Thursday, March 17, 2011

Open Thread: Have A Homemade Beer

I'm having a beer that I made. It's a blueberry,elderberry beer. I made it for the Summer but today is just too nice to not have a cold one. There is nothing better then beer you make at home, from berries I grew. I also tend to have a lot of union freinds since I have more beer then I drink. Just kidding, everyone likes homemade beer.

These guys sound like a cult not a union.
I also picked up some potatoes for planting in Spring.



     Beer      is   S T R O N

I'm going to have

er One.

I'    m      fee  ling    Fu     N

Ny.  Ha

ve funny ToD  ay An D Bee Sa    FE.

ThisssssssS Beer seeemmmms to

Be stronGeR

Th en  Usual.  

I Shouldn't  

                                     Havbe Used



“Kids Aren’t Cars” Screened in Ohio



  1. I tend to have less visitors as i prefer IPA's and most union members are beer sheep. More beer for me.

  2. Got Tee time today at Rackham GC. Getting ready for North Carolina next week.
    Golf to me is a life lesson. Golf good score good. Then there are those that do NOT Golf Good but some how there scores are good?

  3. Is anyone surprised that there is no mention of the fake Tea Party election fraud fiasco in the Rochester Citizen? Seems Mr. Fealk is selective on which news stories he runs. What a joke. And what an idiot.

  4. My next beer will be a raspberry IPA.

  5. That sounds good Chris.


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