Saturday, July 2, 2011

Independance Day Open Thread

He'd kill his own grandbaby. He even said so. What a sick man. Killing a baby is in itself evil. To agree that someone has the right to end this inocent LIFE is evil. It's time to end this barbaric social practice. This is not a healthy thing for any society to not object to. Every LIFE has a right to keep living. We also have the right to protect our lives and property. These are two things the left-wing want to take away and regulate


  1. A day to remember Our Begininng and Honor once again all from day one who have given their LIVES to keep us Free!
    We should also reflect on the Changes that are and will be coming. Citizens will decide the Fate of Our Great Nation in 2012!
    To me the choice will be simple. Europian Socialism or Capitolism and at this point its sad to say to CLOSE to call! Just my opinion.

  2. We must continue to defend the defenseless. The left are sick, sick people if they condone killing those who can not defend themselves.

  3. So you mean the comments where he discusses educating his daughters about birth control?

    Cool, because no where did he say anything about aborting his daughters pregnancy.And I'm totally confused as to how rights and freedoms work in a conservatives head.

    Before i get into this i want to be clear that i don't believe in late term abortion. If it can survive outside the womb then it should be put up for adoption.

    So back to the duality of conservatives

    1. Individual mandates are unconstitutional except for pregnancy.
    2. Sharia is bad, but other religious law is okay.
    3. Baby's have rights, but alleged terrorists don't.
    4. Aid to poor people is destroying America but subsidizing profitable oil and corporate farms is good.
    5. Why do conservatives think that forcing our tax dollars to cover the long term costs of their religious laws is okay (criminalizing abortions) but using tax dollars to give everyone healthcare isn't?

  4. "And I'm totally confused as to how rights and freedoms work in a conservatives head."
    You're looking at this from the mothers stand point. Look at it from the babies stand point and then you'll get rights & freedom.

    1. not sure where you are trying to come from with that.
    2. Sharia law would cut the baby from the womb of an un-wed mother. Christianity would rather have the baby live.
    3. Right, babies don't kill. Terrorist do. And when they do, it's an act of war.
    4. You're missing the point, poor people need to be shown the way to prosperity and not reliant on government. Same with Oil companies, farms, middle America, etc. Government is not the answer, private sector ingenuity is what made us a great nation.
    5. Long term cost? You mean taking responsibility for your own actions and living with the consequence of them and for them to stop thinking that another human being is "punishment", it's a blessing.
    Anyone who goes through an abortion is killing, in a sense, their own selves.

  5. Mark,

    1. You can't mandate that people buy health insurance although you can mandate that they buy car insurance and keep pregnancies full term.

    2. Circular logic. If you subscribe to the morality of the religious law then you can't then use it to justify the law. Muslims would say their religious laws are moral too.

    So we'd need to establish that morality is independent of religious law to suggest that Islamic law is bad. A majority of Christians wouldn't subscribe to that.

    3. Are we talking about potential babies and potential terrorists or those born and those convicted?

    So its okay to torture and kill someone you believe is a terrorist? What about those who believe an embryo is not a baby?

    4. You know i see your point now. Because Between 1997 and 2008, median U.S. household income fell by 4 percent after adjustment for inflation. I see that the Conservative elected congress from 96 to 2006 really showed them to prosperity.

    5. No i mean the long term cost. The right is all over its self to attack social programs of the left due to unintended consequences and now i am returning the favor. What do you or any other conservative suggest we do with 1 million more babies being born a year, with 84 percent of them to unwed mothers? Who pays for the ones born to poor families and the extra costs to hospitals when they can't afford to pay for the pregnancy? Take this for what it is, you should do as you feel and think is right, but it will cost you as a taxpayer more to keep the babies than to fund abortions.

    just no that upfront.

  6. 1. No you can't mandate people buy car insurance. If you do not drive on public roads, nor if you don't own a car you are not mandated. And the mandate for those who do own cars and drive on public roads, are done so at the state level, not the federal level.
    So you are comparing car insurance to that of a human life? WOW!
    2. You're missing the point. Islam (radical) kill at a whim. Christianity preserves life.
    3.You are the one comparing radicals in islam to an unborn child. "So its okay to torture and kill someone you believe is a terrorist?" Only if they shoot first, you know like 9-11...
    "What about those who believe an embryo is not a baby?"
    No, I don't believe torturing and killing someone for killing a baby is right. Never said I did.
    4. Sorry not sure where you are getting your figures. Median income 1997 was $50932. By 2006 it had dropped to $50840. Today it stands at $50618 (adjusted) this from the USCB
    5. "suggest we do with 1 million more babies being born a year" RAISE them, take responsibility for them (not you, the mothers and fathers). They made the mistake of not using protection, now to the right thing.

  7. Why does a women have the right to kill the baby inside her but it is illegal to commit suicide? Where is the "freedom to do with her body as she sees fit"?

    Mark thank you for protecting the innocent from people that are always on the side of evil. I just got back from Orlando.

    Why is it Joe always sides on the side of evil? Killing a baby inside a mother is just as immoral and crazy as killing ones self.

    The sad part is Joe you know abortion is wrong and sick and yet you still stand on the side to protect that right to end a LIFE. Would you be one in the crowd yelling jump to a man on a building because you think he has a right to do with his body as he choses? Would you not save a suicide victum? Would you say nothing? Or would you leave him to die? Or would you champion him like you do with abortion, cheering him on, stoping anyone from helping save his LIFE? I think we all know where you stand on the killing of babies and what you think of human LIFE. Deductive reasoning tells me where you would stand.

    I used to admire the left for their passion on ending the wars. But now we now they could care less about soldiers dieing in war. After Obama got elected the left just went away like there isn't a war. They are still gone even though we are in two more wars with no end in sight. The left didn't care one bit about the lives being lost. That was the one thing I used to respect them for. But now we know the truth about the lefties and Democrat Party anti-war protests. They were just playing politics and anti-war was just a platform to getting a farther left government.

  8. Hope you had a good time in Orlando. What a time to be down there with every news operation covering the Anthony trail and such. :)

  9. It was crazy. People have lost trust in our government. It isn't perfect but it's the best in the world and it's ours if we can hold onto it. We could be looking at a perfect storm. My wife followed it closely and is crushed by the outcome.


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