Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Union Racism: Why Aren't Blacks Protesting With Unions?

During a pro-union rally at Colorado’s State Capitol yesterday, some alleged SEIU union supporters got into a shouting match with a black Tea Partier. But the conversation wasn’t just a loud, heated exchange. It got very personal when two union supporters ganged up on the conservative, one of them calling him “uneducated” and another asking him if he has any children “that he claims”:
According to, the woman in red was later asked what she meant by her comments about the man’s children. “She said the black conservative was such a ‘free spirit’ that she assumed he would possibly not own up to the responsibility of being a father,” the site says.
Just so you know, the man admitted on camera he was gay.
SEIU’s involvement in the protest is supported by a schedule on the union’s website that names Denver, CO as a rally site.
See more videos of the man being heckled at Gateway Pundit.

When was the last time a union member got fired for racism? Unions have a culture of racism that goes way back in it's history to today. The union protects the racist within the unions, making it near imposable for the government or companies to keep the racists fired. See unions not only protect the jobs of those union members that smoke pot on their lunch breaks and come into work rocked out of their minds.
They also protect their members when racist.  We all know what the union does to snitches that tell on their union brothers and sisters.

Watch who get's arrested in the video. Watch the crowed yelling at the big white guy for attacking that Tea Partier. If it wasn't racism then why was the "N"-word used? Take a look at the white guys posture when he gets up and heads towards the guy in the white shirt. The  black Tea Partier and the crowd pointed the two men,one black and the other white SEIU members out to the police. The police put cuffs on both those men. But for some reason I've been accused of lieing about the fact that this attack was race based.

But the left only see the fact that the white SEIU member feel down and stopped watching the rest of the video. Calling me a liar doesn't make it true.

Maybe someone should look into the teachers unions trying to push race based classes and race based testing in our government run schools. Or maybe someone should look at why black children do so poorly on tests and graduation rates. Could there be a form of institutional racism within the way black children are taught vs Asian and white kids? I'm not saying that this is the case of why some races do better then other with government education. But the fact is black children in government/teachers union schools do much worse then private and parochial  schools. Just maybe policy and pre-judging based on race has something to do with it. Maybe the unions and the government has lower expectations based on race. I do know race is very important to the government schools because they send home a RACE AND ETHNICITY survey home for all parents to fill out. I ask you what use does race have in educating our children?


  1. Shut The Fuck Up Teabagger Whores23 February, 2011 10:45

    No wonder the billionaire Koch Brothers and Joe Scarborough of Morning Joe are so successful in brainwashing the Idiot Brigade into supporting issues that work against themselves! They want to bust the teacher’s union in Wisconsin to dumb down the state and the nation!

    Speaking of the Idiot Brigade…

    How’s Moamar Ghadafi doing today?

    And how’s Caribou Barbie in Alaska doing?

    The Idiot Brigade of the Day came when the brothels in Nevada went ballistic when Sen. Harry Reid said out loud that he wanted to end prostitution, and as expected, the right winger’s response made it perfectly clear to me that unions are bad, but highly paid women for sex is wonderful! See? They’ll bust a union any chance they get, but won’t bust up a brothel because they think the workers are pretty!

    And last but not least, oil is on the rise! Well, of course it is. When the Gulf was filled with oil and on fire, the price of oil did NOT go up….oh but when some Middle Eastern people rise up against their dictators suddenly it’s the end of the world and speculators go crazy with predictions! Like I’ve said for years now, had George Bush decided after 9/11 to go after the Saudi Royals I would have been fine with it because the Saudis are the enemy of the planet (those who control the oil control the planet and when they want to they can stop producing to drive up prices!)! American businesses will not recover until the price of oil lowers considerably. Maybe it’s time to release some of America’s oil reserves for Americans to buy since George Bush used our money to fill them all up to almost 98% capacity when he was America’s dictator?

