Friday, March 4, 2011

Wisconsin Union Protest Causes $7.5 Million in Damages To Capitol Floor

Journal Sentinel: Madison - State officials said Thursday that damage to the marble inside and out the State Capitol would cost an estimated $7.5 million.
Cari Anne Renlund, chief legal counsel for the state Department of Administration, said in Dane County court that estimates of damage to marble includes $6 million to repair damaged marble inside the Capitol, $1 million for damage outside and $500,000 for costs to supervise the damage.
Much of the damage apparently has come from tape used to put up signs and placards at the Capitol.
It was not immediately clear how the estimates were made, though the state is apparently relying on opinions by historical architects, one of whom works for the U.S. Park Service.
One concern is the residue from tape that the state says is causing damage to stone and other surfaces inside the Capitol.
It's time we take care of this disease. Thank God the Republican Party is standing up to these criminals. And yes they are all criminals for letting this happen to public property. They are in charge of governing their own, just like the Tea Party is in charge of governing our own. Don't worry though because like our rallies we will clean up after ourselves and after them. It's what conservatives do, clean up after liberals.

                                            UPDATE: More violence expected from the left.

 BERKELEY, Calif. (AP) — Police in riot gear and holding batons are facing off with a growing number of protesters lined up outside a University of California, Berkeley where other protesters have chained themselves together on the ledge of an upper floor of the building.

View more videos at:
Television video shows hundreds of protesters on the ground yelling and chanting, while several protesters have chained themselves together on a narrow ledge of the fourth floor of the building.
The protest Thursday comes after university police said they arrested 17 people late Wednesday when they refused to leave a campus building during a protest against state education cuts.

All 17, including seven students, were cited for trespassing. Police Lt. Alex Yao says three people in the group also were booked at the Berkeley jail on suspicion of obstructing police.
The protest Wednesday was part of a day of action by students around the country opposed to education cuts.


  1. By Glenn Kessler, Washington Post

    "The fact is that Democrats stand ready to meet the Republicans halfway on this. That would be fair."

    -- House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), March 3, 2011

    "We are also prepared to put out specifics that will move another over $6 billion closer -- so that we will have met them halfway -- essentially split the difference between the president's request and [the GOP cuts in] H.R. 1."

    -- Gene B. Sperling, director of the White House National Economic Council, March 3, 2011

    "We have met them halfway, which in many ways is a perfect definition of an attempt to compromise."

    -- White House press secretary Jay Carney, March 2, 2011

    This has become a constant refrain by Democrats -- that they have already gone some distance to accommodate the Republicans' efforts to cut federal spending. We already awarded Senate Majority Leader Harry M. Reid (D-Nev.) two Pinocchios for this claim, but the talking point keeps popping up again and again.

    We take no position on whether it makes sense to make these cuts at this time. But Democrats are being disingenuous by suggesting they have already worked hard to reduce spending or to reach out to Republicans.

    Read the full story at

  2. They are a bunch of liars,theives and criminals. Now I see why they don't want the Ten Commandments anywhere.

    Open thread today. Snow day for my little one. He has lots of planes for us today.

    Be safe, things are turning ugly with the angry left. If you are planing to go to a protest, be careful. It's not the safest place to be, that's for sure.

    Gas is at $3.60 today by me. This isn't going to be good for the recovery. Unemployment has finally gone under 9%. There does seem to be a trend in unemployment. I wonder what the real unemployment is? That should help spark the riots the Democrats keep pushing for. Food prices are still going up. We told everyone that food prices are going up,gas and energy prices. We sure have been right a lot. What has the left been right about?

  3. The left-wing have become the American Al Quada.

  4. The police, firefighters and teachers better think about who they are standing with at these protests.

  5. A Teabagger, a Union Member and a CEO are sitting at a table with a dozen cookies....

    The CEO immediately takes 11 cookies for himself. The CEO then turns to the Teabagger and says,

    "Watch out for that Union guy he wants part of your cookie."

  6. Tom A Tea Party Citizens a Union Citizen and a CEO are sitting together with 12 cookies. Pelosi walks up and takes ALL 12 Cookies. She then looks at the 3 and SAYS You still OWE me a Cookie. Moral Liberals are NEVER satisfied and will ALWAYS want MORE! Just the way they are!

  7. And here i thought we did not want the Ten Commandments anywhere because it violated the Constitution the right violates at will.

    Well said Tom!

    Al, bet you worked all morning to come up with that LAME comeback

  8. Freedom and democracy can be expensive.

  9. Joe No that was easy just say the TRUTH and it spews out! Thanks knew you'd like it!

  10. "Freedom and democracy can be expensive." How would you know Joe, you liberals never want to pay for anything?

