Monday, June 6, 2011

Obama Is The Most Anti-Business President Ever

Obama has gone after the private sector businesses like no other president before him. It's no wonder this economy has been stalled even though he printed and pumped trillions of dollars into the economy. Follow the money. Who got the money and who is going to pay that debt if the Democrats have their way? If you are a Democrat or liberal I'd like to know what Obama has done to fix the economy? I'd also like to know why businesses aren't hiring? Is it because of Obamacare, debt, wars, high taxes...?

This is an open thread. Debate what you want. Ask questions or whatever. But since I have asked the questions above for many months now without an answer from the left, I wont hold my breath this time either.


  1. I see where a White House advisers now says Private Sector must pull Countrys Economy UP!

    Two and half years into term and NOW they figure it out that Government does not Create Jobs Private Sector does.

    Now all they need to do is explain to Job Creators how Creators will pay for all the New Regulations coming down the pike. Energy and
    ,Health Care regualtions will NOT allow Creators to HIRE. Private Sector is still motivated by PROFITS which to most Libs is a Nasty word. Without knowing Overhead Hiring aint going to happen.
    Regime has done its best to get us here through 3 Trillion in Spending. Did not work and now all thats left for the Regime to DO is turn to who they have Punished the most the JOB CREATORS! Must be Campaign Time.

  2. So if its an open thread i'll ask you to post some evidence to support your conclusions. Where is it?

  3. Joe
    Are Economy aint going anywhere with uncertainly of COST to employers to Hire. Profit is the modivator to Job Creation and HIRING not more Government Control and Regulations.
    High Energy Cost(Gas) are NOW effecting all Citizens and Businesses and if they are not addressed Economy is in some real DO-DO.
    High gas prices showing up in important consumer FOOD products. Citizens can see with their OWN wallets that things in these areas are bad and if 2012 comes and these area are still a Factor Voters may vote with their WALLETS and that will not be good for the BIG spenders!
    I hear Politicans battling on BOTH sides how to cut DEBT. I have yet to hear ANY of them say simply "lets cut 10% out of Federal Budget" and see what happens.
    What is really needed at both Federal and Local levels are Hearings to find out exactly how much FAT and Duplication are in Government. I bet its WAY more than 10%.

    Just my opinions!

  4. Joe you can't be that stupid. Look at the economy, unemployment, higher health care costs, higher energy prices, higher gas prices, higher food prices... For once why don't you liberals tell us what he has done right? Do you always have to divert without answering? We all know why you liberals wont answer. It's because his far left policies are an epic failure. Even down to getting us into more wars not less.

  5. Obama's Anti-Business Stance
    By George Will (Archive) · Sunday, May 15, 2011

    NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. -- This summer, the huge Boeing assembly plant here will begin producing 787 Dreamliners -- up to three a month, priced at $185 million apiece. It will, unless the National Labor Relations Board, controlled by Democrats and encouraged by Barack Obama's reverberating silence, gets its way.

    Last month -- 17 months after Boeing announced plans to build here, and with the $2 billion plant nearing completion -- the NLRB, collaborating with the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers, charged that Boeing's decision violated the rights of its unionized workers in Washington state, where some Dreamliners are assembled and still will be even after the plant here is operational. The NLRB has read a 76-year-old statute (the 1935 Wagner Act) perversely, disregarded almost half a century of NLRB and Supreme Court rulings, and patently misrepresented statements by Boeing officials.

    South Carolina is one of 22 right-to-work states, where workers cannot be compelled to join a union. When in September 2009, Boeing's South Carolina workers -- fuselage sections of 787s already are built here -- voted to end their representation by IAM, the union did not accuse Boeing of pre-vote misbehavior. Now, however, the NLRB seeks to establish the principle that moving businesses to such states from non-right-to-work states constitutes prima facie evidence of "unfair labor practices," including intimidation and coercion of labor. This principle would be a powerful incentive for new companies to locate only in right-to-work states.

    The NLRB complaint fictitiously says Boeing has decided to "remove" or "transfer" work from Washington. Actually, Boeing has so far added more than 2,000 workers in Washington, where planned production -- seven 787s a month, full capacity for that facility -- will not be reduced. Besides, how can locating a new plant here violate the rights of IAM members whose collective bargaining agreement with Boeing gives the company the right to locate new production facilities where it deems best?

    The NLRB says Boeing has come here "because" IAM strikes have disrupted production and "to discourage" future strikes.

    Since 1995, IAM has stopped Boeing's production in three of five labor negotiations, including a 58-day walkout in 2008 that cost the company $1.8 billion and a diminished reputation with customers.

    The NLRB uses meretricious editing of Boeing officials' remarks to falsely suggest that anti-union animus motivated the company to locate some production in a right-to-work state. Anyway, it is settled law that companies can consider past strikes when making business decisions to diminish the risk of future disruptions.

    The economy is mired in a sluggish recovery. But the destructive -- and self-destructive -- Obama administration is trying to debilitate the world's largest aerospace corporation and the nation's leading exporter, which has 155,000 U.S. employees and whose 738 million shares are held by individual and institutional investors, mutual funds and retirement accounts. Why? Organized labor, primarily and increasingly confined to government workers, cannot convince private-sector workers that it adds more value to their lives than it subtracts with dues and productivity-damaging work rules. Hence unions' reliance on government coercion where persuasion has failed.

  6. Joe how about you start by telling me all the things Obama has done to "help" business and I'll give you all the things he has done to hurt business and we will see who has the bigger list?

  7. Chris,
    In the real world, not the little redstate webboard that you reside in, when you make a statment ie....

    "Obama Is The Most Anti-Business President Ever"

    You should have actual evidence not just more claims.

    As for diversion, can you be that stupid???

    Chris said..."Ask questions or whatever."

    Which is what i did? If you don't want to debate what you post then why post it? You made a claim without backing it up, i asked for you to back it up.m Is that so wrong? Would you rather just have everyone walk around here agreeing with whatever you said? Some group of readers that would be. lol...

    And posting a George Will article doesn't make it so...LMAO. Try to find someone perhaps not on the republican attack dog team, perhaps a moderate maybe even an independent.


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