Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wisconsin Supreme Court OKs Scott Walker's Union Law

Wisconsin's Republican governor has won a major victory: the state Supreme Court says his polarizing union rights law can go into effect. Unions all across the country are gearing up for war. Teachers unions are sending home letters to families of children in the public schools promising and threatening worse education then we already get. If you thought the government run educational system was bad when they got all the money it will only get worse now that we are broke. Will our future generations get the education that they will need to pay off our debt with 40 or more kids in a classroom?

It's time parents of school age children rethink their children's educational needs. Let's take a page from the liberal union playbook and underwhelm the system. Nothing will change as long as the teachers unions and the government has control of our children's education. We as citizens need to do our part to take our children out of this failed public school system. Yes, parents will have to pay for their children's education. But it is well worth the few thousand dollars you might have to pay. Many parochial schools are free to members of the church or at very low cost to parents. If parents start pulling their children out of the public school systems in mass it would overwhelm the failed system and bring it too it's knees. Parents have more choices then you may think. We also hold all the power over the government schools. If conservatives pulled out their children they would learn this lesson fast.

If you live in a district that has a teachers union strike, sue the union for withholding your child's education. As we have learned from the liberal playbook, you don't have to win the suet to win. Unions are itching for a fight. They want to make the taxpayers pay up and shut up. They are spreading their propaganda. It's time we kick them where it hurts. Take away the students and the unions will go away. Parents and teachers need to be in charge of the children's education. Not unions and bureaucrats. It's your job as a conservative to tell parents of school age children there are other options to public school education. We conservatives need to put education first. It might cost us a little now but the cost is well worth it.

If the unions want a war with the tax payers let's fight back.

P.S. I pay less then $1,800 a year per child as a member of a Lutheran school. The church pays for the rest of the cost per child. My son is in the top 10% of Michigan students. The Lutheran school he goes too is in the top 10 schools in Macomb County every year. The MEAP tests in 8th grade are 100% every year. As you can see it's well worth the cost. And if you think that the schools are full of "rich" people look at all the hoopties in the parking lot at pick up time. We sacrifice so our kids don't have too.


  1. HOOOOOOOOOO-ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! High5 to the Wisconsin Supremes!

  2. A pro-family leader in California says it's alarming that the teachers union in his state is paying for a sexual indoctrination course for elementary students.

    All students at Redwood Heights Elementary School in Oakland were instructed by Gender Spectrum, a Bay Area-based organization that hosts training events and consultations aimed at questioning the role of gender in society. Students were encouraged to question whether there were such things as "boy colors" or "toys just for girls." A Gender Spectrum instructor read to the students a book titled My Princess Boy -- a story about a boy who liked to wear dresses.

    What would be your first step if you found your child was being indoctrinated in a "gender identity" program at school?

    Jim Schubert of The Core Report explains that the organization encourages radical methods of experimentation, including placing gender-neutral restrooms in schools.

    "Here's another one," he offers. "'Mix up gender language when reading stories to your kids.' What is that about? Help kids understand that the only thing that is normal in our world is a variation?"

    The program at Redwood Heights Elementary was funded through a grant from the California Teachers Association. Schubert says it is alarming that officials would impose this kind of indoctrination on students in elementary school.

    "This issue of this organization coming into this school [and] being part of this curriculum is off-the-charts unacceptable," he says. "But when you have an education czar [Kevin Jennings] who was appointed by our current leadership in Washington [and] who has written [the introduction to the book Queering Elementary Education] and all this stuff, this man clearly was not a good fit for the security of our education system."

    Jennings, founder of the Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network (GLSEN), was appointed by President Barack Obama in May 2009 as assistant deputy secretary for the Department of Education's Office of Safe and Drug-Free Schools. He announced last month he will be leaving that post in July.

    Redwood Heights Elementary is the first school in Oakland to teach children on gender identity.

    Wisconsin is a big win for the Tea Party conservatives. The unions will go to war over this.

    Most of the public school teachers I know send their kids to private schools. The unions make a big stink over that.

  3. Mariam Nojiam, a state worker for the Department of Motor Vehicles and SEIU member, became suspicious when she happened on a vote-counters who were apparently breaking the rules pertaining to an internal union election.

    Hot Air’s Ed Morrissey sets up the clip (since Mariam caught everything on her cell phone):

    The SEIU held an election by mail for an internal election — for which it apparently uses the same kind of secret ballots that they want to deny workers with Card Check. By SEIU’s own rules, those ballots are supposed to arrive via US Postal Service, with postmarks to note the date so that the counters can verify they arrived before the deadline. One SEIU observer noticed counters opening large envelopes of ballots with no postmarks at all on them — and when she tried to protest, the other SEIU officials in the room pushed her out the door.

    But wait, Morrissey has the best part:

    For a final irony, the SEIU’s spokesman insisted that Nojiam’s protest was irrelevant, because the rules state that a challenge has to come from one of the candidates. How’s that for convenient, eh? The union apparently has no problem breaking the rules to count batches of apparently invalid ballots, but when it comes to someone catching them at that game, the SEIU insists on full compliance with the rules on protests.

    “It’s about time that they [union officials] be responsible and transparent to their members,” Mariam told

    At least she took a stand unlike JoeC.

