Saturday, July 9, 2011

Unemployment Is Now 9.2%, Gas Up 104%, Housing Is Way Down...,The Dollar Is Heading For Priceless. Thankis To Obama, Pelosi And Reed

The Democratic Party had a supper majority when Obama took office with both houses of congress. The Democratic Party got everything they wanted. The Republican Party had almost no power in our government. But that never stopped the Democrats from blaming them for everything.

We have gotten everything the Democratic Party wanted us to have. Now it is time to look at what the Democratic Party has given us has done to this country. It's all about the results, not the hype. We were promised everything from a stable housing market to lower health care costs. Obama and the Democratic Party had a blank check and they used it like no other admin. before. They sold it hard and many Americans bought into it.

We all know the Democratic Party and Obama went into this term with an open check book. They printed money with QE1 and QE2 and Wall Street got richer. Both QE's have failed to do anything for the middle class. But the crazies in the Democratic Party want to try it a third time and see if it does anything but devalue our money and make our food and other commodities we need to survive go up in price.  I don't care what Obama and the Democrats told us would happen if they got their liberal policies passed. We need to look at the results.

We need to throw the crazies out that think that just because QE1 and 2 failed doesn't mean that 3 or 4 wont work. If you know history you will know what these lunatics on the left are doing. So either Obama and the Democratic Party are crazy or trying to "fundamentally change America".Yes We Can and they did accomplish their mission.


  1. Fast and Swift This Regime with all the power failed the Citizens and Country. The Big Government therory they champion has proven to be a failure,yet Regime wants to SPEND more. Is there any body that actually believe Government is to SMALL?
    Failure is a hell of a thing to run on for reelection so the NASTIES will emerge. Regime cannot run on or From their Record!

  2. According to the Department of Labor's own stats - unemployment is 39.9% among black men age 16-19. Yet there is no outcry from this demographic.... outrageous!


    Check out table A-2.... which for some odd reason isn't loading today - I wonder why! (A link worth bookmarking)

  4. The Curious Capitalist

    My point is this: There are a lot of things that move markets. Be cautious of any analysis that credits or blames QE2 alone with, say, a rise in oil prices or inflation in general. Saying what causes what in a global economy is a hard guessing game.

    If he suggests that we should be curious of any analysis, what about Chris's half-ass ranting? We should probably just ignore that all together.


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