  2. Unions Cost Taxpayers With Sick Out23 February, 2011 11:02

    Wisconsin’s McIver Institute has been closely following the developments in Madison over the last week as government workers rally to protect their collective bargaining privileges against state budget cuts. But as teachers have abandoned their classrooms to picket at the state capitol, the state’s taxpayers are the ones paying the real price.

    In Milwaukee, public school teachers who skipped out on work to engage in the protest have earned an estimated $3 million while not teaching students in Wisconsin’s largest school district.

    Similarly, in Madison, a school district closed for three days due to teacher shortages, the district stands to lose about $2.7 million. To close the school on Monday alone, McIver estimates the school district paid more than $900,000.

    If all the teachers in Milwaukee and Madison are paid for the days missed, the protest related salaries for just the state’s two largest districts would exceed $6.6 million dollars.

    Using a figure of $100,005 for average teacher compensation in MPS and an average yearly workload of 195 days, these teachers cost approximately $513 per day in salary and benefits to employ. Spread over 5,960.3 full-time licensed teachers in the district, this adds up to $3,057,634 in daily expenses.

    The average teacher’s total compensation in Madison is $74,912, according to the Department of Public Instruction. Each day costs $384.16 per teacher. The district has 2,370 teachers.

    These figures don’t include administrators and support staff, many of which got an unexpected paid days off thanks to the week’s protests.

    The problem of paying for absent teachers is one that extends far beyond Milwaukee and Madison, however. McIver also notes that more than two dozen school districts across the state were closed for at least one day last week as teachers called in sick, further adding to the total cost burden carried by taxpayers.

  3. Posted by LaborUnionReport

    A full 88% of America is union-free. Yet, despite the fact that the vast majority of American taxpayers do not belong to a union, let alone work for the government, we Americans are being held hostage by a loud and thuggish minority who feel that it is their right to force the vast majority of Americans acquiesce to their demands.

    Last week, we learned that the Democrat National Committees’s Organizing for America has been orchestrating and mobilizing the protests going on in Wisconsin. This week, unions across the country are marching on state capitols to show their “solidarity.”

    Today, we learn that top AFL-CIO boss Richard Trumka is visiting the White House two to three times per week and speaking with someone in the White House everyday.

    Given the calls for a general strike in Wisconsin, the AFL-CIO (and American Left’s) role in the mid-east uprisings, the OFA’s hand in the Wisconsin protests and, now, this admission by the AFL-CIO boss, one cannot help but wonder if, in fact, the Obama administration is engaging in activities to help his union buddies bring about real “transformational” change to America. After all, it does seem that the workers of the world are uniting in a very coincidental way, doesn’t it?

    [Separately, oil prices are up 8.5% in one day.]


    “I bring reason to your ears, and, in language as plain as ABC, hold up truth to your eyes.” Thomas Paine, December 23, 1776

  4. Posted by LaborUnionReport


    In an attempt to follow their European counterparts, public-sector unions in Wisconsin are endorsing a call for a general strike if Governor Scott Walker’s plan passes and is signed into law.

    As the Wisconsin Legislature reconvened this morning, a key federation of nearly 100 labor unions in the state is calling for a general strike for about 45,000 people if Gov. Scott Walker’s budget repair bill is signed into law. The South Central Federation of Labor is calling for a general strike if the bill becomes law.

    Sources told BizTimes that other labor unions that would be affected by Walker’s bill also are pondering going out on strike if the proposal is approved.

    While Wisconsin has been deemed to be “ground zero” by the unions, if union bosses’ bullying tactics succeed in shutting down the state of Wisconsin, they will be emboldened to shut down other states as well._________________

  5. Hey Bonsai from the Right and Joe the racist, here is more racism from a former President of the United Firefighters of Los Angeles union (the guy I am talking about is the bottom video, but look at all the other communist/racists, the DemocRATS really are a despicable group) Just so you know Joe the Racist, this racist does not work on the railroad, in case you want to try to discredit because of that:

    The third shows Don Wallace, who animatedly describes the nasty things he’d like to do to Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas (“he’s a dumbshit scumbag… put him back in the fields”), Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito (“he should go back to Sicily”), and Roger Ailes (“Roger Ailes should be strung up and… kill the bastard”).

