Friday, March 4, 2011

The Best Of Left-Wing Hate From 2010: OPEN THREAD

2011 looks to be a year full of more of this from the left-wing. Don't listen to what they say, they lie. Watch what they do, that's hard to fake.


  1. Great compilation video Chris!

    This shows the reason why both of us have been warning to "Be prepared".

    I have no problem with freedom of speech as I am sure you do not, but when someone wants to "get in my face", give me an evil eye or dare to even threaten me or my friends in such a situation well they had better be prepared to hit the ground fast and wait for the mortician 'cause they ain't gettin' up!

    By the bye, that is not a violent statement, that is a promise.

  2. CP, thats what I've been saying but the tea baggers here think thats violent. They think someone can jam their hands and cameras in "Your Face" and when you knock it out the way or get pissed off your violent.

    I'm tired of the gotcha youtubism. Its not like your sitting 20 feet away minding your own business and the man jumps ya, these punks get 6 inch's from peoples faces, jump in front of them, follow them aways. Its BS.

    And the people who think this means something are just as bad. They enable these idiots.

  3. @ Joe,,,Just as an example, the leftist politician "approached" the young men in the street, not vise/versa and not only got in the ones face but assaulted him to boot.

    In my America, the real one, that calls for self-defense or in other words I would have beat the piss 'outta him or ,,,,,,,

  4. CP, I'm not just referring to this one example.

  5. Chris, Media Matters says left wing violence is falsely portrayed by FOX>

    I wonder if they think your videos must have been created in the backroom with Photoshop??????

  6. @ Joe,

    Well you challenged my statement and I gave you an example from the video Chris posted, so have at it or do you wish to stay silent on violent socialist behavoir let alone on one of your elected officials?

  7. Open Thread : Here goes Socialized Insurance Taxes for 10 years to get 6 years of coverage. Just out of Curiosity what happens on the 11th year?

  8. CP, i agreed with your statement. I don't feel people can get in anyones face. Don't violate personal space whether con or lib.


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