Saturday, March 12, 2011

Why Isn't Obama and the Democratic Party Condemning the Violent Rhetoric Coming From The Unions and OFA?

We're still waiting for President Obama to condemn the violent rhetoric coming from the union bosses and Organizing for America. I think people need to start pointing this fact out to their friends and family. Or the guy at the pump bitching about gas prices.

We all know this isn't going to happen so we should feel free to point out the hypocrisy,double standards,violence and destruction cause by these left-wing organizations. If you want to know what bothers liberals just look at their own talking points and use them against them. You have to have fun with these liberals, they beg for it.

When the liberals start using the Japan earthquake to shut down future nuclear energy debates here in this country. Remind them that under their idiotic logic they should shut down all thoughts of high speed rail for what happened in Japan. It's OK to point and laugh at them when you point out how mental their thinking is. Don't forget to point out that we should throw out liberal ideology because it's failures. But they never use their illogical logic on themselves. That is what "social justice" is for. Without "social justice" they're held by the same standards as everyone else. The truth has no agenda.

Video: Police detain a union operative in Wisconsin for vandalism

The president has called for a new civility. One union operative in Madison, Wisconsin didn't get the message as the video shows.

As one person on the video says, union activists are not nice people.


  1. Chris -

    Take a look at this DOJ racism:

    I wonder how safe Dayton citizens feel when the law enforcement test requirements are lowered to "F" just so black people can be hired. I don't suppose the DOJ will be picking up the tab for the lawsuits when these idiots royally "F" up on the job.

    This is wrong on so many levels that I'm sure the libtards and DemocRATS will think it is just dandy. Idiots. Heeeeyyyy .... maybe a certain idiot's idiot friend can get a higher paying job in Dayton!

  2. You should apply, then you can get out of Mom's basement.

  3. This is quite disturbing. The anger and violent rhetoric coming from these union/lefties Americans needs much exposure. But unfortunately this information is not getting out from the MSM.
    Google "Wisconsin Republicans get death threats from unions" And the one major news outlet reporting this is Fox, that I have found.

    This is what happens when Government grants a right... It can take it away.

  4. If it wasn't for those teabaggers we wouldn't have any of this. You teabaggers need to know that if you hit us with a stick we'll fucking kill you.

  5. Gary,
    WTF?!!!! We don't need any of this here. Please return to being Stephen and calling my friends names.

  6. Cant we all get along! Is Gary live or Memorex?

  7. Better hurry up Gary 'cause the stick you speak of is getting larger.

    So large in fact that should it strike you, you will not be able to get up. It's the same type of stick that beat down Hitler, Mussolini and Hirohito.

  8. We surround you Gary. I understand that you are upset. Be civil if you can or go home. I know you protesters want to make us taxs payers dip deeper into our pockets for you, but we wont do that any more. All it takes is a look at education and you'll see how we the tax payers have been taken for a ride by the unions.

  9. I just got this email from Tokyo,Japan.

    Dear Chris,

    Thank you very much for your email.
    Labo office and the staff in Sendai where the earthquakes and the tsunami hit were fine.
    We have an Intern working there - he is also fine and now he is with his host family.

    We are correcting the information on the Labo members and the families in that area but
    the communication functions have been down there and it is very difficult to reach them
    at the moment.

    Thank you very much for your email.
    We are definitely encouraged by your email.

    Thank you,


  10. Chris, Thanks for the update in Japan. My God the news is terrible and the film footage coming out really puts a face on it!

    No matter one's side of the political isle I think we can all agree that many prayers are in order for both the fallen, survivors and Japan in general.

  11. LOL, this Joe dipshit is too precious! Didn't he just write:

    JoeC said...
    Steve, I don't rebut personal attacks you make here. Please grow up.
    13 March, 2011 00:18

    And then he suggests I live in my mom's basement? LOL HAHAHAHAHA

    Hey dumbass Joe, who cares if I live in my mom's basement? At least I'm not complaining to everyone I know about how much I make. Apparently I make more living in momma's basement than your dipshit Teamster loser friend (wink wink ... we all know it's you you are talking about dipshit Joe).

    Joe with the personal attacks, then when I show what a douchebag he is he'll be crying about keeping it civil.

    Hey Joe, I would live in your mom's basement but where would she go to turn tricks?

