Monday, May 9, 2011

Unemployment Is Still 9%

This is what Obama said 2 years ago. When Obama took office unemployment was at 5.1% and it was the end of the world according to the Democratic Party. Since Obama and the Democratic Party had almost total control of our Senate,House and White House. I ask you what has Obama and the Democratic Party done right? Is the economy better now or worse under Obama?

I know Democrats all still blame Bush and the Republican Party. We told you that what Obama economic policy would do to this country. Nothing has turned out the way Obama said it would.

What are your thoughts on  the economy? How would you fix the economy?


  1. Regime is STILL Lazering in on those Jobs! What else can be said. I bet before 2012 the Lazer starts working. Photo Ops and Campaigning have Started and the "Community Organizer" will need things to RUN on and it Wont be his first term. He is not going to run on
    Job Creation
    Socialized Insurance
    Failed Stimulus
    Terrorist having Criminal Trials(oops)
    Amnesty Not enforcing laws and Siding with Illegals(future voters) over CITIZENS!
    Spending more than ALL other Administration combined!
    Apologizing for OUR Arrogance!
    Blaming Bush(that is a real old thingy)

  2. There has to be an all out commitment to rein in the debt and spending. No company will hire with this debt hanging over the countries head. GDP has slowed. Energy cost soaring. Inflation ramping up. Housing market double dipping. Nothing is going to get better until we get a new breed of Republicans and the spending nutcase Dems out of the Senate and Whitehouse.

  3. You T'baggers want a war? You're going to get it. The capitalists are going to be overthrown sooner then you T'baggers think.

  4. Jim So little, So Small So No never mind NOT your message YOU!

    Now for a Cup of Tea!

  5. Chris,
    Unemployment was not 5.1 percent when he took office. Thats just an outright deception.

    But rather than face the reality of the situation you choose to dabble in misplaced blame and unreal expectations.

    1. the Economy is stuck and it would not be turned around yet no matter McCain or Obama. We can attack the stimulus and suggest it failed (I like many others believe it was undersized and that led to its under performance) but looking back it at a similar economic downturn the economy hadn't yet recovered at this point during Reagan's first term despite a massive tax cut his first year in office. So nothing McCain likely would have done would have changed it.

    2. The GDP growth and to be honest our entire personal value was overinflated exponentially based on our ability to leverage our debt and to keep robbing Peter to pay Paul. I don't see a way to get out of this trap. Our wages have stagnated, including mine while our overall productivity has increased.

    Its my conclusion that our economic future is simply unsustainable and we are likely no matter how much we cut and slash the budget to suffer through 5 to 10 more years of slow if any growth and possibly a complete collapse of our system.

    I think we missed the long term reality of the Japanese slowdown: that service economies rely on wealth creation and when wealth creation bubbles pop there is almost nothing that will save them from long term suffering.

    Slashing taxes and budgets won't restart the economy because the service economy needs paying customers and the 22 percent of industry that our country has isn't enough to push the market forward, especially since people in that industry have absorbed concessions just to keep what their jobs.

    So the blame game doesn't work. Just my thoughts.

  6. I believe January 2009 unemployment was little over 7% but the problerm now is as Joe says JOBS. Economy will not come back without Jobs and the Politicans seem to be doing everything about everything EXCEPT Job Creation.

    I also believe another Housing bubble may be on the way and if that BURST We may be in for times any Generation alive now has not seen.

    Everything right now that can go bad has and I see No policies to improve Anything.

    May be early for Doom and Gloom but if were actually thinking about it,Its closer than we Thought!

  7. Joe those unreal expectations were Obama campain promises. He said he would make things better with a Democratic Party Congress and Senate. What has he made better JoeC? What is no longer too big to fail? Get real Joe, he and the Democratic Party failed at what they said they would do if we put them into office. Once again they said it during the campains, not me.

    You really have to bend over backwards to not place the blame on those that controled it all.

  8. Economy Bad, Job Creation Bad,Unsubstainable Debt still out of Control and Regime is Campaigning in Arizona for Amnesty. Just seems with Control of House Senate and Presidentcy They could have done whatever they wanted for TWO years. Why wait till now? Obama on Arizonia border for the FIRST time during his Presidntcy what took so long. I bet alot of Citizens did not know how safe and Secure the border was.
    Obama says fense built but did not mention only 1/3 is done. He did not mention the millions of tons of illegal drugs confisgated. Wonder what got through! He mention the Illegals being caught at the Border but How Many got through along with TERRORIST?
    It is indeed Campaign time for the Organizer and Citizens concerns will be IGNORED!

  9. Chris,
    Once again your letting your partisan zeal overcome what should be obvious to all logical people.

    1. It would be nice if you addressed the incorrect allegations in your original post. One would have to work for Cirque du Soleil to get past that glaring deception in formulation their opinion.