  4. Here is another reason to leave the public schools. A middle school in Massachusetts is under fire for requiring children to complete a graphic sex survey without parental knowledge or consent – that included questions about sexual partners, anal and oral sex. And they wonder why there are so many perverts out there now a days.

    The Rutherford Institute, a civil liberties organization, filed a complaint with the U.S. Dept. of Education against the Fitchburg School Committee. They are representing the two middle-school aged daughters of Arlene Tessitore.

    Mrs. Tessitore said her daughters, both students at Memorial Middle School, were told they had to complete a Youth Risk Behavior Study.

    “Kids were actually told to sit down and take them,” said John Whitehead, president of The Rutherford Institute. “The parents here are very upset.”

    Whitehead said the girls were deeply disturbed by the subject matter of the study – including questions about suicide, drug use and sexual behavior.

  5. I'm with Firebird. This is great news for us in WI. I'm sure there will be more union violence soon.

    Has anyone else seen what happened to the stock market today? Down 200 points just because of Greece.

  6. You are all wrong. Walker has won the battle, but he's going to lose the war.

    The people in Wisconsin have ignited a movement all across the country that is creating a huge backlash against radical Republicans.

    Walker will be recalled next year and in August at least three Democrats will be elected in recall elections and Democrats will take over the Wisconsin Senate.

    I've been on the ground in Wisconsin and believe me, Walker has no idea what's coming down the pike for him and his radical Republican agenda.

    In a way Walker and the radical Republicans that helped enact these draconian measure are to be thanked for waking up the liberal base in Wisconsin and across the country.

    No more apathy from liberals. The war against radical Republican/conservatives is joined and the people are on our side.

  7. Bruce You have NO side . You have a Ideaology that has been rejected by most! Your path is Greece and hows has that worked out? It aint over till the fat lady sings but once again you step look and that wipe the shit off your shoes. On that you are indeed predictiple.
    Bruce the protesters scored alot of points with citizens with that disgraceful display with the special needs children. Your a Weiner in your own little eway!

    one last thing Bruce the Citizens of Wisconsin will deside their Fate as ALL Citizens do at the Ballot Box. Thats where the War will be desided.
    Our Nation in 2012 will have the most important desicion I believe EVER in Our History. It will be on two points. Being Ruled vs being Governed and Socialism vs Capitolism. Thats the choices plain and simple like You!

  8. Do you think that your union liberal forces are bigger and stronger then ours? We are crushing you liberals from every direction. You liberals and unions have owned the government for too long and the people are paying for it. I'll put the Tea Partiers against you Special Olympics ruining zombies any day. Every time you liberals and union thugs rise up we arte there to smack you down. Go ahead and rise up. We will film the violence. We will show America who you are and what you are doing. We will watch you looking bad and acting bad. And we will show the world.

  9. Chris, I know the liberals are bigger and stronger than the dwindling teabaggers. That's a fact you can take to the bank, Chris.

  10. Bruce Once again step and than look. I will say one thing your consistant. Your always wrong. Tea Party will be around in fact might be around longer than the present Regime. The only thing Regime has and I must confess worries me is Citizens that DEPEND on Government. Liberals have little by little created a welfare State(voting block) and that cannot be dismissed. Which can and will be dismissed is this Regimes record. Regime will get NASTY they have NO creditable record to RUN on and like 2010 Elections will themselves have to RUN from it.

    2012 Election will be quite simple Socialism vs Capitolism,NO more NO less. our Nation will depend on this election to either in time cease to exsist or Become stong Economicly and move FORWARD. This Nation will NEVER grow STRONG with Liberal Ideaology.

  11. Al, that's just an out and out lie. The country has always been strongest under Democrats.

    You are putting out the typical Republican bullshit.

    The economy has always done better under Democrats than Republicans. The middle class has always done better under Democrats than Republicans.

    The Republicans drove our economy to the brink and had McCain been elected we would all be living in tent cities.

    Republicans have tried to block every single program meant to bring the country back, including the auto company loans, which have been paid back and are directly responsible for saving several million jobs and creating new ones as GM and Chrysler start hiring back workers.

    I don't buy your bullshit, Al.

  12. Bruce The middle class has always done better under Demoncrats!
    WOW You'd better let all those Unemployed and those that have given up looking a CALL. They must be in UTOPIA and DONT know it.
    Question: If Regime/Liberals have done such a GREAT Job,How come they got SHELACKED in November. Answer Liberals Policies were Rejected plain and Simple!
    This Regime had two years of Total Power to do whatever they wanted to bring back Economy and Jobs. Nobama said with Stimulus Unemployment would not go over 8%. Shovel ready jobs would be Immidate. Nobama just admitted Oops Shovel Jobs were not there! Yes through your smoke filled glasses this administration has been almost like Reagan in bringing back the Economy. Naw thats not even close.
    Liberals do one thing well they make MORE Citizens Government Dependent and that does concern me cause WE will be Broke soon and then all those Citizens Dependent on Government will have their hands out then what Bruce? I know Tax the Rich,Redistribute Wealth Bla Bla Bla! RHTORIC that cannot be substained. I dont buy your bullshit Bruce!


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