Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Should Sarah Palin Run For President In 2012?

Let's take a good look at Sarah Palin and what she has done for the Republican Party. We all know the left-wing and media can't stand her. That's a plus in my eyes.

I'd like to see her run. Not because I think she will be the best candidate. At this point I like Herman Cain the most. I want Palin to run because she brings excitement back to the Republican Party. This helps out all the candidates in the Republican Party. We all know that the Republican Party can use some excitement right about now.

Either way, this election year will be a feisty one. What are your thoughts on this issue?


  1. Hell, yes. Please, run Sarah. You are America's only hope of being saved from the evil Barack Obama.

    You are so much smarter that Barack Hussein Obama.

    America needs you. You owe it to your country to run, Sarah.

    Have I said it all for you, Chris?

  2. http://reidsright.blogspot.com/2011/05/its-time-for-sarah.html

    Posted this that I got in an email - could not have said it better!

  3. Bruce Never Ever wish for something You cannot Handle. Will she be the Canadate? Dunt know.

    You on the other hand are stuck with Nobama with NO wiggle Room for Error. In other words counting those EGGS again before they Hatch is NOT a WISE move for you. But then again NOT being WISE you have NO Clue!

  4. I've listened to Herman Cain on the radio for a while now and agree that he is a good candidate to watch. Although I don't see myself voting for Sara Palin I can see why you would want her to run. Her running would definately add some spirit in the rase not to mention keep the media busy. But I worry about having too many candidates. In my opinion the only reason we ended up with John last time was there were so many candidates that no one could get on top. Instead of Palin running this time I'd like to see her get behind someone else. Or better yet I'd like to see her just work on devalidating everything the left stands for in the rase.

  5. Al, I can totally handle Palin for President.

    I love Sarah as the Republican candidate.

    Sadly, though, there is no way Sarah is running. She has no organization. She has nothing to offer America.

    Sarah is dumb as a doorknob and she is a quitter, on top of everything. She is a half term governor.

    Oh, and by the way, she better be prepared to answer questions about whether Trigg is her son. LMAO!

  6. We will see how racist the left-wing/Democrats are with Herman Cain. The lefties have already gone after Cain like they own the black voter. Joe Greene is spot on.

    AL you are right. Bruce and his liberal minion couldn't handle Palin. She will keep them busy while someone like Cain slips in to take the lead. All I know is anyone would be better then Obama. All he has done is make things worse. Look at housing prices and this double dip recession. True unemployment is still at around 17%. I think that is why Obama is keeping up the war fronts. So he doesn't have to add to the unemployment of American souldiers coming home looking for work that isn't here.

  7. Bruce Nobama was a half term Senator. I do admit since hes been in office hes been a full time "Community Organizer" and that has made this Nation a Utopia of Jobs and a Economy second to none. Yes DEFENDING his record HE may wish he WAS a doorknob!

    Chris I have also been impressed with CAIN. Most of the rest to me are Younger McCains and that is just unexceptable! We have a long way to go until Canadate will be selected and there are MANY that will give Regime the CHANCE to DEFEND their Record and that will be when the Tires meet the Road!

  8. "she better be prepared to answer questions about whether Trigg is her son."
    Yeah, thats the left, can't ask questions of her on policy but ask questions that attack her family.
    Seems the only candidate the left is OK with running is Palin. Not much to say about the other ones running cause they know their guys is on the ropes.

  9. Mark,
    Trigs not a legitimate point as you've pointed out but only because its almost as stupid as the rights "Birth certificate" idiocy. What are legitimate points are why she quit the Govs office early because of pressure and how can we expect her to handle the pressure at a higher level. Time has shown to me that people who can't handle things at the lower levels can't handle the move up, but you might feel different.

    I'm also discouraged by the lack of control she showed while Governor. If your daughters getting knocked up while you are engaged in a clearly unethical actions towards constituents who happen to have family ties it shows lack of control. Especially while pushing abstinence programs over condom use.

    But thats what i feel. You may totally disregard those points.

  10. Who Ever the Republican Canadate will be is still up in the air BUT one thing for sure Issues will be out done by NASTY. Running on the Issues is this Regimes weak suit but NASTY is right up their alley. They have excellent BUS drivers!
    Still believe Election will be Won or Lost on Economy and Actual Citizens working. My only concern now is that as the Numbers grow of Citizens whom depend on Government the more powerful the Government will become.
    Dependent Citizens appear to choose being Ruled and NOT Governed and that will in time lead to a Government to BIG and it will Fail. There can be NO other out Come. Big Government thrives on Citizens Dependency but in that quest REVENUES drop like a rock. Dependency on Government that cannot suppy their NEEDS is indeed a Revolution waiting to happen.
    Maybe it is time for that ole" a revolution every now and then aint a bad thing"!
    Just my Opinion!


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