Saturday, March 12, 2011

Massive Anti-Taxpayer Protest In Madison,WI And No One Cares

Anti-Taxpayer protester are pouring into Wisconsin State Capitol today. I'm not sure if it is massive yet but that is how the left-wing and unions are selling it so I'll give that to them. As far as I'm concerned they could have a million strong in Madison. No one will care. See this "massive" anti-taxpayer protest is being overshadowed by the biggest disaster in Japan's history. It really does suck to be a protester today. All that money and effort to have this "massive" protest and it will end up going off like a firecracker in Lybia. No one will notice it.

I hope these protesters have fun and don't destroy anything to get attention. If the protesters get violent and destructive they will get noticed. But it will be in a bad way and they don't want that. I'll make sure I give these anti-taxpayer protesters get some attention on this blog. I'll wait and cover the aftermath. I'm sure the protesters can give us at least a 5.1 on the Rickter Scale. I just hope they don't make Madison look like Tokyo to get attention.


  1. This protest is a lose-lose for the protesters. If it's a "massive" protest it will be in vein and laughed at. If it turns out to not be as "massive" as they are selling it, they lose again.

    When these protesters come out of the ether and realized that they wasted their time and money on a none event they will come unhinged or give up. Who wants to be laughed at or ignored? Or worse yet called impotent? hee hee hee. Have fun with liberals, it'll make you smile.

  2. Chris, I'm here in Madison and it is MASSIVE and it WON'T be in vain either.

    All eight of the Republican Senators that can be recalled, WILL BE recalled and the Democrats will get the majority in the Wisconsin Senate and in January 2012, Governor Walker will be recalled. You can bet your bottom dollar it will happen.

  3. Bruce Lets not put the Cart before the Donkey! Citizens in Wisconsin spoke in November and we will wait for their vote again. Unions spending all their Dues on State Matters through out the Country is going to do what to their War chest in 2012.

    A Public Union would rather have barginning rights than layoffs. It will be difficult choice but one or the other will occurr. If it goes one way Union win s if it goes the Other State Employees win. Without Revenue JOBS will be Lost no other way! If that sounds like a victory to you NEVER mind it probablly does!

  4. Victory will be turning the Republicans out of government. Republicans have no concept of what it means to govern.

    They have failed at every level to govern effectively.

  5. If tax payers protest how is it anti-tax payer?

    Chris, most of Wisconsin is siding with the union workers and the sentiment is growing as the budget plans come out and the small dairy farmers and retirees so what is going to happen to them.

    (Perhaps Steve will come in now and attack dairy farmers for not becoming hedge fund managers too like my buddy.)

  6. We have awhile before any elections so the winds can come from many ways.

    Bruce if their anybody that knows how to RULE ineffectivly Liberals showed us from 2006 to 2010.

    Lets not forget Tax Payers are Voters and RHETORIC will mean very little in any recall attempt. Long way to go Bruce so I chose to wait and see.

    Many other States will be going through the same Issues and as Iv said before Local Governments will have to make adjustments when it comes to Spending. At this point its hard again to tell Who wins Public Unions or Public Workers. Both Cannot win!

  7. We have been listening to the teabaggers for too long. It's time to show these teabaggers who is boss and who runs this country. If there is blood it's on the Republican Party and teabaggers hands, not ours.

    Bruce have you seen any teabagger violence?

  8. Hey Gary One LUMP or Two?

  9. Al, you are wrong about having a while before elections. There is an election to the Wisconsin Supreme Court on April 5th and the voters of Wisconsin will have their voice heard loud and clear.

    When Joanne Kloppenburg is elected, you will know the peoples' voices will have been raised and heard.

    Recall elections will begin in the fall and there is a good chance all 8 Republicans eligible for recall will be recalled by the people of Wisconsin. Those elections are right around the corner.

