Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Things Haven't Gotten Better And look Like They May Get Worse

As the Democratic Party puts us into deeper debt and instability it makes me wonder how can anyone support these liberals? When Bush got his recession I got a check and I spent it. We know that that works to stimulate the economy. With Obama printing money and putting us into deeper debt for his and the Democratic Party stimulus it makes me wonder. Did you get anything from the Democratic Party stimulus's that added trillions of dollars to our deficit? Has the middle class gotten any of those spoils? In what way have you or the middle class come out ahead?

Now for some reality. My house on the other hand is still dropping in value. Unemployment is even close to being fixed. And since all of us eat and use some form of energy I'd say the Obama plan isn't doing what it should have and what THEY said it would do. Conservatives and Republicans said the Obama Porkulus would do nothing for the private sector. We said it wouldn't create jobs. Just like we said that Obamacare would fix any of the problems of health care costs.

The left-wingers would say we didn't make the Stimulus bill big enough. Or in other words they want more debt that will crush our economy. Does that sound smart? That's just crazy talk.

Obama told us what would happen  if we didn't use his stimulus bill. We are trillions of dollars into debt and we still got the worse case outcome.

Things aren't going to get better. Nothing Obama and the Democratic Party has worked. They haven't repented but instead they are willing to risk it all by doubling down on our debt with another stimulus.

So all in all, not only have we not gotten any of that Stimulus money, but thanks to inflation and a massive debt hanging over our economy we are paying for the actions of these Progressives. The next time a liberal or Democrat tries and promotes the Democratic Party ask them what they got from the Stimulus? Ask them if their lower house values help or hurt them? Ask them if high unemployment is good for them? Ask them if higher gas, food and consumer goods is good for them? Ask them if the massive debt is good or bad for them. And when they go into their liberal trance, tell them you can't fix stupid. Because you would have to be a total idiot to think that the Obama admin. has fixed anything other then making our obligations to bigger government and public sector unions more of a burden on those that create wealth in this country.


  1. I was eating lunch on the 20th of February with my 10-year-old
    granddaughter and I asked her, "What day is tomorrow?"

    She said "It's President's Day!"

    She is a smart kid.

    I asked "What does President's Day mean?"
    I was waiting for something about Washington or Lincoln .... etc.

    She replied, "President's Day is when President Obama steps out of the White
    House, and if he sees his shadow we have one more year of unemployment."

    You know, it hurts when hot coffee spurts out your nose........

  2. For the third time in my public life the Democrats are once again using falsehoods to try to frighten the American people about Republicans and Medicare solutions.

    Once again the Democrats have retreated from a responsible conversation about solving America's problems.

    Once again the Democrats have been reduced to using fear instead of facts.

    Once again the Democrats have to resort to lies to try to frighten the American people.

    Think of this as "Mediscare 3," a bad sequel to two bad failures.

    Mediscare I and II

    The Democrats lost their first two Mediscare efforts because a "big truth" Republican campaign unmasked and repudiated the Democrats' "big lies."

    The first time the Democrats ran a Mediscare campaign was in 1980. President Jimmy Carter and the Democrats tried to smear Ronald Reagan and frighten the American people into believing he would abolish Medicare. Yet every time Carter employed a falsehood as part of his scare tactics in the presidential debate, Ronald Reagan would answer "there you go again." The American people rejected the big lie campaign, and Reagan carried more states against Carter in 1980 than FDR carried against Hoover in 1932.

    The second Mediscare campaign was in 1995-1996 when the Democrats and their allies tried another dishonest, big lie scare campaign over Medicare. They attacked Republicans in thousands of ads. The Democratic lies and distortions were so clearly dishonest that columnists and editorial writers across the country exposed them, told the truth, and condemned the Democrats.

    After Mediscare 2 in 1996, the House Republicans were vindicated when we became the first re-elected House Republican majority since 1928. All those lies about Medicare led to public disgust with the Democrats, and they did not regain power until the Republicans had held the House for twelve years.

