Thursday, March 3, 2011

How Will We Get Our Soldiers Out Of Iraq If Saudi Arabia Falls With The Rest Of The Middle East?

All the countries arround Iraq are either on fire or in revolution. That is except for Saudi Arabia. The problem is if Saudi Arabia fall, then how do we get our troups out of Iraq? Why hasn't the Main Stream Media asked this question? Why aren't we preparing for what might end up happening in this region? Where is our leadership?

Middle East unrest

Country Unrest Index* Corruption Poverty % Age** Literacy
Sources: *Shoe-Thrower's Index from the Economist, Transparency International 2010 corruption index (higher number = greater corruption), World Bank, CIA World Factbook, UN (** Median age)
Saudi Arabia52.850n/a24.9n/a


  1. We could use lies.
    it worked well enough getting our troops into Iraq.

    But i would say planes and boats would work though

  2. Take a look at what countries those planes and boats are in. Who owns the airspace and could they attack Iraq and our troops? Our troops in Iraq will be surrounded. That's not a good thing Joe. Do you see where this leads? Well I think the Obama admin. have thought about it the same way you did. That's what we get when we hire a community orgaizer to do the job.

  3. Chris, I believe that the military is planning for that possibility, but i don't think they would put it out on Msnbc of Faux.

  4. I beleive military does have its plans to remove OUR troops as soon as they need to be. They are certainly in Harms way but thats what military does and im confident they will get out and quite honestly the sooner the better. Its my opinion that Military should use technology and air power to continue their mission. Afganistan should also be looked at and the same options used. Afganistan is now a cluster fuc* and a country ruled by thugs. Before leaving or with Air power it would be a good time to make the POOPY fields go POOF!

  5. Al, its wrong to say that Afghanistan is "NOW" a Charlie Fox because its been since we pulled most of our troops out to invade Iraq. Most of America ignored the reality of it, while worrying about Iraq, but in 2004, 2005, 2006 the Taliban, Al Quadda quietly rebuilt. You didn't hear about that on American news and especially on Faux, but the BBC world-news carried a lot of it because of NATO troops involvement.

    If you would know one thing about those years in Afghanistan its that NATO troops were undermanned and didn't patrol very deeply allowing the enemy to rebuild and resupply. It was a fundamental failure on the Bush admin to fight two wars and not commit equal resources to both.


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