  12. Way to go Gary. I am sure Chris appreciates you proving him right.

  13. Steve, I don't rebut personal attacks. I'll talk smack back, but i won't rebut them. I'm sure you wish i would, because thats how things work in the alternative education program your in, but not for me. It would look like this..

    Stephen: your "friend" is an idiot!
    Joe: I know you are but what is he?
    Stephen: an idiot
    Joe: I am rubber you are glue....

    Not going to do that. Wouldn't be prudent.

  14. Oh, and Steven since your not bright enough to click on my name, which is in red meaning i have a profile on here your not bright enough to talk about where i work or for whom.

    but if you went here you'd see...

  15. HAHAHAHA ... Don't worry Joe, I know what the name in red means, I've been blogging and writing for longer than you dipshit. I could care less about you or your ideas. You and your ideas and opinions are just so much dog-crap on the bottom of my shoe, to be scraped off on the nearest curb.

    The fact remains, if your "friend" (aka Joe) only makes $30K/year with 5 kids and you're (whoops, I mean "he's") whining about it, he's only himself to blame. It's not my responsibility or anyone else's. I hope "he's" proud of the work ethic "he's" instilling in his kids. Maybe you idiots should put the effort that you put into picketing into opening your own business, then you can pay yourselves whatever you want. Oh no, that would mean taking responsibility for yourself!!! Oh the horror.

    Oh, and Joe, it makes me laugh when you say I'm in alternative ed, but you don't even know what a contraction is, you stupid idiot. Whatever the union is paying you, it's too much. What is that little saying, it's better to be thought an idiot than to (use incorrect spelling and grammar) and remove all doubt. Not that we had any trace of doubt to begin with.

  16. Steve,
    So now your the grammar police? That is important to know. I can only hope that all of us idiots here get treated equally. There a lot of spelling and grammar mistakes and i am not the only culprit.

    As for everyone knowing that your an idiot well that's a given. Would you like to know why? Its obvious. While i may not care about grammar only an idiot would post bullshit attacks about someone having a job and providing for his family. In a world full of miscreants and hoodlums you somehow thought it was perfectly okay to go off in all these posts about the job a man holds. Your the idiot.

    What type of person would do that? You think your hurting me, getting me all riled up? I'm wondering if your real, if your as f'ed up as the posts make you sound. The only thing i feel for you is pity. Your a sad pitiful little punk who hasn't figured it out yet. Attack away it doesn't hurt me at all.

    I'll tell you this. If all i made was 30,000 and i had a roof over my head, food and clothes for my kids I'd be the luckiest guy on earth.

    I am the luckiest guy on earth.

    Everyone of us here who has a job in these rough times, a place to call home and the love of their children are the luckiest people in the world.

  17. Attacking the messenger at times on this blog does occurr without actually addressing the subject. We have all done it. myself Im glad I did not need speeling test or my English grades in school to get on the blog. Still beleive addressing subject and not the messenger for All would be a good policy. Hey thats what me thinks!

  18. @Joe - You are an idiot and a dipshit. YOU made the statement about alternative ed, which is actually a perfectly viable source of education for those that are not quite book smart. However, YOU intended it as an attack on my intelligence.

    When a racist calls me a racist I will call them out. When an idiot challenges my intelligence, I will be more than happy to point out what a true idiot YOU are. I could care less about spelling or grammar errors from anyone until they question my intelligence. I saw your faulty logic and even more faulty grammar from a mile away. Once again, you want to set the rules of discussion. Good luck with that. As I stated before, I do not believe you are running this particular blog idiot.

    And gosh, yes you dipshit, I DO believe I am getting at you. Either that or you are one of those pussies who feel they have to get the last word. Either way, it's all good for me, I love laughing at you and your "friend". If "that guy" who makes $30K is happy, then what are you bitching about, you loser union thug? That's the big point in all of this. Leave us, that work hard for what we want and earn it, the f**k alone. If you have a problem with what you are getting paid, it is (or used to be) a free country. Go get a better job. Go get an education if that's what it takes. But your loserness is not my concern nor is it my responsibility. Nor is it your employer's. Take some responsibility for yourself. This obviously (although I know we have to spell it out for you idiot democRATS) does not apply to those physically or mentally unable to fend for themselves. I guess the mentally part applies to you ... oops, I mean your friend?

    @Al, does that clarify things for you? Insofar as the fact that I could care less about misspellings or grammar from those who don't pretend they are some kind of know-it-all genius?


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