Friday, June 3, 2011

If Palistine And Muslims Have Their Way Israel And The Jews Will Be Destroyed

Most liberals don't understand that if Israel can't defend herself the Muslims will attack. The Muslim leaders and their people have made it perfectly clear what they want to do with the Jewish people. Why then are liberals on the side of Islam and Palistine? Why would liberals side with a religion that preaches the killing of Jews? Muslims want the same thing as Hitler wanted. They say the same things as the Nazi's did and do. We all know what side the liberals would have been on during the holocaust.

The world is once again going after the Jews. What side are you on? Would you have pertected the Jews In Europe? Would you have said nothing? Or would you have risked it all to protect a people, race and religion?
Would you put up a yard sign saying, I STAND WITH ISRAEL? Would you go to a holocaust museum or temple to show your support? Will you reach out to Jews in your area? Will you write a post on your blog to show you side with Israel? To say and do nothing in the face of evil in and of itself evil.

Being a German Lutheran in my 40's I've heard the stories of the holocaust. Some of my friends grandparent lived through it. They told me of the people that said and did nothing. No one wanted to believe that it could happen. The one thing that rang true with all of them is, they did nothing in the beginning. Their heads were in the sand. But hind sight is 20/20.

To think this would never happen again is ignorant. It always happens and it's always the Jews that have been persecuted throughout history. Will you make a stand now as too never let this happen again?

A member of Einsatzgruppe D prepares to shoot a Ukrainian Jew kneeling on the edge of a mass grave.Picture from the Library of Congress, courtesy of the USHMM Photo Archives.Picture of former prisoners of Buchenwald staring out from the wooden bunks.Picture from the National Archives, courtesy of USHMM Photo Archives.
Holocaust Deaths
Germany (1938 Borders)
Belgium & Luxembourg
Hungary & Ukraine
Poland & USSR

Nizkor Project statistics derived from Yad Vashem and Fleming, Hitler and the Final Solution.


  1. Chris, being a Pole in my 40's i have to tell you that both sides are playing the Hilter/Nazi card.

    See while you see only the deaths of the jewish population which was horrorific in and of itself but then add the occupation and deportation of native poles to Russia and you see what Israel is doing to the occupied territories.

    How easy it is to forget that almost 1 million poles were removed from their homes and the land given to German families. Sounds just like what Israel is doing to native Arabs. So please pardon me if i see the Nazi's in both sides and the reality of actions in one side.

    I do believe that Israel has a right to exist and would whole heartedly support them once they return the occupied territories.

  2. Joe
    If they as you say return the occupied land that Isreal was attacked from what will happen. The Golden Heights I believe is the high ground and Holding the high ground they were Attacked from seems reasonable.
    Hamas/Palistine has along with most Arab Nations sworn to wipe Isreal off the map! Isreal will NEVER agree to giving up the Heights or any area that THREATENs their exsistance and looking at their History when listening to others that aint going to happen.

    I see the Nazis Exterminating Poles and Jews and that is the bottom line. Isreal will either defeat its enemy or be Destroyed itself but Isreal is NOT going to give them a area that they can AGAIN be attacked from!

    The UN in its wisdom I believe cut out the original land that became Isreal. If that was good enough for Isreal why not the same UN in its wisdom carve out a piece for the Palistine?

    If you go by your belief that they should return occupied lands then WE most certainly should Give are land back to the Indians and Mexicans. That aint going to happen either.

    Just my Opinion.

  3. There are no "occupied territories". That's a myth. Israel was attacked, beat their attackers, and in the process, took some land in order to prevent future attacks (or at least try to). This is a legitimate method by which to acquire land, and a legimate reason to do so.

    The Palestinians HAD a country of their own... it was called TransJordan (now called Jordan).

  4. All are missing real history here. There has never been a "palestine" country, region or people, look it up.

    Those who call themselves that know this and also know they are from what is known as Jordan.

    The only ones doing the 'occupation' are arabs who call themselves that, but are actually squatters due to no other arab nation set-up by the British empire taking them in as they had kicked them out in the first place considering these arabs only a step above Jews.

    Christopher -Conservative Perspective

  5. 'Why then are liberals on the side of Islam and Palistine?'
    Because their fascist side is showing.
    They consider all of Israel Palestinian. And refuse to know history.

  6. Jim,
    I'm sorry but its my understanding that the fourth Geneva convention prohibits unilateral annexation. So if after 67 the Israelis annex East Jerusalem they would be in defiance of the treaty of 49.

    Your history is incorrect. The word Palestine comes from the historical Philistine and was used for thousands of years. But if we eliminate the semantical argument about names, the fact remains that the current Israeli settlements are removing native Arabs from the land. Arabs who've owned the land under the British and the Ottomans before them. And we can eliminate the "wretches" of the Arab world BS because many families have thousands of years in the area.

