Friday, July 15, 2011


Tea Party Freshman Congressman Joe Walsh (R) appeared on Martin Bashir’s NBC News show this afternoon and completely schooled the British-accented anchor.

Let's look at what Congress has done to our debt since they were taken over by the Democratic Party. The last two years of the Bush admin had our debt rise faster then any other time before. One those same Democrats,Pelosi and Reed got Obama it was cart blonch withe the American peoples credit card. Now that we have Republicans in Congress again maybe they can do what they did under Clinton. We all know it was the Republican Congress that made the cuts that gave us the surplus.

Obama wants to just keep doing what they have been doing. They want to taker tax payer money and give it to their Wall Street cronies. All we have to do is take a look at Wall Street now and look at main street since Obama took office. Let's take a look at who has gotten the money. All those "too big too fail" businesses are still too big too fail. States are still going to fail even though we bailed them out. The Democrats have given our money to big banks and big business so that they wouldn't have loses. Why is it that the Democrats socialize loses and let the big businesses keep the profits? Is that "social justice"?

We have let them spend our money like their is no tomorrow with promises of growth. They told us that if Obama got his way we would grow our way out of this recession. We wouldn't see unemployment go past 8%. They said that growing government and bailing out big business would make everything better. You don't have to be a genius to know that none of it has worked the way they Democrats and Obama told us it would. Americans aren't as dumb as Obama thinks. They know cause and effect. They know who has been running this country and they know the Congress holds the purse strings.

The Democrats have been selling us shit and telling us it's shoe polish. Anyone with senses can tell the difference. Americans have started to not believe what Obama and the Democratic Party says any more. They will realize that the Democrats are selling us shit when they say that the they must raise the debt. They realize that if SSI doesn't get paid out it's Obama doing it. They realize that the president can still use the income from taxes to keep paying those people. Every time the Republicans want too cut government the Democrats hold up teachers, firefighters and police as the first cuts they will make. Not the pork but the meat gets the first cuts. They will do anything to get their way. Even if it will destroy this country.

We also know what massive debt does to every country that has ever had it. So why do the Democrats want to keep raising our debt? Do they not care about the next generation? Just look at what they do to the teachers, police and firefights and tell me what you think. Raising our debt and taxes right now is just more proof that the Democratic Party doesn't care about the future of this country. They know what raising our debt will do in the end. We know that the Democrats can't grow our economy. This is about votes, not Americas future.

The Democrats want your money and power, while the Republicans want you too keep your money and govern yourself. You tell me which party is on the side of the people and which party just want to take from you and the private sector so that they can control the economy and country?

Just remember Senator Obama voted to not raise the debt ceiling a few years ago. The only things that have changed since then is our debt is much larger and Obama is now the president. Was he playing politics then or now? I thinks it's both.

We all know what raising our debt will do. We also know what raising taxes will do. So why do Democrats in Congress and Obama want to do both? Are they trying to "fundamentally change America"? If that is what they are doing then they are doing a great job. If they are trying to save this country and the middle class then they are failing worse then any admin. before them. We can't keep going down the same path and expecting different results, that would be crazy. We need to change course no matter how hard it is on us. If we don't, we will screw this generation and the ones that follow.

It's time we take away the money and the power from our government and give it back to the people. We will do a much better job spending what is ours then they have. No one with a soul would en debt their children like we have done. It's time we start asking Democrats why they want to keep screwing over the children with our debt? Every generation before this one has left more then they came in with. Are we really that selfish that we would make our children and grandchildren pay off our debts? It sure does seem so. Democrats should be ashamed of themselves for taking candy from a baby in order to not make the cuts needed to live within our means.

If Democrats want to screw their own kids and grand kids by leaving debt instead of inheritance it's their right. But we as a country do not have the right to make our children work to pay off our debt. It is theft plain and simple. All I know is that stealing from a child is one of the lowest things anyone could do and that is just what the Democrats and Obama want to do.


  1. Just remember that the States are all coming up on default. Nothing was fixed with that one either. When that tsunami hits we will go down the drain economicly.

  2. I want a refund. It's time the private sector and We the People got our bailout. Let us keep our money and spend it ourselves.

  3. JoeC. how did your talk with Chris' pastor go? You didn't puss out did you?

  4. When you have a President whom believes Europian type Socialism is Good how can he with those views be in charge of getting a Nation built on Capitolism moving. They are exact oppisites and using Socialism methods will in the end Kill Capitolism.

