Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Trouble in Saudi Arabia Could Trigger Global Alarm

Just over 3 minutes into the embedded clip below, warns Williams:
“We better hope Saudi Arabia is not on the list for the next round of let’s topple the leader. Because that could give us… that is 10% of the oil. That could give us, not to be alarmist, but that could trigger a global recession. We could be in a heap of trouble.”
Now we know that Obama is playing hide and go seek with this pending issue. It will have immediate implications on every American and Obama is doing nothing. He is holding our oil supply hostage as well as our reserves. This admin. is the most inept group this country has ever had. And we have had some inept admin. over the years. Obama has no problem jumping all over social issues. He is bunk mates with the unions. And for some reason he can't find them to tell us what they are doing about this international crisis. I take it they are doing nothing.
Were is our leader President Obama?


  1. With out dependable supply of Oil our economy will always be in jepordy and beholding to some nations that DONT like us. Sooner or later we must go after the OIL we have in OUR nation. Our Economy is dependant on OIL and at this point politicans controlled by special interest groups do not have Country or Citizens Interest at heart.

    Regime must take responsibility for the Issue now. If Bush was responsible for OIL prices during his terms,Regime is responsible NOW.

    Opening up drilling here would CREATE Jobs and make us Beholding to NO other Nation for our supply. OIL is our Life blood,like it or not, and without blood the body will eventually perish!

  2. Brian Pannebecker03 March, 2011 09:02

    I think it is time to cut through some of the misleading rhetoric aimed at several Republican governors’ courageous efforts in the Midwest to reduce government spending and balance their state’s budgets.

    In Wisconsin, Gov. Scott Walker has addressed his own state’s growing spending by proposing eliminating the power of public unions to hold taxpayers hostage to their demands for lucrative benefits.

    Unlike private unions, whose demands are at least somewhat limited by a business’ revenue, public unions have access to a virtually unlimited source of money: the taxpayers.

    For decades, public unions have exploited this ability to tap into the wallets of taxpayers to fund increasingly lucrative wage and benefit packages. But while wages are controllable and usually maintained near comparable private-sector levels, pension and health care costs have skyrocketed and are bankrupting many municipalities.

    Taxes can only be raised so many times, before they reach a level that overwhelms taxpayers. It is obvious, at least to most of us, that we have reached that point.

    Since the unions refuse to negotiate a change in their pension plans, some governors in the Midwest have decided that the time has come to confront the public unions and force change to protect the taxpayers they represent. As a taxpayer, I salute them for having the courage to stand up to the union’s political pressure and fighting for us.


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