    How is destroying the capitol building paying for freedom? What those liberals and unionist did was terrorism. They are destroying property that isn't theirs and they are terrorising people.

    Freedom is expensive and now it's time you pay.

  11. These unions are geting out of hand. I'm sure people feel real safe after hearing all this union thuggery. They will hurt anyone in their way. Animals!

    by Meredith Jessup
    Ohio’s fight over collective bargaining spoiled dinner for a number of Republican state lawmakers Wednesday evening.

    Easy Street Cafe
    Following the state Senate’s vote to limit the bargaining power of public employees, a group of union protesters burst into a local eatery and confronted a small group of GOP senators who were having dinner. The Columbus Dispatch reports:

    After the vote on Senate Bill 5, seven Republican senators, including President Tom Niehaus, R-New Richmond, grabbed dinner at the Easy Street Cafe. As the lawmakers neared the end of their meal, a group of five to 10 union supporters angry about the passage of the bill hours before burst into the restaurant and began shouting.

    The commotion eventually led to pushing and shoving with the restaurant staff and owner, before police arrived to calm the situation as a police helicopter hovered overhead. No senators were involved in the physical altercations, and no charges have been filed.

    “It could have (gotten physical),” said Sen. Frank LaRose, 31, a Fairlawn Republican who served as a Green Beret. “The group was agitated and they were shoving the owner, and he had nothing to do with this.”

    LaRose said it didn’t take special intelligence training to notice that while the lawmakers were eating, a woman walked past the window several times, poked her head in the door and got on her cell phone.

    “It was planned,” LaRose said. “They gathered as a group and waited until they had about 10 people before they caused a disturbance.”

    When the group burst into the restaurant, the woman, Monica Moran, deputy director of public affairs for SEIU District 1199, raised her hands in the air, yelled “Can I have your attention?“ and then shouted ”something nasty,” LaRose said. Soon after, the rest of the group of men and women joined in with a chant.

    Restaurant owner George Stefanidis says police came after the protesters refused to leave. Witnesses said Stefanidis and his restaurant staff tried to hold the group back from the senators, but the altercation got heated when the agitators began pushing and shoving.

    “They stormed through my dining room,” Stefanidis said. “I told them they had to leave, and they wouldn’t. There were about 70 people in the restaurant at the time.

    “I understand [the protesters'] argument, but they should do that some other place,” he added. “It just ruined the whole night.”

    Moran, however, was unapologetic about the ambush. “The moment of discomfort Senate Republicans may have felt as a result of my expressing my opinion pales in comparison to the extreme discomfort and financial hardships that public employees will endure as a result of SB5.”

  12. Shoving match going on and it wasn’t considered physical? Created a disruption and refused to leave the eatery? NO ARRESTS MADE? WHY, WHY, WHY????

    Each time those knuckledraggers get away with their actions means they will continue to do them. It’s long past due to hold them responsible for their actions.

  13. lol...thats funny Chris, i wouldn't know what its like to pay for anything. HEHE..HAHAHA

    You act like the rest of us ain't taxpayers and part of this economy. WTF dude. I pay the same taxes as you do.

  14. Looks like this post is just another right-wing LIE!!!!!!

    Madison — State officials charged with overseeing the state Capitol are now backing away from their estimate that demonstrators did more than $7 million in damage to the building.

    "I think that's more of a worst-case scenario," said Jeff Plale, the former Democratic state senator who is now the state facilities administrator. "There are other estimates."

    Touring the Capitol Friday morning with state architect Dan Stephans, Plale said he had not immediately observed any damage from demonstrations over Gov. Scott Walker's budget-repair bill, though the pair was just starting their tour. Plale said that he didn't believe the state had had any experienced contractor provide the quote on the damages.

    Officials said in Dane County court Thursday that the damage could come from tape used for posting fliers and papers and other materials.

    Workers were already beginning to remove those Friday. In one second-floor hallway at least, a Journal Sentinel reporter could see no damage to the marble where the tape had been removed.

  15. No matter what the Cost Tax Payers will of coarse pay. Its the Liberal way!

  16. Al, actually the protesters have been doing a great job of keeping the Capitol clean.

    The tape they've used is specifically designed not to leave any residue.

    This article that Chris put up has completely false allegations.

    And let's remember, Al, the protesters are taxpayers too.

  17. Bruce Wonderful so being tax payers makes it OK to damage property. Dont know if damage was 7 million or seven dollars that statement was, well stupid!

  18. Al, as I said, I believe these damage allegations are completely false.

    I was there and I didn't see any damage at all.