  10. They are anti-taxpayer when they want the tax payers to pay for their public union monopoly. Get it Joe? The fat unions are being carried by the tax payer and bitching the whole time. Take a look at our education since unions took over. And they want to keep that government monopoly? We've been getting screwed by the unions. We pay for the unions to get thoughs great retirment and wages.

    With all the union talk of greed did they really think we wouldn't get to the union greed?

  11. Bruce I have yet to see anything on any of the news networks about the protest in Wisconsin. A lot about Japan. It sucks to be you! hee hee hee.

    Good luck on the crybaby move to recall the Republicans. All the Republicans have to do is point oput that if they hadn't controled the public union monopoly the tax payers would have to reach into their pockets to pay the union monopoly. I wonder how many tax payers would pay higher taxes so the unions can keep their monopoly over the tax payers? I'd guess not many. In fact I'd bet those cheep libs you hang with wouldn't reach into their pockets nto pay the bill?

    Maybe that is what they need to do. Pass the hat around and see how much people put into the hat to support these greedy unions? I'm sure some libs and union members would put in, but I bet many more take out. Bruce,Gary and Joe, how much money have you given to support a union member?

  12. Gary no one has seen any "teabagger violence", because their is none. But the unions and the liberals have got a ton of video and pictures on youtube.

  13. Chris, just because it wasn't on Fox News doesn't mean it didn't happen.

    This is what happens when corporate media is afraid to cover a popular movement.

    It was bigger than any teabagger rally, that's for sure.

    This is a true grassroots movement that will sweep over the tea party like a tsunami. No more Republicans in charge of anything.

  14. Bruce
    My goodness your like a kid with all the cookies. Relax take a breath and lets wait and see what happens once ALL the facts are out. First I gotta a feeling lots of those protester in Madison were BUSED in from other States so their VOTES probablly wont Count. I suspect even some Union members when and if recall election takes place will have to think" Do I vote for Public Union" or for MY Job". That will be a Tuff question for them to answer especially if they are on the Bubble. Then we got non Union Citizens who for the most part are struggling with day to day needs and bills. Then they see the Value of their property is under water. Now they are forced to select Public Union over their Tax Bill. So I dont know what the out come in Wisconsin will be heck even those 14 Demoncrats could face voters so dont soil your pants quite yet and Later you might have to!

    Lets not also forget the NUMERUOS other States trying to Balance their Budgets. Union dues may have to be RAISED to the membership. Betcha that will happen.

  15. Al, I beg to differ. The vast majority were from Wisconsin. I'm sure there were a few buses of teachers, etc.

    Not like when the Koch brothers bussed in a few hundred people to support Scott Walker rallies around the state. Press reports said only about 600 people total attended those "rallies" if you can call that a rally.

    The polls are actually massively in favor of public unions. I saw quite a few former Republicans here in Madison, too.

    Turns out even Republicans don't like it when you take their collective bargaining rights away. Even the police and firemen are supporting the protests and they were exempted from the stripping of collective bargaining rights, but they know they're next.

    And the Republicans may even end up having the vote for the bill overturned in court, since they broke the state's open meeting law by not notifying the Dems about the vote within the proper time frame. I think that's called cheating.

    The budget problems are NOT the fault of the unions. The budget problem in Wisconsin is a manufactured problem caused by Walker giving business big tax breaks, then saying there is a budget crisis, which is a lie.

  16. Bruce Wait and See! Lots of Time Lots of Issues and most of all VOTERS not polls will make the difference one way or the other!

  17. Al, polls tend to reflect voters on the issues. That's what polls are taken for and I'm sure if the polls were in your favor you'd be using them.

    But the fact is the people are with the unions on this one. Admit it. You are wrong.

    The election for WI Supreme Court will be the first real evidence that the Republicans are on the run.

    Wisconsites already realize the mistake they made in November putting Republicans in charge of government. That's always a mistake letting Republicans anywhere near the levers of power.

  18. Bruce, you're jumping to an un-proven conclusion.
    Walker and Republicans were elected to get Wisconsin fiscal house in order. Once the taxpayers come to see the budgets are becoming balanced because of this move by Republicans, public support will favor the move.

