Thursday, March 17, 2011

It's Time We Focus On Public Unions And Their Demands

The Tea Party needs to focus on these public unions and their demands on the tax payers. Let me ask you something. What if the public unions get what they want, what then? Can we afford to give into the unions demands without risk to our country? The focus has been on Obama. With the state of this country,our economy,unemployment,gas prices, food prices and house prices and his lack of leadership here and around the world, Obama is doing more then enough to be a one term president. If we Tea Partiers focus on giving our governors a backbone and thwarting the union recalls we can only win. Obama and the Democratic Party will sink with the unions. The unions will destroy themselves as well as the Democratic Party when they lose. They know that and I'm sure that is why Obama is keeping a little distance from these protests lately. We must win this war against the tax payers. We can't afford to lose to the public unions. The private sector can't afford another tax hike so public unions can keep their monopoly over the tax payers. We tax payers have bailed out the unions enough already with the Stimulus Bill,tax exemptions for obamacare,GM,Chrysler etc... We the tax payers of this nation can't afford what the want from us. I wish we could pay everyone more then they are worth but we can't. I understand how hard it is to give something up. Most of us in American know what it's like to give something up. Businesses and families have been losing everything they have ever had. When you see that empty business for sale remember that someone went broke. People that put their hard earned money into growing a business that creates jobs and an income for those people. Most of us work for those private businesses. Those UAW member from the private sector that are marching with the public union have to think about how a tax increase is going to effect the businesses they work for. Do you Ford workers that got a big profit sharing check this year think that will be bigger if Ford has to pay more in taxes and effecting profits? Do you think that higher taxes will help GM and other failing companies survive? Or didn't you union protesters think about that? If you think that giving in to the public unions is a bad idea you better do something about that. Write your governor in support. Call them or send money to run ads in the effected States. We need to start thinking about having our own support rallies. If you aren't sure about what the unions are bringing here then just to Greece, not Cairo. If you can think of any way in which to put down this attack on the tax payers and job creators let us know. If there is a planned protest in your area let us know.


  1. Where's Obama?17 March, 2011 10:41

    As Saudi troops swept into Bahrain on Monday, President Obama kept playing his favorite new role: the Invisible Man.

    Bahrain is a key US ally and headquarters to the Navy's Fifth Fleet, which patrols the Persian Gulf and Indian Ocean from the Horn of Africa to Bangladesh.

    But its Sunni monarchy sits atop a restive Shia majority. So the Saudis sent in about 2,000 troops to assert order, lest Iran make the island another cat's paw.

    The United States could have headed off the protests, pressuring Bahrain to create a legitimate parliament and grant Shias political power. Instead, Obama ducked -- and created a vacuum that the Saudis felt compelled to fill.

    The White House, seemingly paralyzed by doubt and indecision, has been mute since.

    "This is not an invasion of a country," stuttered press secretary Jay Carney on Monday.

    Alas, dithering is not a foreign policy -- and the world keeps turning, even as President No-see-um stands mute.

    NY Post

  2. By Kristinn Taylor, Big Government

    In two short years, Barack Obama has wrested the crown for most self-indulgent president from Monica Lewinsky’s ex-boyfriend, Bill Clinton.

    Obama’s most self-indulgent moment was broadcast on national television this week when, in the midst of numerous crises crying out for American leadership, he took time to film his picks for the NCAA basketball tournament brackets for broadcast by the ESPN sports network. This follows a two-year string of self-indulgences by Obama since he became president that has demonstrated to the world that nothing comes before Obama’s me-time.

    Read the full story at

  3. By Paul Steinhauser

    President Barack Obama headlines a Democratic party event Wednesday night, the second time this week and fourth time this month he's been the main attraction at a party gathering.

    The official White House schedule says that the president delivers remarks at a Democratic National Committee event at a hotel in the nation's capital. A source with knowledge of the gathering tells CNN that Obama will speak to members of the DNC's national advisory board and national finance committee.

    Monday night the president attended another DNC event in Washington, meeting with approximately 50 supporters and potential supporters of his 2012 re-election bid. Obama raised a record breaking $750 million dollars in his 2008 campaign for president and could bring in up to $1 billion for his re-election bid.

    Read the rest at

    By Celeste Katz

    President Obama is headed to Harlem at the end of the month for a $30,800-per-head political cash bash.

    Obama's March 29 fundraiser at the Red Rooster Restaurant on Lenox Avenue will raise ducats for the Democratic National Committee.

    The swank soiree in Harlem, an important base of African-American support, is advertised as an intimate six-table affair, first reported.

    The President will also attend an invitation-only, "Thank You Reception" at the Studio Museum on 125th Street, minus the DNC fundraising.

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  4. He is his worst enemy17 March, 2011 10:48

    By David Gardner, Daily Mail

    Mr Obama has refused to scrap a five-day trip to Latin America that will take him to Brazil, Chile and El Salvador.

    Resisting demands that he should remain at home in the White House to deal with the international response to Japan's nuclear crisis and Colonel Gaddafi's crackdown on anti-government rebels, the president insists he can stay on top of the fast-moving developments while on the road.

    Some Republican critics have complained the sunshine trip symbolises Mr Obama's lack of leadership at a time of international chaos.