  19. Bruce Well thats good enough for me if you say they were was NO damage,NOT! Thought you were visiting family. Was it a family outting?

  20. No worries. The Tea Party in Wisconsin is going to meet at the Capitol tomorrow at 1:00 to clean the mess the libs left behind. As usual, the conservatives have to clean up the mess that the leftists left behind.

  21. Al, I was visiting family. And yes, we all went down to the Capitol to join in the support of the teachers, firemen, nurses and other people that help make this country great.

  22. Wisconsin State AFL-CIO: Workers question Walker's estimates, offer voluntarily cleanup of so-called damages

    Contact: Karen Hickey, 414-573-7579

    Statement by IUPAT on Alleged Damage to Capitol

    The International Union of Painters and Allied Trades District Council 7 has over 100 years of experience in painting and in the removal of adhesive tapes from the Capitol building. IUPAT Business Manager John Jorgensen believes that the estimates to Capitol damage by state officials are not accurate.

    “After inspecting the Capitol early Friday morning I am 100% confident that any so-called 'damage' done by community members expressing their First Amendment rights is no where near $7 million. This estimate is yet another gross overreach. I would like to personally offer IUPAT labor on a volunteer basis to address any alleged damage from protester’s signs and tape during the protests.”

  23. John shreds the Faux network on their double standard.

  24. Joe I took the time and watch Stewarts Opinion show and he is welocome to it.

    What I dont seem to understand and thats probablly because of my limited education is:

    Bail Outs should have NEVER happened. Way to much Tax Payers money given out, Way to FEW restrictions impossed.

    Public Sector Unions give Campaign money to Politicans and then Bargin with Politicans for Contracts. Politicans could give a SHIT less if Contract is Fair/Unfair cause they may not even be Politicans when contract takes effect or expires.

    Private Sector through either Taxes or Employment of Citizens and their Taxes SUPPORT Public Sector Union and the Cost of Them. Contracts given to CEOs is usually because they are good at what they do.
    Contracts given to teachers is because they have spent alot of time on the Job but in many cases just taking up space. Its called Tenure so Tax payers get to pay for BAD teachers at the same rate as the good ones. Is not $50,000 a year plus Bennys a good wage?

    All I know is something will have to give and there must be common ground for all to in some way agree . If not GREECE got here a WHOLE lot sooner than I thought it would. We have become way to divided in so many issues that the Republic could in fact be destroyed from within which in the end is the only way it could happen! We all have only US to Blame!

    Joe you in all your wisdom what is the answer to bring all involved to some kind of agreement that will keep OUR Local Governments,State Governments and Federal Governments from going Bankrupt.

  25. It6 turns out no one showed to clean up the Capitol other then Tea Partiers. Look at todays post. It's sad what you liberals always do to this country, propert and person.

  26. Al, i am glad that you took the time to broaden your mind a little bit. Good for you.

    He made some remarkable points on how Republicans and Faux news like to have it both ways didn't he?

    As for your contentions about contracts that can be true but it is not a given. The last governor of Wisconsin asked for and received concessions on things in the bargaining. Perhaps not enough, but he did get concessions, unlike what you've been told. And the current governor would have received concessions if he had backed away from collective bargaining rights.

    But i would like to counter what you said about contract to CEO's. Did you see the bonus's given out to the same executives that weren't good at what they did and helped cause the crash? You said you watched it.

    You showing a bias by suggesting that while bad teachers are protected, good executives are protected. In reality it is both that are protected.

  27. Joe One reason I did not favor bailouts was because of lack of restrictions on Tax Payers money which would include Bonuses and I did say that.
    Also helping in the crash of the Economy was Mortgages that were basiclly controlled by Politicans who did not do their job,yet I have heard of NO Congressional hearings to find out Whom was Responsible for that collapes.

    What I am saying is Tax Payers MUST be Spent wisely cause OUR revenues are down and with OIL prices once again going through the roof OUR fragile Economy will probablly be at RISK once again.

    Some Public Sector jobs should be Privatized for one reason get them the hell OUT of Tax Payers pocket. Alot of Garbage Pickup over the years has been privatized and seems to work well. Are there other Public Sector Jobs that can go that way I dont know but it must be a option.

    We as a Nation have reached the point of Taxes(,Local State,Federal,Sales,Utilities and Fuel) that we are at the Limit and all that will be left is Lay offs which sadly is a option that will more than likely come to the forefront soon.

    I was Unaware of Post Office although Unionized could not bargin for Bennies and Wages. With that being said where has all the out raqe been sice 1978 when that was signed into law by Carter. Changes must be made and none of them will make ALL happy. We have through the years created a Monster that Tax payers money is unable to feed to its CONTENT anymore!


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