Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A Government Shutdown Serves The Democratic Party And That Is What The Democrats Are Banking On

How do you know when a Democrat is lieing? Yep, their lips are moving. While the Democrats are out trying to pin a government shutdown on the Republican Party they are saying a different story in private and on tape. When it comes down too it history has shown that a government shutdown has worked for the Democratic Party in the past. They will use the shutdown to demonize the "baby killing Republicans" just like they have done in the past.

The problem is I don't think the American voter believes the lieing zealot Democratic Party any more. Reality and rhetoric don't match up when it comes to the Democratic Party. They made a lot of promises and false hope that they didn't keep. They said they would fix everything, but the reality is they have broken everything worse then when they got it. We are broke and the Democratic Party wants to spend like 2012 is the last year. We must cut all wants from government spending and only keep the needs. We must pay down our debt, not make it larger every year for the next decade.

It's time we pay attention to America. We need to cut government spending or drown in debt like Japan is. We need to prepare for hard times by making cuts across the board. If we have a government shut down remember who it goes to serve if it comes to fruition. That is were the blame will lay.


  1. If Government is shut down does that mean SPENDING is Halted. Politicans NOT Spending cannot be a Bad thing. Just my Opinion!

    Both parties seem to be playing Chicken and that just about says all thats needed about most politicans. Playing Chicken with OUR Countrys Future is Bull Shit!

  2. President Obama and the Democrats have gone way too far and given the Republicans everything they want and it's not enough.

    I hope the Republicans get what they deserve and the American voters turn on them in 2012, as they deserve. Republicans haven't done ONE SINGLE thing to create more jobs or more government revenue to preserve essential services.

  3. Bruce Three months to repair two years of NOTHING!

    Your a Jewel of a Left winger. All talk NO substance. Problems NO solutions. Rhetoric NO ideas. Bruce that is the reason one term is a possibility!

    Citizens have rejected most of Nobamas policies. Unions and Special interest are not the Majority and in the end he will fail!

  4. "President Obama and the Democrats have gone way too far and given the Republicans everything they want and it's not enough."
    Nov 2010, there was an election. The American voters spoke. The message was cut spending and reduce the debt. So I think Obama and the Dems need to know WHO wants 'everything they want'

    Republicans campaigned on cutting $100B in this years budget (which the Dem controlled House/Senate/Whitehouse FAILED to get a budget DONE) and it looks like the Rep are the ones giving a little as it's down to $71B, but thats not 'good enough' for the money grubbing Dems.

    "Republicans haven't done ONE SINGLE thing to create more jobs or more government revenue to preserve essential services."
    Ever look at the unemployment rate lately? And what Rep (outside of a RINO) give the government MORE revenue.
    Essential Service will NOT be shutdown. Thats just a scare tactic from the left.

  5. Bruce we haven't had a budget for over a year. The Democrats never gave a budget when they had a larger majority then the Republicans have ever had and those "chickens" couldn't produce a budget. If the Democrats gave everything the Republicans wanted it would have been sign already and you know it.

    Bruce you are so ignorent it hurts.

  6. Chris You hit the nail on the head. This Regime of merry liberals had the chance to do ANYTHING they wanted including passing the budget in October but choose Politics over good of Nation. Citizens know whos responsible BUT regime and their band of merry liberals still think Citizens are Stupid. Libs are heading for another ass wiping comes 2012.

    Has any body heard a Lib give a GOOD reason why Tax Payers are paying some where around 200 million for early retirement health care benifits for UAW workers?


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