    Read the full story at

  5. This is from This blog is also on my blog list. Please read the whole post.

    General Strike Planned for Michigan: This is No Joke
    "My sources in the MEA indicate that the MEA is preparing for a teachers strike in May and will ask that other unions also join in this strike. The Michigan Education Association (MEA), which is the largest teachers union in Michigan, has asked all local affiliated teacher unions to approach their membership and ask the membership to authorize the MEA to take all and any actions necessary to put pressure on Michigan's state government, including going on strike. Michigan's striking teachers would be supported and joined by all union workers in the state of Michigan, from government employees, police, fire, and private labor unions like the UAW, with the intent on putting such pressure on the elected officials of Michigan that they would be forced to bargain and deal with the MEA..." Please read the rest of the post.

  6. Thank you Anon. What do you think about the public unions and their monopoly over the tax payers?

  7. Glad you asked Chris. I think unions are outdated, and need to go the way of the dinosaurs. We live in a free country, where if you don't like your job or your working conditions (which currently have so many laws protecting the worker so as to make the unions obsolete in their own right) you are free to move to any state in the union (hah!) to get a job that pays you what you are worth.

    People have a right to form a union. They do not have a right to force or coerce anyone to pay more than they are worth (and this includes pay in the form of entitlements). They CERTAINLY do not have a right to block anyone else from entering into a contract with an employer and accepting the terms that the employer lays forth for their labor.

    In a nutshell, if you don't like the job, go find a new one or open your own business.

  8. Was there a National Emergency at ESPN the other day? Saw Nobama making emergency picks for Basketballs March Madness and I must say he Dithered Not!

    I saw that OUR Secretary of State was snubbed by Egyptcian Protesters who over through Government.

    Lybia's Madman appears to be overcoming Citizens attempt at Freedom.

    Campaign Events cannot wait.

    South America here We come.

    Our Economy must be Fixed?

    Job Creation must be moving forward. Although I saw actual Unemployment including those that have STOPPED looking is close to 12%.

    Anybody know whom Regime picked to win NCCA Tournament? You know that important stuff!

  9. LIBTARDS become TEA Party caricature they created17 March, 2011 14:07

    Capitol protester found armed with weapon

    Lansing — One person arrested at Wednesday's protests at the Capitol was armed with a weapon and faces felony charges, Michigan State Police said.

    State Police troopers arrested 14 people during a rowdy protest of Gov. Rick Snyder's budget bills. One of them was a man who allegedly broke into the Capitol through a window and assaulted officers, state police said. The man was armed with a sharp-edged weapon, state police said.

    He will face felony charges. The others will face misdemeanor trespassing charges, state police said.

    Snyder has said he respects the rights of the protesters.

    From The Detroit News:

  10. It's sad what these union protesters are willing to do to we the people that pay their wages. It seems that the MSM has started picking up on the union/liberal lawlessness andf lack of civility. It's so nice to see most media pointing out what these protests are all about. It's as if these union members are just a bunch of mindless zombies.

    Isn't it funny that when I ask a union member why unions are so great they talk about things that happened 100 years ago or more. They can't come up with anything that they have done for the good of society since.

  11. Unions Best was their Past. Seems now Unions have two Goals. Politics and Protecting non Productive workers. That is what Unions have become No more No Less!

    FDR did not favor Public Unions because of Exactly what is occurring now and for a Progressive to have that Opinion and to be Correct in his Views does say Volumes! Public Unions came into exsistance during JFKs term and strangely enough about the TIME Our educational system began to TANK. Bad Teachers/Good Teachers all treated and PAID the same.
    Any Business that has to deal with Employees of LOW quaility will eventually FAIL and so will Educational System.

  12. Al, Seems like you again no very little about unions and labor law. If you knew anything you'd know that the unions aren't able to wash their hands of un-productive workers. They have to treat the troublemakers the same as they do the rest of the membership by law or they can be sued for monetary damages.

    So whatever lengths they would go to for first timers or productive workers they have to go to for unproductive workers. Its the LAW! You wouldn't want the Unions to violate the law to please conservative ideology would you?

    I have seen a UAW official after being accused of such treatment and when the investigation was done he was a mess. Months of stress. He won but lost in the process.

  13. Joe I was speaking of public unions and did not make myself clear. Private Sector Unions dont cost me come Tax time.

    Public sector most notablly Teachers have the Power to Shape Our kids lifes forever. Wheather there good Life lessons or bad depends on teacher and their dedication to the job. Bad Car put together by UAW you can replace. A young Students learning from a bad Teacher who is there for ONE reason Pay/Bennys should be addressed. How many chances should a Individual teaching OUR children have before we say enough! Higher standards should be DEMANDED from individuals in charge of Teaching OUR children. There not a Car and what we wind up with because of a BAD teacher should not be TOLERATED by Citizens, School System or Union! Still beleive FDR was correct in his assessment of Public Unions.
    Just my Opinion.

  14. As for their demands, I want a pony!

  15. Al, you said Unions want to protect non-productive workers. I took it to mean Unions not just public unions.

    As for the educational system tanking in the 60's i wouldn't know about that. You'd have to show me some form of evidence to that effect.

  16. Well Joe thats sounds right you do have a Horse in this Race!

  17. Joe One thing I have seen and read about is School Districts Cheating on MEAP test so it LOOKS like school district is doing well when in fact there not. If school district were doing well WHY Cheat?


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