    2. Could you decide if the recession he inherited is his fault or the previous presidents?

    3. Once you've done that, is it only the fact that he couldn't control the recession or is it that he's a democrat? I show you a similar recession that Reagan had control over and eerily the numbers are pretty similar and yet Obama is a failure in your eyes. How do you reconcile that cognitive dissidence?

  10. Joe he said he could fix the economy and he didn't. Not only did he not fix anything he made it all worse. Bush inharited a recession as well but it didn't last long. I got a nice check from Bush. Obama has given me debt and that is all. Was it Clintons "fault" that he gave Bush a recession? Pull your head out and take a look at reality buddy.

    Joe not only has Obama made this recession last way longer then it should have he put us in an unsustanable debt that will be the destruction of this country.Obama has done everything he wanted and it didn't work. Bush did everything he wanted and he had a unemployment rate average of 5.1%.

    Obama said he would fix everything. House values are still dropping,gas prices rising,food prices are out of control, the world is in worse shape now then under Bush. Businesses and banks are still too big to fail. Freddy Mack and Fanny May are still losing us Billions every quarter. Health care cost are still going up.

    Can you tell me what Obama has made better since he took office? Other then following the Bush policies and getting bin Laden?

  11. Chris,
    Well thats a novel way to cover a lie by continuing to lie and adding more lies to it.

    If only Bush had handed Obama the same recession Clinton supposedly handed Bush.

    Unemployment at 4.2 percent (8 year low for W)
    Real Adjusted GDP of 4.1 percent
    No consecutive quarters of GDP rate loss

    Instead Bush gives Obama
    Unemployment at 7.7
    Real adjusted GDP of 2.0 percent
    2 consecutive quarters (2008) of GDP rate loss

    I still love your average thing. Its stupid but its you.

    2008-01 5.00
    2008-02 4.80
    2008-03 5.10
    2008-04 5.00
    2008-05 5.40
    2008-06 5.50
    2008-07 5.80
    2008-08 6.10
    2008-09 6.20
    2008-10 6.60
    2008-11 6.90
    2008-12 7.40
    2009-01 7.70
    US misery index unemployment by month

    Now if we took the last two years of Obama's presidency we find that his highest unemployment number was

    2009-10 10.10

    Can you tell me what is amazing about that figure? Bet you can't?

    Unemployment increase total percentage.
    Bush 2008 2.4 percent
    Obama til highest point 2.4 percent

    They have the same increase in unemployment. Although if you take Bush's entry level and compare it, the total increase under Bush would be more. Hmmmm, who's way was worse?

    Chris, I have explained why Obama's policies didn't work, shown you where the policies you prefer didn't work in a similar situation and still you cling to the flotsam and jetsam of partisanship. Did he not accomplish what he set out to do? Yes, but at this point Reagan hadn't yet either so its a bit premature to suggest he's a failure. You would be arguing the other way if it was your guy.

    Sometimes your just this partisan hack who prefers being a tool to legitimate discussion. You dance around every meaningful discussion of policy with assumptions based on outlandish numbers that have no basis in any reality.

    Lets face it, no one with any sense would offer a long term average as evidence whether it be yearly or multiple year. It hides the reality of what is happening, which is why you use the number instead of the more telling evidence.

  12. Percent of Unemployment over the last ten years I suppose means something to somebody but the Citizens Unemployed NOW for years really dont care about Per cents. They care about Now and WHY Job Creation has been bascily STOP in its Tracks.

    This Regime has on numerous occassions attacked Big Businesses and the Rich as Evil which alot of Citizen may believe. My point is you may Hate the Rich for any number of reasons BUT unless you Have a better way of Creating Jobs other than the Private Sector you had better Show it Explain it and Use it. Most Job Creation is made possible by Small Bussinesses and to say well You make over $250,000 Dollars so your taxes should be raised for Social programs are NOT going to inspire Job Growth.

    To Start a Whole New Entitlement Socialized Insurance and PUT Job Creators in the Target to either PAY for it or be Fined/Taxed well that is not a SMART approach either.

    Economy depends on Jobs plain and simple. You can TAX the Rich off shore might make some feel Fuzzy but nothing is accomplished to Fix Our Economy. SPENDING without FUNDING must be STOPPED.
    Politicans from BOTH sides are just WEAK on this point along with Cuts that ALL know Must be Made. Our Nation and Economy Depend on Jobs and unless WE find the answer to Job Creation Revenues will not come in and Our way of Life will go out. There is NO way to go on as a Nation if the Current Unsubstainable Debt and Job Creation are NOT Fixed. A Terrible scenario to pass on YET alot of Citizens almost hope that will Occurr. Just my Opinion!

  13. Thanks to Bush I've been out of a job for 3 years now.

  14. John then you aint been looking unless of coarse you want a $25.00 hr job and those are gone,now, if not forever! Sad but true.

    Also is GwB still in Office? How'd that Stimulus work out for Ya?


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