Monday, March 28, 2011

More Left-Wing Racism. You Wont Guess Who Is Calling Obama a N-Word?

You can't make this stuff up. It turns out that it's not the Tea Party that is calling Obama the N-word. It's the New Black Panther Party and Muslims. You have to give it to the left-wing, they always pick winners to join their merry band of idiots. If we give the left-wing enough rope and time they will hang themselves with their own violent racist rhetoric. I just pray that the Secret Service keeps Obama safe now that the real radicals are out for blood.


  1. Why aren't his lips moving???

    Their not part of our merry band of idiots. There's no association between any major liberal groups and the NBPP that i know of. And if a African American calls another of the same race an epitaph is it racism or self-loathing? While i find it degrading and wrong, i don't know if i consider it racism.

    But since we are playing along, lets see who the Tea Party lets into their band of idiots.

    Why its Francis "Schaeffer" Cox and his Alaska Peacemaker Militia who as part of the Second Amendment Task Force supported Tea Party candidate Joe Miller and was recently arrested along with some members of his group for targeting Federal and State officials.

    Of course the right is much more worried about two African Americans with a night stick than Tea Party supporters with machine guns, silencers and explosives.

    So i am glad that the right is keeping an eye out for those NBPP types, because the real authorities are busy watching the realTerrorists those of the radical Christian right like these guys and the Hutree.

  2. Joe you and I both know that they are and believe in the same ideology as the left-wing. They go to the same rallies with the left-wing. But for some reason you choose to think they aren't part of your ilk. Sorry Joe the truth says otherwise.

    Joe when was the last time a Christian did a terrorist act in the name of Christ or Christianity? When was the last time a Muslim did it? See the facts are much different Joe then your "reality". I get it you hate Christians. The left-wing hate Christians. Muslims hate Christians. Christians are taught to love our enemies not kill them or enslave them. If a Christian does act out in hate then they aren't acting
    Christian. It's much different on your side of the hate isle.

  3. Chris, no we don't know that? The NBPP and the old BPP weren't following the ideals of anyone but themselves. Can you say the same for the Neo-Nazi's that show up at conservative anti-immigration rallies with you, or the Pro-Tea Party militia's that are getting caught advocating for violence, like Cox and his people? For every action of the NBPP i can show you

    As for acting Christian and acting Muslim, Their are people that suggest violence by members of their religion is not acting their faith and those that say it is. Who am i to believe?

    Should i believe the Pope John Paul who said that the concept of "just wars" is not acting Christian and spoke against the war in Iraq or Evangelicals who said it was?

    Or the Christians who said killing Dr. Tiller was not the act of a Christian or those Christians that said it was?

    Should i believe those clerics and leaders that say Islamic terrorism is acting Muslim or those that i know who say it isn't?

    Yes, i have friends that are Muslim. Just so we are clear.

    And i don't have a hate Aisle or Isle if you meant that. I don't hate anyone.


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