    Thing is, these Dems and union leaders are going to try and get as much signatures on a recall petition before the taxpayers sees the effect of this new law.
    They would prefer not to let the truth come out.
    You do know there is also a massive recall petition drive happening right now for the 14 AWOL's that hijacked democracy by walking off their elected jobs to hide out in another state, right?

  19. Bruce
    I dont quote polls. I tend to go with Elections the only POLL that matters. Like all liberals you tend to forget as Mark Adams states republicans were elected in Wisconsin as in many states to clean up mess left By Demoncratics. That is a fact and part of cleaning up the mess is becoming fiscal responsible and to bring BUDGETS under control. I beleive Walker has stated that next years budget would be Balanced and if that be the case and the info gets out plus being correct RECALL for Govenor will not Occurr. It will be interesting to see Republican and Demoncrats recalled and see where the chips fall. If fical reform was indeed the VOTERS wish and it happens whats the demoncrats ISSUE "We can do better were NOT Broke yet". Not exactly a winable issue.

    On this issue we are done Bruce and time will answer Whoms RIGHT!

  20. Al, this taking away of collective bargaining rights was not anything the governor campaigned on and that's why the protest have eclipsed anything the Teabaggers ever put together, including the Glenn Beckkk rally on Sept. 12 last year.

    I predict NO Democrats will be recalled and at least 6, if not 8 Republicans and the governor will be recalled when he becomes eligible to be recalled next year.

    This populist movement that has started in Wisconsin is sweeping all across the nation and though we may lose a few battles, the war has just begun and it is a war on the middle class of unprecedented proportions.

    No one voted for the kind of deception and decimation of the middle class that the Republicans have been using to pass their bills, especially in WI.

  21. Bruce You are on a merry go round. Walker ran on Balancing the Budget. WHAT do you think that meant?

    Independants Bruce will hold the key to any effort to keep the State near Bankruptsy and how do you think that will work out. Independants are beholding to KNOW body or movement and that Bruce is going to be quite a problem for Unions to sell. Just my opinion and thats it till recall is tried.

  22. Al, it doesn't mean stripping collective bargaining rights from public unions when they have already made financial concessions.

    In fact, Scott Fitzgerald, the Republican leader of the Senate admitted on Fox News that it's really about getting rid of President Obama and the Democrats main source of funding so its easier for the Republicans to win Wisconsin, a state any Democrat has to win in order to win the White House.

    But that's ok. This Walker fiasco has really awakened a sleeping giant, as you teabaggers like to say.

    The liberals base and the independents have never been more united. This whole Walker disaster has also united all the unions and they are all pulling in the same direction.

    Walker's folly is blowing up in the face of Republicans all over the country, even Michigan.

  23. Bruce Im off the Merry go round refer to my comments above!

  24. "it doesn't mean stripping collective bargaining rights from public unions when they have already made financial concessions."

    Walker ran on getting Wisconsin's fiscal house in order and KEEPING it in order, Bruce.
    This takes control over taxpayer money by the state and out of the hands of the unions, period.

  25. The unions have proven that they give great talking head about making concessions and then get the "concessions" and more back at the bargaining table through bennies. They are liars, plain and simple. Good on Mr. Walker. These unions have not made any concessions. The Wisconsin public unions, especially the police and firefighters, STILL have MORE bargaining power than the Federal public unions. Wonder why you idiot unions aren't picketing the White House?

    Everybody knows what makes the unions angry is that people, when finally given a CHOICE, will choose freedom. That means that when given the choice between a few extra dollars in their paycheck and their dues not supporting communist ideals vs. joining a legalized protectionist mafia and ponzi-scheme pension, they will take a few extra dollars in their paycheck.

    I think the unions should go on strike. Why aren't they? Boy, they sure don't seem to be very dedicated. You union turds on this site, why aren't the unions striking? Wouldn't that be the effective way to solve this?


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