Thursday, July 14, 2011

Open Thread On The Debt Crisis

I'd like to know what you think about the debt crisis. Let's take an honest look at our debt and both perspectives on how we should handle said debt.

I have started thanking young people for taking on our debt. Just like I thank our military soldiers for their service. I'd like to see more Tea Partiers shake the hands of the next generation that will have to pay higher taxes and have a lower standard of living so that we wont have to. You will see a light go off in their heads when you thank them. It's as if they just realized what the Democratic Party is trying to do to the next few generations. They don't realize that they will have to pay off that debt if we don't.

It might be a good idea for the Tea Partiers to go to colleges in the Fall and hand out thank you notes. We don't have to turn them into Republican. All we have to do is pull the youth away from the Democratic Party that is screwing them. We should also thank them for letting us drain Social Security and Medicare as well. Under the Democratic plan SSI and Medicares pyramid scam will come to an end. Leaving them with the bill and nothing in return.

When it comes to the debt crisis I agree with Senator Obama and the Democrats that were making the debt a big deal under Bush when it was still in the billions not trillion. I didn't like the rising debt under Bush. I was with the Democrats when the debt hit $200 billion before TARP. But unlike the wishy washy Democrats, I'm still against raising the debt and all for paying it off. We all know that cuts are needed. But the Democrats and Obama can't see that now for some reason. We also know that the Democrats are just playing politics, otherwise they wouldn't have changed their tune on our debt and the debt ceiling.

The Republicans need to keep pushing Obama. They need to make him hold the ball. Republicans need to keep making their position known. That they want our debt to get under control. The only way to make that happen is if we cut government spending. That is common sense. Something the left don't have. The left like dogs bark when the Democratic Party tell them too. The left change their position on debt when the party changed. Not one thought as too why they are doing what the MSM and Democratic Party tell them.

I'd like to know your opinions on this debt crisis. What would you like to see happen? And please lets have an honest debate on this.


  1. There is no debt crisis - there is a SPENDING crisis....

    having said that, the Republicans should send up a bill with a debt ceiling increase of a trillion for a YEAR offset by SPENDING CUTS FOR A TRILLION over the same time period. If it goes flat in the Senate, then the Dems have a problem. If the Senate passes it, the ball is in Obama's court. Obama's being paid to make the big decisions - let him earn his keep!

  2. Storming out of a meeting like this when it is of such importance to the well-being of our nation is not only childish, but so amateurish. Obama needs to stop playing the blame game, throwing temper tantrums, and needs to be held accountable for his failed policies.

  3. We can't keep raising the debt. So why does Obama want to keep adding to the debt? He used to know it was bad for America. Maybe that is his plan.

  4. No real leader runs away like Obama did. They lead. It's no wonder why the rest of the world thinks we are weak now.

  5. This isn’t a surprise to anyone who has been playing attention to our child president over the past three years. The Obama administration has been a veritable Mecca for narcissism and incompetence from the time Obama took the oath of office.

    Now, for the first time since taking office, Obama is forced to make a decision that entailed personal risk. It isn’t a pretty sight.

    Mr. Speaker, this is the strongest sign yet that you should hold the line.

    David Gergen and I had a conversation last night with Nichole Wallace and Anderson Cooper. Mr. Gergen said something interesting, Mr. Speaker. It got me thinking. He said President Obama had to raise the debt ceiling. He said President Obama just had to do whatever it took to raise the debt ceiling and deal with everything else later.

    Mr. Speaker, Mr. Gergen is right.

    See, in history, we remember James Buchanan causing the Civil War. Not Congress.

    We remember Abraham Lincoln winning the war. Not Congress.

    We remember Andrew Johnson failing to finish reconciliation the way Lincoln wanted. Not Congress.

    We remember Woodrow Wilson failing to establish the League of Nations. Not Congress.

    We remember Herbert Hoover causing the Great Depression. Not Congress.

    We remember Franklin Roosevelt for saving us from the Depression and war. Not Congress.

    We credit John F. Kennedy for inspiring a nation of youth and leading us to the moon. Not Congress.

    We credit Lyndon Johnson with passing the Great Society. Not Congress.

    We blame Jimmy Carter for out of control inflation in the 70?s. Not Congress.

    We credit Ronald Reagan with cutting taxes. Not Congress.

    We blame George H. W. Bush for raising taxes. Not Congress.

    We praise Bill Clinton for balancing a budget. Not Congress.

    We credit George W. Bush with No Child Left Behind, Medicare Part D, Immigration Reform attempts, TARP, and the GM bailout. Not Congress.

    Hell, when people hear Osama Bin Laden is dead, Barack Obama gets the credit, not the SEALs. And we credit him for passing Obamacare, for better or worse, even when Congressional Democrats did all the heavy lifting.

    You see Mr. Speaker, we know Barack Obama is thin skinned and we know he is mindful of his legacy. This is why Barack Obama stormed out of a meeting with Republicans last night when they confronted him with the fact that his supposed spending cuts are accounting gimmicks.

    Barack Obama, for the sake of his legacy, cannot afford to be the President under whom America’s credit tanks and under whom America defaults on its debts.

    History will not blame Congress. History will blame Barack Obama for not doing what it takes to lead and for failing to do what it takes, no matter the cost, to keep the U.S. solvent.

    Some are saying Mitch McConnell looked into Barack Obama’s eyes the other day and saw a man who won’t swerve in the game of chicken, so McConnell blinked.

    That doesn’t mean Obama won’t swerve. That just means Obama is a better poker player than Mitch McConnell.

    Obama knows his history. Obama knows default would be his, not Congress’s legacy. He cannot afford, for the sake of history, to be the guy who collapsed the United States.

    Mr. Speaker, you can win this fight. Don’t blink. Bring Cut, Cap, and Balance to the floor. Hold the freaking line. You can do this Mr. Speaker. And if you can’t, we’ll find someone else who can.

  6. Speaking as an Independen­t voter -- you know, the FASTEST and LARGEST growing voting group in the country, that pretty much EVERY politician has to court these days, in order to get -- I love how the Progress Left is spinning this whole debt debate. And how they're claiming that people are ultimately going to blame Republican­s more than Democrats. And THAT is going to ensure Obama winning reelection and even the Dems reclaiming the House in 2012 -- I guess so they can live the (nightmari­sh) dream of having Nancy Pelosi back as Speaker again.

    Well, before you pop the champagne bottles to celebrate, those on the Left might want to check out today's...­yes, TODAY'S...­ poll results for a little REALITY check:

    "Republica­n Candidate" Extends Lead vs. Obama to 47% to 39%
    Margin marks first statistica­lly significan­t lead among registered voters

    "PRINCETON­, NJ -- Registered voters by a significan­¬t margin now say they are more likely to vote for the "Republica­n Party's candidate for president" than for President Barack Obama in the 2012 election, 47% to 39%...."

  7. Reality Check time and a half15 July, 2011 18:14

    General Election: Romney vs. Obama
    Obama 47, Romney 41

    General Election: Perry vs. Obama
    Obama 50, Perry 37

    General Election: Bachmann vs. Obama
    Obama 50, Bachmann 38

    General Election: Palin vs. Obama
    Obama 53, Palin 34

  8. General Election: Generic Republican 47% vs. Obama 39%


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