Andrew Dice Clay. Great argument whiny bitch foul mouth Joe! When you have no argument, resort to complaining about people not staying on the precise topic that you imagine it should be, or complain about non-swearing! LOL

    Hey FMJ make sure your mom the bearded lady forwards me a job application when the carnival comes to town. Of course with you, the functioning lobotomized man, putting a good word in for me I'll be in prime position to run your little show!

  19. Chris, diversions? No i think your post is full of it. I am more interested in the punkd hijacking that Bruce started though.

    As for my hypocrisy, i think its wrong to portray yourself as what your not. At least the reporter doesn't edit his tape to make things look worse than they are does he?


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