    Heard Obama say today that a Balanced Budget Amendment is NOT needed and Politicans should be held accountable for Balanced Budget. Just how has that worked out over the last few Decades.
    The man says things that well are just unbelievable. Government Governing its SPENDING! Amendment would insure CITIZENS Spending would not take place ithout FUNDING!~ Just my opinion!

  5. Dear House Republicans,

    In the election of 2010, voters sent you to Washington to do two things: (1) End Obamacare and (2) pull us back from the brink of financial ruin.

    You have failed at the first task. Obamacare remains. You never even seriously attempted to restrain its funding or implementation. Heck, you haven’t even saved the incandescent lightbulb.

    Will you now fail at the second task too?

    If you cave, fold, or compromise on the President’s terms, you will have failed in both your missions. If you support Mitch McConnell’s plan, you will have decisively failed.

    Now is a time for choosing. Now is your time for choosing.As I pointed out to John Boehner yesterday, despite what the pundits in Washington are telling you, it is you and not Obama who hold most of the cards. Obama has a legacy to worry about. Should the United States lose its bond rating, it will be called the “Obama Depression”. Congress does not get pinned with this stuff.

    But there are a few points that you need to understand.

    First, as the hours go on, the doom and gloom scenarios are going to get worse. By the end of July, Goldman Sachs, Ben Bernanke, and Timmy Geithner are going to tell you the world will end unless you raise the debt ceiling.

    They did it with TARP too.

    And now we know that the amount of money used in TARP was far less than allocated and a lot of the TARP situation involved Hank Paulson forcing solvent banks to play along. Oh, and a great many Republicans were primaried out of office.

    Do not believe the doom and gloom. Wise decisions are never made when premised on fear.

    Second, understand that the pundits and talking heads people expect you to listen to probably have it wrong. Remember, in 2010, they told you that if you kept being the Party of No, you’d lose. And yet . . .

    As I’ve said repeatedly, the pundits and chattering class in Washington have a bias far greater than their liberal one — it is a good government bias. They believe Republicans and Democrats should come together and do grand bargains. Evil and stupid come together and do something evil and stupid. The press heralds it as bipartisanship at its finest, damn the results. We’ve been doing these grand bargains for years. Remember the last time we had a balanced budget in DC? That was at $5 trillion in national debt and no one bothered to read the fine print that the “balance” was actually based on a 10 year Congressional Budget Office projection.

    Likewise, the pundits with a good government bias for some reason tend to ignore the Democrats’ problems. In 2010, the media told us you beat the Democrats because the Democrats got their message wrong, not their policy. We know the truth. But we also know that the Democrats were willing to lose to advance socialism. Are you willing to lose to advance freedom?

    Finally, and here is my big point — you have to win this fight. If you do not win this fight, there will be no more chances to turn back government. Why? Because President Obama is holding senior citizens hostage with their social security checks.

    If the President can force your hand by using entitlements as a lever to punish the American people if you don’t do as he wants, you will have established this as a precedent. From here on out, if you lose this fight, every time you balk at expanding government, social security checks will be withheld, medicare payments will be withheld, and in just a few short years, surgeries will be cancelled, vaccinations withheld, and hospitals shuttered.

  6. Another of Chris's finest cut and paste work? Bravo Chris it takes a lot of work to copy the talking points....

    Steve, lol. Yes i did. I was never planning on going. I was scared for Chris because at the time he was not right in the head, but he seems to be back on the medication now.

  7. Sorry Joe I didn't cut and paste anything. Nice try though Joe. I'm sure Joe has the same plan as Obama does...Nothing.

    Joe I also don't take any medications either. But we know that is just you projecting. When you grow a brain and can do anything other then mock it would be nice to know what you think, not what the union tells you too think or the DNC but what you think. Joe you are the king of liberal and unioon talking points. You have yet to deviate from them. Just look at how lame your posts are. I take it your meds make you less lucid? Hopefully you stopped smoking pot, it showed through in your comments.

  8. Chris, i am merely the counterpoint to your absurd statements. Lol, i'm waiting for your Jesus on the Wal Mart receipt blog next.

  9. Thanks for yet another pot induced comment. You always make the Democrats look bad. That is why I like when you comment. Maybe one day you can debate the issues when you are lucid. It has been quite a long time since you have debated the issue rather then throw out strawman comments and rants that mean nothing in the scope of the posts.


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