Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Juan Williams Livid Over NPR Sting

Williams said Schiller’s remarks about the Jews dominating the newspaper industry was “outright anti-Semitism,” and labeling Tea Party members “gun-toting” “racists” reveals “their real feelings.” This is how they talk in boardrooms and editorial meetings, explained Williams. “This is how they really feel.”

It's time to defund NPR. We are starting to see how our tax dollars are going towards these leftist media and groups.


  1. Chris, i like Juan Williams i have always thought he was a voice of reason even when you on the right where attacking him calling him everything but a journalist. I can understand why he's mad.

    Now how bout the accusations that Murdoch ordered his subordinate to lie to federal investigators. Anything on that?

    Or should what O'Keefe did be illegal? Didn't you just go into a rant on that in another post, about misrepresentation. How it should be illegal?

  2. Juan is mad because he was profiled by NPR and fired. Had that not occurred he would be DEFENDING them.

    @ Joe, This is not "misrepresentation" on NPR's behalf, they said what they said. As to O'Keefe, why should it be illegal?

    -Setting up a website is easy and legal,,most of us here HAVE ONE.

    -There is no expectation pf privacy in public so move along,,,,,

    -NPR was not forced to meet with Representatives of a radical muslim group, they chose to do so.

    And really, local TV stations do this all the time with their "Halls of Shame" and other such "investigations" but are never held to account as you are doing with O'Keefe.

    What bothers you is that a larger truth/truth's is/are revealed on a national scale with O'Keefes work.

  3. Speaking on "misrepresentation ,,Drudge is reporting;

    BIG SIS BUSTED: Homeland Security undercover website suspended by private hosting firm...

  4. NPR like ACORN caught caught. Both are federaly funded with a Ideaology to promote or bad advise to give out. Seems they can do all that on Private Sector nickle to me. Williams I have always liked he has and is fair and balanced in his Views and NPR could not have that. Just the saying by Schiller that NPR only has Journalist who Report and do not Promote would be Laughable if it was not being FUNDED by OUR tax dollars.

  5. "Now how bout the accusations that Murdoch ordered his subordinate to lie to federal investigators. Anything on that?"

    Here we go again, taking it off subject and wanting reaction to something completely out the realm of the post.
    Typical liberals, when their guys get exposed like this, 'lets talk about something else'.

  6. More racism, bigotry, and leftist hatred ... Joe says nothing to see here, move along ... reminds me of Dug the dog in "Up"; "squirrel!"

    Meanwhile, business as usual in NPR-land, where the Dem puppets ... er ... muppets, promote yet another Dem-lover to replace the last Dem-lover, and undoubtedly a rabid conservative-hater.

    God forbid a group of people don't want the government to make every damn decision for them, and don't want the government to continue siphoning off more and more of their scratch. And their children's scratch. And their grand-children's scratch. All so Harry Reid can have cowboy poetry in Nevada.

  7. HAHAHAHA ... lick our nuts you loser Wisconsin blood-sucking public union ticks! YOU LOSE, Democracy, logic and rationale wins!!

    I don't know why they didn't do it earlier, other than they tried to work with those loser Dems. But those anti-democracy loser liberals, the union's bitches, wanted to adapt a "take it or leave it" attitude. Well guess what a-holes, they left it.

    DAMN I wish I could see the expressions on the faces of the protesters when they found out what happened!!! HAHAHAHA

  8. Joe the liberal union turd is going to have to come up with another squirrel moment for this one:

    Stunner: Another NY Democrat Facing Corruption Charges
    In the end it doesn't matter. New York is just a revolving door of Democrat hacks. One goes down, another takes his place. Then when he goes to jail, the schmucks elect another Democrat. Lather, rinse, repeat.
    State Sen. Carl Kruger (D-Brooklyn) will turn himself in to federal authorities tomorrow morning to face corruption charges, The Post has learned.

    Kruger, the ranking Democrat on the Senate’s Finance Committee, has been under investigation since 2007 by federal prosecutors in Brooklyn, who are probing allegations that he has performed official acts in exchange for campaign donations.

    But that previously reported probe — which remains ongoing — is independent of the charges that Kruger will be facing in Manhattan federal court, sources told The Post.

    A source said Kruger will be the biggest name among a number of political and public people who will be charged or linked to the heretofore unknown Manhattan corruption case.

  9. I've never heard Juan getting attacked by anyone. Maybe his views are attacked but I've never heard a conservative that doesn't respect him. The left on the other hand have done a bang up job of treating him like a second class citizen for being on Fox. Joe you really like to make things up don't you?

    Joe it was you saying that it should be illegal, not me. I'm a Libertarian remember? I pointed out the hypocracy from the left and you helped make my point Joe.

  10. Chris, I've heard quite a bit of Juan hatred on Free republic and other right wing forums. I don't make things up brother. Nice try though.

    Jeremy, good one. i mean thats awesome. but what about US rep David Riveria?

    The second-ranking House Republican said for the first time Monday he is “very concerned” about the criminal investigations into Rep. David Rivera (R) in Florida.

    Or the republican former Ag from Kansas.

    Ex-Kansas AG Kline faces ethics hearing over anti-abortion efforts

    we could play this came all day long. How bout you and I accept that both sides have idiots?


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