    Wallace is a former Los Angeles City Fire Department Captain and

    former president of the United Firefighters of Los Angeles union.

    After he retired from the LAFD he became a field deputy for an LA County Supervisor and failed in a bid for his retiring boss’s seat. He currently lives in Calabasas.

  6. Hey "Shut the ..." wow, nice language. You DemocRATS sure do take the conversation to a more enlightened place don't you?

    As for the price of oil, that has a lot more to do with Hussein's (that's Barack, not Saddam) war on cheap plentiful energy, such as his illegal ban on drilling that is chasing away our energy independence. Not to mention when Clinton vetoed the bill allowing for drilling in ANWR, stating that it would take too long to reap the benefits, we could have been reaping the benefits years ago.

    Only a maniac intentionally restricts his access to energy and artificially drives up not only prices but also dependence on foreign countries for that energy. Ladies and gentlemen I give you your maniac(s) Barack Hussein Obama and the DemocRATS.

  7. Just give into the unions. It's not worth fighting them. As we can see the unions have the power to criple the nation. Have you seen what the unions have done to Greece? We just can't afford to keep fighting this war on unions.

  8. MADISON, Wis. (AP) - Police have hand-cuffed a protester at the state Capitol after he apparently tried to charge into the state Assembly.

    Moments before a roll call began in the Assembly Thursday, reporters heard a crash outside the chamber. They rushed out and saw a man on the ground. Police officers were on top of him. They handcuffed him and led him away.

    Meanwhile fears for the safety of Gov.
    Scott Walker have been expressed.

    As the Wisconsin State Assembly engaged in a heated debate on the budget bill that would strip state employees of much of their collective bargaining power and force them to contribute more to their pension plans and health care insurance, throngs of angry demonstrators could be heard chanting louder and louder just outside the chamber, according to

    Finally, Walker advised Assembly Speaker Jeff Fitzgerald that the physical safety of the members of the assembly could no longer be guaranteed. There had been reports of death threats against Wisconsin lawmakers throughout the week. Fitzgerald decided to adjourn the session, vowing to reconvene on Tuesday, after the Presidents' Day Weekend. Fitzgerald had to be escorted from the chamber by sheriff's deputies.

    Meanwhile, the Cyber News Service is reporting that concerns are being expressed about the physical safety of Walker, who has been the subject of death threats and has been the subject of incendiary signs carried by the protesters comparing him to Hitler and Hosni Mubarak. Other signs have shown Walker's face with the cross hairs of a rifle sight super imposed on it.

    Political observers remember the controversy surrounding a map put out by Sarah Palin's political action committee showing cross hairs over various states, representing Democratic politicians who had been targeted for defeat in 2010. The map has been the subject of heated arguments over the civility of political discourse following the shooting in Tucson, Ariz., that killed six and severely wounded Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, one of the politicians so targeted.

    However the same people who excoriated Sarah Palin seem to have become oddly silent when similar graphics are used against a sitting governor. What was considered horrible for Palin and the tea party seems to be acceptable for union activists.
    The threats of violence seem to raise a question. Have the protests in Wisconsin morphed into something more serious, an actual insurrection that seeks to overturn the will of the majority of the people of Wisconsin
    through threats and intimidation? And why are not only outside agitators, including the President of the United States, supporting an uprising that seems to be turning more and more ugly? This being the case, what is Walker prepared to do about it before things truly get out of hand?