    Mediscare Part III

    Now we have the beginning of Mediscare 3.

    The Democrats and their allies in the elite media are determined to divide Republicans and to lie about our efforts to save both Medicare and America from fiscal collapse. With no real answers themselves, the Democrats are launching a series of falsehoods.

    Consider how dishonest and outrageous their lies are:

    It is a "war on seniors." – Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-IL)
    "The GOP wants to end Medicare in order to pay for an almost 30 percent tax rate reduction for the wealthiest Americans … and maintain the tax subsidies for oil companies." – Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee

    Ryan's plan "is going to kill half the people who watch this show." – Chris Matthews, MSNBC

    "We gave the blueprint for how we strengthen Medicare in the Affordable Care Act" – Rep. Nancy Pelosi (In fact, the Act cuts around $500 billion from Medicare.)

    "It [the Republican plan] is a path to poverty for America's seniors." – Rep. Nancy Pelosi

    "It would end Medicare as we know it and funnel Medicare dollars directly into private insurance companies' pockets." – Sen. Max Baucus

    Even though it is the Democrats who will destroy healthcare for seniors through rationing and who will drive doctors out of Medicare, the Democrats claim: "Ending Medicare is the new GOP Litmus test."

  3. Economy
    Unsubstainable Debt
    Housing Market

    Above Issues STILL not fixed. All are Concerns of Citizens. Regime has terrible record just terrible and ifin they dont reverse their coarse of ignorting Citizens for social Issues the Regimes problem wont be WHO is Republican Canadate as LOSING BOTH the Preisdentsy and Senate at the same time. There lies there Problem. Promising the LEFT a Agenda the Main Stream Citizens Aint going to Support! Yep 2012 is quite away off yet and once again what is the Regimes Domestic Policy? Spending without Funding is the WRONG answer!

  4. My 401k has lost a lot of money. Everything i own is worth less. While everything I want or need to buy is worth more. I voted for him and his promises and this is what I got. Live and Learn.

  5. Derwood my 401k has gone up from its Bush days. I lost most of mine before the election and regained some after.

    once again other than calling Liberals names you haven't made on effort to show anything, but rather run the usual every week RNC talking points out again. I've disproved most of them in previous posts, using the conservative cut taxes approach and Reagans same time in office.

    But you can't stop an idiot conservative blogger from beating a dead horse.

  6. Hey Joe The one thingy you cannot disprove is Economy and Jobs. They care about NOW and NOW aint to good.
    Economy virtually flat lined
    Job Creation Disappointing
    Consumer Prices UP!
    Gas Prices UP!
    House Values still falling!

    These are Issues Citizens can see and feel in their WALLETS and all else aside that will determine Election unless of Coarse Big Government Dependency becomes way of Life and then the only question is REVENUE to FEED Our Big Governments appetite.,but thats a whole nother Issue!

  7. And what have you brought to the table JoeC? Names and useless rants. Do you hate yourself for the same reasons that you hate me? You are such a hyporite and blind to your hypocracy.

    Has unemployment gone up or down? Have house prices come up or down? Is massive debt good or bad? Is more debt good or bad? Is the economy getting better or not? Is higher gas and food prices good or bad for the average American? Are businesses growing or closing? Are banks still "too big to fail"? What about GM? Is health care insurance and costs going up or down since Obamacare? Did the stock market drop 255 points yesterday?

    See Joe you just don't want to answert the questions. There is substance to this post Joe, unlike you comments.

    All you ever do is try and divert. It ain't working Joe. It must suck to be a liberal.

  8. Anything you made in the stock market has been lost due to the devalued dollar. Just look at the value of gold as a marker for the value of the dollar. As gold goes up, the dollar goes down. The same is true with oil prices.

  9. Derwood Will there be a Gold Bubble? Seems Gold is now like Housing market. One day you gotta a Nice house the Next Day Your Under Water. Just a thought!

