Wednesday, April 6, 2011

This Is How We Pay Off Our Debt: Paul Ryan Plan

Paul Ryan has the only budget plan that I know will work. It's a budget very much like my personal budget. We must start paying off our massive debt, not adding to it like Obama and the Democrats want. Printing money is a tax through inflation and that costs us all.  The Democratic Party and Obama want to keep putting a tax on our children so that they don't have to defund any of their pet projects. Raising taxes on the few businesses left in this country only makes it harder for them to do business here and sell products overseas with a terrif on our own manufacturing. Do you think higher taxes on say FORD make it easier or harder for Ford to sell their products overseas and here in this country? Do you think Ford would keep making cars here or where they can make money with lower taxes?

Paul Ryan has the only plan that will work to putting America back to being competitive. If we can grow more businesses here in America and bring foreign investments into American manufacturing we will all get a little richer. The UAW should love higher profits for the Big Three, since it all goes towards profit sharing.

What do you want to see done with the budget?


  1. The Ryan budget is a complete fraud. His numbers are completely bogus and they don't add up. You can't give a tax cut to the wealthiest Americans and cut spending and balance the budget.

  2. Here's some reality on Ryan's budget.

  3. No one believes Paul Ryan. I'm thankful he put it in writing.

  4. Bruce Why your adding up numbers take another look at those Socialized Insurance numbers. You cannnot take 500 Billion from Medicare when its in the hole bout 12 Trillion dollars. How do you do that Bruce?

    Bruce November showed Citizens do not have faith in Liberal policies and that in the end will be the only numbers that count!

    Debt Commision Nobama appointed made it clear of the PERIL our Nation is in YET Nobama Ignored them. A Bi Partisan Committe and once again Nobama put Ideaology before Nations well being. Citizens see whats occurring Bruce and in the end thats all that matters. Not the 20% Liberals Not the 20% Conservatives but the 80% who have NO horse in the Race just OUR Nations well being.

  5. Paul Ryan's plan is full or holes and fuzzy math, what your idol, Ronald Reagan, called Voodo economics.

    People like you, Al, do not see what the Koch brothers and corporate America is trying to do to the middle class and poor in this country.

    I think in the end you will be sorely disappointed in your Teapublicans. Their policies make no sense at all. They are driving America over a cliff.

    We have a revenue problem, not a spending problem. If we raised taxes back to Clinton era rates, and got rid of the Bush tax cuts, we would be far better off than with Ryan's BS budget.

  6. fealk, get your paper mache head out of your ass. The day of reckoning has arrived. The Incompetent in Chief has spent us to the point financial disaster. The class warfare and the scare the elderly tactic will not work anymore.

  7. Paul Ryan knows we can't keep adding to our childrens debt. Bruce you are a bad person if you want to keep adding to the debt our children and grandchildren will have to pay so that you liberals can get what you want without paying for it. How can you and the Democratic Party be so heartless as to keep adding to the national debt? All you Democrats do is think of yourselves and screw the children. Stop screwing the next generations and start paying for your own wants for a change you greedy pigs!

  8. Bruce People like you do not see what George Soros and his Ilk are trying to do to OUR country. Taking middle class and making them poor by stiffling Job Creation. Punishing the Job creators for Ideaology gains will FAIL.

    Tea Party goal of FUNDING all SPENDING makes sense to most Citizens and they will not allow Liberals to drive US off a Cliff. We just wont Bruce and that will be the case. If not Nation loses and you Win. TOTALLY unexceptable!

    Question of the day for YOU Bruce: Why did not Congress in October 2010 act on Budget?
    Politics/Ideaolgy by Demoncrats and they did not do THEIR job. They could have passed anything they wanted.


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