Tuesday, May 10, 2011

$4 Gas,Falling House Values and High Unemployment

The Democrats did it their way and this is what we get. We have bailed out the housing market and yet house values are still dropping at an alarming rate. Obama said that he and the Democratic Party would make the housing market better. Now we are out billions of dollars and our house values keep dropping. Conservatives, Tea Partiers and Republicans said the bailout wouldn't work. We said it would just delay the inevitable. It looks like we were right again. The problem is the Obama and Democratic Party way has added dramatically to our deficit.

When Obama put a moratorium on our offshore domestic oil production, we said gas would start to go up. We knew this would happen because the opposite happened when Bush opened up our domestic oil production. With gas at $4 a gallon, it makes me wonder what Obama and the Democratic Party plan on doing about it. It sounds to me like their cure for high gas prices is for you to buy a hybrid car or bike. Is this a common sense fix for our needs? Can people just go out and buy a new car? Where are we going to get the electricity from to power all those cars?

The Obama administration and the Democratic Party have put our country in more debt then all the administrations before them combined. They took money we didn't have to pick winners and losers to fix the economy. Trillions of dollars in debt and we are still at an astounding 9% unemployment with a real unemployment that is unimaginable. We said that the fixes for the economy that the Democratic Party put into action wouldn't work. We said it would just make things worse, not better. Even though the Democrats and Obama have printed and borrowed money like there is no tomorrow, it's done next to nothing to fix the economy. In fact it's done just the opposite. It has made commodities like food, clothing and gas inflate due to the weak value of the dollar. So not only did the actions of the Obama administration not fix any of the problems in the economy, they have indebted us and our children with crushing unsustainable debt and inflation.

Thanks to Obama and the Democratic Party we are still in one of the longest recessions in our history. They have ruined our present and future economies. The poor are getting poorer. The middle class is getting poorer. The next few generations are poor before they get old enough to vote thanks to the Democratic Party and Obama. If this isn't enough to end the Obama admin. and the Democratic Party I don't know what will. As long as things keep getting worse or staying the same I can't imagine the Democratic Party and Obama winning a debate, let alone keeping their seats.


  1. In 2008, gas prices hit an all-time high of $4.21 per gallon. Last week, that mark was surpassed.
    The difference? In 2008 the price of oil was $146 per barrel, while it was $113 this year.
    While many cite different reasons (eroding value of the dollar, summer blend gas, Mississippi river flooding, unrest in the mideast) why has there not been a definitive reason stated?

    Do a little analysis and see if you are as puzzled and disgusted as I am. The question that we need to MAKE someone answer is WHY THE HIGH GAS PRICES???

  2. If by chance there is another Housing Bubble which is not out of the realm of possibility OUR Economy with all the other Down turns may be Doomed.
    High Energy, High Consumer Prices,High Gas Prices, Devaluation of Dollar,Unsubstainable DEBT,No real Job Creation all together could sink OUR Economy and Im afraid much more.
    The Politicans and this Regime have come up with ZERO to attack the Domestic Crisis We are under. What is the Regimes Domestic Policy regarding Jobs Energy and Economy? I for one hope its more than a "Crisis is a Terrible thing to Waste"!

  3. I was wondering the same thing Anon. Gas in the Detroit area went past $4.49 a gallon. This can't be good for manufacturing. We need cheap energy if we are to be competative in the manufacturing business. We also need to hold down the taxes on our businesses and manufaturers to help keep costs down so they can be competative again. But the Democratic Party attacks businesses that create jobs and tax the crap out of them for things we don't even need but the Democrats want.

  4. When gallon of gas goes up by 12 cents in couple hours its time to follow the money. WHOM authorized the raise? With all the super spy thingys we have cannot believe its that hard to accomplish!
    I am a simple person still following the money should not be that hard,its going somewhere!

  5. 4.2% is oil company profit.13% is federal tax. Who's the bigger "bad guy" here?

  6. Cris bad guys are aplenty BUT who raises that price at the pump? He aint doing to bad I bet!


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