    Sources: Jeff Fitzgerald: Assembly Adjourned because of threats, Greg Bump, Wispolitics.Com, February 18th, 2011

    Wis. Democratic Party Condemns Hateful Signs Targeting State's GOP Governor and Lawmakers, Dan Joseph, Cyber News Service, February 18th, 2011

  9. It seems like every time you pick up a newspaper or turn on CNN or MSNBC, there is a “journalist” accusing Tea Party members of being violent. They cite some angry and threatening voice-mails and the arrests of a few people as proof that the movement is inciting people to violence. Of course, they ignore or down play the death threats directed at conservatives, such as Jim Bunning or Eric Cantor, and they act like the liberals who threatened to kill President George Bush over the Iraq war never existed. Let’s face it, there are crazy people in this country on the left and the right, and any large group of people (like the Tea Party movement) is going to have a few crazies in it. It’s a statistical certainty, but the main stream media is trying to demonize an entire movement because of the existence of a few crazy people.

    I have decided to use this same method (and demonstrate the absurdity of liberals and the main stream media) by demonizing an entire group of people usually associated with the Democrat Party. And unlike the main stream media, I actually have a large body of evidence to justify my claim that unions incite people to commit violent acts.

    A union member recently made a disturbing remark about a local politician. The Las Vegas Review Journal is reporting that a member of the firefighters union has expressed a desire to shoot the county commissioner because he suggested that firefighters take a pay cut. Wow, wanting to kill someone over a slight decrease in salary? Will liberals demand that this person is arrested for making violent threats?

    In addition to this, the head of the Bergen county, New Jersey teachers union sent out a memo to members that contained the following excerpt,

    “Dear lord, this year you have taken away my favorite actor, Patrick Swayze, my favorite actress, Farrah Fawcett, my favorite singer, Michael Jackson, and my favorite salesman, Billy Mays. I just wanted to let you know that Chris Christie is my favorite governor.”

    Here we have a union leader wishing harm on the Governor of a state. Where is the MSNBC special on violent union members?

    In the another recent case of possible union violence, Flint, Mi. has been battling arson attacks after some union fire fighters were laid off because of budget cuts. According to The Ledger,

    Crews battled at least five fires in Flint on Thursday, the same day the city began laying off a quarter of its firefighters as part of an effort to close its estimated $8 million budget deficit.

    “This was a premeditated attack on the safety of the community that is likely to have been timed to try to achieve some kind of perverted political purpose,” Mayor Dayne Walling said at a news conference.

    Isn’t it strange that arson attacks would suddenly break out when some union firefighters were losing their jobs? Why aren’t local Democrats demanding that the union be investigated? Luckily, only unoccupied building have been burned so far, but 2 firefighters have been injured fighting the blazes. To make matters worse, the local union has chosen not to condemn the blazes, but to justify them. From the same article,

    A firefighters union official said Walling’s layoffs were an open invitation to arsonists.

    Can you imagine the outrage from the left if a Tea Party leader said that Congressmen who voted for the health care bill had invited the death threats they received?

    In just the last few weeks, union members have wished a governor dead, threatened to shoot a county commissioner, and may be responsible for a string of arson attacks. If we use the same logic that the main stream media applies to the Tea Parties, we must conclude that unions incite violence. If there is still any doubt, all we have to do is watch the video from last last summer of some SEIU members violently attacking a black conservative who had attended a town hall meeting with Congressman Russ Carnahan.

  10. Unions are Useless23 February, 2011 15:21

    The alternative to unions
    by RUSS ROBERTS on FEBRUARY 23, 2011

    From the Economist:

    *MY COLLEAGUE asks an excellent question: if stronger private-sector unions aren’t in the cards in America, then what? What other force do progressives think might play the role unions played in the postwar era, providing greater negotiating power for the working and middle class, so that they can try to claw back some of the 52% of all US GDP growth from 1993-2008 captured by the top 1% of the income scale and organise politically for concerns like universal health insurance?*

    Greater negotiating power? The effect of unions, to the extent they are effective at all, is to make it harder for people to find work in particular areas. Unions try to raise wages above what they would otherwise be. Employers respond by trying to substitute capital for labor or more skilled workers for less skilled workers.

    You want negotiating power? Get educated. Get a skill. What keeps wages up in a world of 7% unionization in the private sector is that I have alternatives. So stay in school and study something serious that has value alongside whatever else you’re interested in. Or study something interesting that has little market value. But if you do that, don’t complain about your low salary and lack of a union.