    Al, i agree that the Arabs are wrong in that threat, but look at the history of the area and the fact that the formation of a modern day Israel started with armed revolts in British controlled Arab land by non-native people of Jewish descent. So i think you could understand a bit of the anger towards the formation of an Israeli nation.

    Plus add in that its a religious government with an obvious prejudice towards native Arabs as citizens and its a recipe for disaster.

  7. Joe

    I would not say that the Muslems religon is fun loving toward Isreal. I have always admired Isreal for one reason its Citizens. Most without hesitation would gladdly give their lifes for there country. I do believe the final outcome will be a War No other options. Arabs have sworn to Eliminate Isreal. Isreal knows what that means and will I believe DIE to the last Citizen. Trust is not built on Threats and as Netanyahu has Stated "If Arabs put down their weapons there will be Peace" If "Isreal sets down its weapons there will be NO more Isreal". I believe he is correct in his assessment and thats my opinion even more so as the "Muslem Brotherhood" becomes more powerful in the New Democracies in the Middle East>

  8. Al, what you admire about the Israeli population is certainly laudable if it weren't based on some obviously prejudiced thinking. The Jewish settlers of Israel think they are special and chosen thus better than those around them who are not chosen.

    You need to read up on the actual formation of Israel not the rightwing post it notes about it. the formation of a Jewish homeland was a mistake and it has brought our country to the brink of war numerous times. We would be better served by the elimination of Israel as a Jewish state and the beginning of a Completely secular nation without regard for any of the major religions.

    Remember its not just the Muslims who've attacked Jews its Jews attacking Muslims or the forerunners of Muslims for thousands of years we are dealing with.

  9. Joe
    I was unaware that the Jews thought they were special. I was under the mistaken impression they were at least since WW2 trying to find a Place where others would NOT try to GAS them. I dont have prejudice but do believe they like any people who have been SHUNNED even here because of their religion have a RIGHT to strive for FREEDOM.
    If Muslems HERE went through what the Jews did here for DECADES, You would be the First to defend the Muslems. Jews have been here gone through that.
    Then in Europe the Final Solution is put into place and MANY here knew it but let it happen. 6,000,000 perished Poof gone and no body lifted a finger! If I were a Jew I would Trust NO BODY with my security or saftey EVER and if thats the wrong side of the coin so be it!

    You are right about the thousands of years this has been going on and I still believe NO peace will Occur until one side or the other is Wiped out. But Im a Simple man and thats just my Opinion.

  10. Al,
    Basically your admitting that you know nothing about Israel then? You need to read both sides on the creation of Israel and the beginnings of Zionism. Its more complex than right wing ideology would have you think.

    As for the Holocaust i have no doubt that it was real and that as a part of Hitlers Pogrom 2.9 non-Jewish Poles were also killed. But that doesn't give anyone the right to take what has been occupied for thousands of years does it? I have relatives killed both fighting the Germans and as part of the actions of the occupying Army so you don't have to tell me about it.

    But the right needs to get past its bullshit theories and acknowledge the horrific acts of both sides. Once that is accomplished then we can move away from a religious government to a completely secular one that treats all religions as equals. Thats the only solution.

  11. Joe Once again this is to me a WE aint going to agree! This to me is not a Right or Left Wing thingy. I have had my views regarding this for decades,even when I voted for Demoncrats and thats been a long long time ago!

    The only solution will be a War if not now,eventually!

    All I know about Isreal being a simple person as I am is if they Give into Arab demands or more precisley UN they are Doomed. I am not as concerned about Couple thousand years ago as I am say 75 years ago till now. I aint changing my uninformed opinion,must be that hard headed German in me!

  12. Well continue to have an uninformed opinion but if you actually got informed about the reality of a Jewish Homeland and the last 110 years of history then you might actually agree with me.

    As for why you think that Israel and the occupied territories shouldn't be turned into the US of the middle east is beyond me. Thats not only uninformed but a slap at how wonderful our secular Nation is. Don't you love our country? Shouldn't every country have our same non-religious government?

    Are you not proud of our Nation?

    They are doomed anyway. They were doomed when after WWI the native Arabs protested a decision by the British occupiers to create a Jewish Homeland in the area with few actual Jews. At the time of the Palestinian Mandate Muslim Arabs and Christian Arabs and non-Arabs outnumbered the Jewish settlers who were a majority of Russian decent.

    There were slaughters by both sides long before 1948 and 50 years before the 1968 war. You are uninformed if you feel it started after WWII.

  13. Joe You lost me right after your first sentence and the rest of your post I'm in my uninformed way trying to figure out!


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