Tuesday, June 14, 2011

FBI Now Investigate Based on a Hunch

All the things the left said Bush was doing Obama seems to be implementing. The NY Times today is reporting on a slew of enhancements to the FBI’s operating guidelines that essentially lower the threshold for early stage investigation tools. The FBI will be able to expand its usage of certain techniques and procedures, including polygraph exams, database searches, and the deployment of surveillance teams. The Atlantic gives a good overview of the new operating procedures of the concerns:

At what point will Americans realize that trading privacy for marginally better security is not a good deal? The left-wing and Democrats will say nothing of these new tactics to take our freedoms. The media wont even put it in the news. But the second the Republicans take the presidency from Obama they will be crying like little babies that they are being watched. We need to remind them that their side gave the power to the government. And that that power most likely is being used against them. The unions can start getting queasy when they are are recognized as a terror organization, just like the Democrats act like the Tea Partiers are. When the notice comes around to turn in your neighbor, like Obama did, guess who will be called on? Our government isn't supposed to have teeth against it's citizens. We are to govern ourselves and the government is to turn it's attention and teeth on those that want to destroy our freedoms. We can all thank the Democrats for putting those teeth in our governments mouth. And depending on the party in charge will depend on who's direction the government goes in.


  1. This is scary!

  2. It didn't even get in the news...

    OMG them scary dems...Wait i saw it on cnn, msnbc, Huffpo, CBS and others..

    So at 2:00ish CBS puts this out..
    At 2:11 it has this too
    CNN even has the liberal ALCU's reponse to it that same day.
    the Ultra-liberal site TPM/Muckraker had it on that same day too.
    New FBI Rules Make It Easier For Agents To Snoop In Trash

    And OMG Huffpo had it too.

    Too bad us liberals don't want it in the news...


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