    The bottom line–you don’t need a union to protect you from your employer. You need alternatives–you need to have a skill that more than one employer values. If you have no skills, you are in trouble and the union won’t help you either except at the expense of other workers.

    Some of the money the top 1% captured (in parts of the financial sector, for example) was unearned and came at the expense of the rest of us. Most of it, I suspect, though this is an empirical question, benefited the rest of us. I’m thinking of Facebook execs, Google execs, Lebron James and Lady Gaga. They’ve done wonderfully well in the last 20 years because they have a very large market for their skills.

    Stop whining about inequality, per se. If it bothers you, get to work, get a skill, start a business and tell your representatives to stop bailing out losers in the financial sector.

  11. Steve, I'm going to ask you some simple questions. Please take your time to answer it, there's no rush.

    Is that former union member out in LA a member of the Wisconsin Public sector unions? Does he have any relevance to the discussion of what Chris is alleging?

    Okay, now that we've agreed that he doesn't matter in this discussion despite whatever vile things he says we can move on right?

    So here's where I'm stuck. Neither you or Chris is offering up any evidence of any racism regarding the protesting workers. Chris's looking at some pictures hardly counts as evidence. We all know that. Any you are all over the the space time continuum offering retired people in LA and railroad unions from the 30's. So without any evidence we really have nothing further to discuss here.

    I'll gladly debate you on some points that might have some merit, but not about some clown in LA. Perhaps this is a good time to ask mom if she washed your clothes and if you can have a girl in your basement room with the door closed.

  12. Joe is the typical DemocRAT, with the personal attacks when he has nothing better to say. You must have been champion of your debate team; I hear they give bonus points in debate when you have to resort to insinuating that someone lives in their basement!

    FMJ, again you do not set the rules of discussion here. Unions are inherently racist, a fact that you cannot dispute. You are a member of a union, a PROUD member, which makes you a racist. End of story. Doesn't matter where the union is located. The advantage of the Wisconsin legislation is that it will give the non-racist public workers the chance to get out from the clutches of the racist union, when they will have to vote once a year to re-certify their union, HAHAHA!!! That will weed the non-racists out from the union members, lol.

    Also, I find it humorous how quickly you want to discount a higher-up union member, a PUBLIC union at that! Come on FMJ, this guy drove the union agenda in his area, elected by other racist union members, and I'm sure he isn't the only one. You must be so proud! This guy is not one in a million, this guy is probably one in five, maybe even one in four, of the racist unions. Actually, since he was elected, he's probably in the majority, at least one out of every two! Wow.

  13. Joe try and keep up. Take a look at all the racism coming out of these protests, I did a big post with video for ya! And I have some violence from a union thug in a new post. The videos are starting to come in. Now that we can agree that the left-wing is extreemly violent. We can also agree that ther video of two union thugs calling a black man a "nigger" and hitting the black man is the fact you forget about. Joe these men got arrested. Oops sorry about all those facts Joe. It looks like your still on the wrong side again.

  14. Steve it's good to have you on this blog. Keep up the good work.

  15. Chris, you've posted one woman who calls someone a bad Jew in Wisconsin. Then you include SEIU in Colorado and other places.

    So we found one perspective racist union member. Cool. Now how bout some more evidence.

  16. I mean in Wisconsin we've found one. I'm sorry i thought we were discussing Wisconsin.

  17. Chris, thanks for criticizing your own post with one of the videos you posted. Way to go.

    You include footage after an altercation between Two African Americans one a conservative and one a SEIU member. But why aren't African Americans protesting with the unions? Wait, the video shows they are. In fact i thought i saw three purple shirted African Americans.

    But before i go any further other than showing these videos do you have any real evidence that African Americans aren't joining union protests? Please feel free to follow up on my blog. I want to offer a rebuttal, but pictures work better than words or links.


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