  10. What goes up must come down. As long as we keep printing money and buying our own debt gold will keep going up and the dollar will keep going down.

  11. Chris,
    There is no substance in isolated out of context questions. None. Sorry to inform you that you lose the debate by using such simplified childlike theories.

    I've put thoughtful debate up about the reality of the economy and all its aspects along with a very fair comparison between Reagan's methods and Obama's they end up nearly the same with Obama coming out ahead in the statistics you seem worried about like unemployment.

    And Chris i don't hate you, in fact i adore the child like innocence and lack of sophisticated analysis. It makes this so much easy.

  12. Joe Back to the present. 16 Million citizens UNEMPLOYED now. 2009 Stimulus will keep UNEMPLOYMENT under 8%. Thats what the REGIME said. What happened?
    Only 56,000 jobs created last month UNEMPLOYMENT rate 9.1% What happened?
    January 2010 SOUA Obama states for all to hear "WE will Laser in on Jobs"! What happened?
    Once again Reagan is DEAD and he did turn around both jobs and economy. Obama had better get his Reagan lasered in or 2012 will not be a fun time for him or the far left.
    Debates on below items will indeed be hard to defend unless of caorse Libs go back to its BUSHES fault and we need another four years to imitate Reagan!
    Job Creation
    Unsubstainable Debt
    Obama Care
    High Gas Prices
    High food prices

  13. Al, that statement was a mistake on the part of Obama's advisor. They underestimated the severity of the crisis and under spent on the stimulus. It needed to be at least 5 hundred billion larger and it shouldn't have included 20% as tax cuts. That was a mistake bowing to republican pressure to do something that doesn't work.

    But whether you like Reagan being dead or not the simple fact of the matter is that at this point Ron and Barack are basically in the same boat in their presidency with 9.1 to 8.8 unemployment. Its just a simple matter of explaining that your looking at Reagan from hindsight and Obama from the present. If unemployment comes down he stands a chance to be president again like Reagan did.

  14. Joe

    I dont remember the Regime bowing to the Republicans at all during that period. Was not that when Regime was driving the BUS and the Republicans could sit in the back? Regime will have tuff time with that one. From the back of the Bus NOBODY hears Ya!

    If Unemployment stays where its at or rises Carter ll ,Obama will be. 2012 is a long way off but if Regime stays on its coarse why would Employment go up?

    Social Issues and Ignoring Citizens Concerns will come back to haunt Regime. Regime has SPENT I believe 3 Trillion dollars since 2009 and how is everything working out? Some here talk about all the JOBS saved but there are NO real numbers to prove or disprove that.

    Numbers that can be shown

    Unsubstainable Debt.

  15. Al, more uninformed opinions on your part then.

    So lets look at the numbers..

    Unemployment 9.1 % still high

    Economy 1.8 2011 1st quarter
    2.9 2010 average
    -2.9 2009 average
    0. 2008 average
    1.9 2007 average
    2.7 2006 average

    Debt Obama 3 billion
    Bush 5 billion
    Clinton 1 billion
    Bush 1.6 billion
    Reagan 1.8 billion

    Dow Up 4,000 points since jan 21 2009

  16. Joe Once again Voters will not be that Concerned about Reagan Bush Clinton or W.!
    They will be concerned with NOW unlike You and ifin it KEEPS draining their Wallets Citizens aint stupid or uninformed. Numbers from decades ago wont matter MUCH numbers that matter are the ONES taken out of their WALLET and right NOW Regime in a bunch of shit. Could it change? Sure. Will it Thats the question. This Regime is NOW getting into Campaign mode and who knows what they have up their sleeves. 2012 will be Citizens choice to choose Capitolism or Socialism and at this point the more Depending on Government the MORE Votes for Socialism there will be. Its a Sad day for Our Country when thats the choice even sadder when the Outcome could go either WAY! Just my uninformed misguided opinion but I am RIGHT!


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