Monday, March 28, 2011

Gas Was $1.82 When Obama Took Office: "Change"

Stock Image - a woman’s hand 
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and photo clipartRember the good old days, we've already been through them. When Obama brought us "Hope" and "Change" no one knew what that really meant thanks to the MSM. But we do know what gas prices were. Did any of you Obama voters think change meant higher gas prices? Lower house prices? Higher unemployment? Massive debt increases? A third war in an Islamic country? Fighting side by side with Al Queda? Worse international relations? Stagflation? Higher food prices? More violence and division? Government shutdown? State government bankruptcies? I don't know about you but I don't think the world or this country can handle any more "Hope" and "Change".

We gave the government from the president to both houses of congress to the Democratic Party for years. They could pass anything they wanted and they did. We have tried the liberal government and it didn't work. It didn't make anything better. It didn't fix one thing. If you can think of anything the Democratic Party fixed or made better since they took over the country, please let me know. If you think this is all Bush's fault and the Republican Parties fault please explain?


  1. Chris,
    We had 8 years of Conservative admin and 6 years of Conservative congress and they couldn't prevent any of this. In fact their policies only exacerbated it. So what do you expect in two years?

    As for State bankruptcies it seems to me that both liberal and conservative states have been heading this way long before Obama got there.

    Besides it took Reagan 4 years to get his misery index below 11. Just noting the historical reality of the Conservative Messiah compared to Obama.

  2. BS Joe, Gas only went up for a short time and then Bush did something about it and it plummited.

    It also turns out that the states going bankrupt fastest and planning to keep going bankrupt are the Democratic states. Just look at what the Democrats are doing about the cuts that have to be made vs the Republicans. It's hard to say that they are the same when Democrats fight cuts in the states and Republicans are fighting for the cuts.

    Your side could only hope that Obama turns out like Reagan did. The problem is Reagan did the right things while Obama is doing all the wrong things. Reagan also didn't make America look like a weak nation ready for the taking.

  3. Couple years ago Gas fell to about $1.59 gal at 15 Mile rd and Harper! I believe it came to that price right after Bush Threatened to start Drilling. Just a Threat and Poof. Doing something is always better than doing nothing especially when it effects OUR economy so much! Farmers Expect BUMPER crop of Corn this year. Bethca just as much goes to E 85 as to feed the hungry.


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