Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Chilling Presentation Paul Ryan’s Using To Push Budget Cuts

While the left-wing and some Democrats are saying, "we aren't broke" the facts say otherwise. Here are some facts the left-wingers wont acknowledge.

GOP Rep. Paul Ryan (chairman of the House Budget Committee) is using to push for budget cuts in Washington. The information, as presented in graphs, will probably upset you.
Here are a few slides from the presentation, “The Choice of Two Futures:”

See the rest at Business Insider. You wont believe what the Democratic Party wants to do to this country if we let them. We must make cuts now. We will have to pay for this debt and making our children do it isn't right or moral. But that is what the Democratic Party wants to do. I remember how the left-wing and Democratic Party blasted Bush when our debt was under $200 billion. It was that debt that made most Americans vote for the other Party. When Obama was saying "Hope and Change" most Americans thought that he was talking about lowering the debt not making it go through the roof to pay off the Democratic Party constituents.

Since the Democratic Parties idea of "Change" was much higher debt and more spending the American voter fired Democrats like never before. I don't care how much the Democratic Party and their thugs protest and threaten us. We must make cuts now or it will get much worse. It wont be easy and the left-wing and unions aren't going to make it easy. But this ship is sinking and the Democratic Party and unions are putting more holes in the ship. It may be time to throw them overboard before they sink the ship.


  1. They are scary looking but are they CORRECT?

    Its obvious what we are going to have to do? We are going to have to be like Reagan and increase the payroll tax for social security. Either that or eliminate the payoff.

    The payoff point has already gone beyond what i expect to receive back in payments looking at future government revenue and spending issues, so lets just ride it out. Its better than jacking with vats, increasing income rates or lowering payouts. Our society isn't getting cheaper now or in the future.

    Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Allan Mullaly and the NBA stars can pay so that Chris, Mark, Adams and I aren't a burden on our children.

    Ohhh and they can eliminate mandatory payouts. Your still working at Ford Motor at 66 your not receiving social security. That will change little but its an incentive for people to leave the workforce and allow younger people to get hired.

    On a personal note, i wish more people would take advantage of the 30 and out. Get some new young people these good jobs. Allow more families to grow and have what i did. One of the issues we have is that as people are more productive at older ages do to nutrition, medicine, ergonomics etc. our workforce stagnates quite a bit in good paying jobs.

    Add in the loss of buying power in a rapidly changing world that features new and exciting goods every two years and its hard to get everything paid off and decide to live on a fixed budget. The boomers end up being something of a bottleneck for employment. Its difficult to see them in a purely statistical sense as both my parents are late 40's babies, my father being the eldest and my mother being the last, but the world is in for a change when the majority of them have passed on. Many of our issues with medicare and SSI become less of a problem.

    I guess i went off topic, but got a lot of ideas and thoughts running through my head this morning. think I'll go spend some profit sharing, put money back into economy.

  2. Joe Most of what you say I do agree with and Things must be done NOW to Bring OUR economy back and OUR Debt down. I am a lower middle class Citizens but if I must Sacrifice to bring OUR economy and Strenghen OUR country so be it. My Country has for the most part always been good to me. Employment and Retirement included. My family even through these rough times have kept employed and managed to stay if nothing else EVEN which now is a accomplishment. They have worked at $16 to $18 a hour jobs with some beenies SO in that regard I am proud of them all. What Politicans have done in some cases is make it Better to stay idle and collect than it is to WORK and that to me I cannot understand. I know differtent generations have different values but if OUR work ethic goes So eventually will OUR country!

  3. What about raising the retirment age Joe? Isn't that another option?

    I think we must cut government across the board by 15% except entitlements. If we cut all none essential programes like the arts...and fire the IRS by taxing purchases rahter then production with a Fair Tax. Since we buy most of our goods from overseas it will be like a tariff. We may start selling more products overseas because we wont be taxing production.

    This should help us grow to the point that we wont have to cut SSI and other entitlements. If we have extra money and our debts are paid we can look into funding for the arts again and other unnecesary programs.

    If we do nothing like the Democratic Party wants to do we risk loosing it all. And that helps no one.

  4. Chris Good points as usual. Now we are to the point if we cannot afford it we cannot FUND it. At this Point both Parties seem a bit reluctant to be the first to put their foot in the war in regards to CUTS! Dems are saying 6 Billion Rep are saying 100 Billion or so. Both to me are unexceptable.
    Hell they found 105 Billion dollars in the 2400+ Socalized Insurance Bill. Question How'd It get there? That dumb statement by Pelosi we have to pass it to see whats in it is Coming Home to Roost! Poilitcians had better come up ith REAL answers to the Peril OUR Debt as created for this Nation or 2012 will be 2010 all over again. Citizens as a whole are NOT going to put up with the SAME ole SAME ole Washington Politics!


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