Friday, September 16, 2011

Solar Scandal Threatens to Engulf White House

On the 'Factor' , ABC News' Investigative Reporter Brian Ross was interviewed about the emerging Solyndra bankruptcy scandal. Ross claims that the scandal goes 'right through to the door of the White House' with White House officials being 'pressured' to move up the timing of the loan despite push back from budget analysts. Ross was stunned to learn how earlier in the year the White House became aware of the companies impending bankruptcy yet continued to downplay this potential risk to the public.

It is too early to how this will effect the Obama White House. This isn't the first time something like this has happened in the Obama admin. We must not forget about the Chrysler bankruptcy after we the people bailed them out.

This may be Obama's last straw with the moderate Democrats. The worse part is Obama has a jobs plan that will just do more of the same "investments".

I'd like to know what your thoughts are on this scandal? How do you think it will play out politically?


  1. There is another Obama scandal looming simultaneously in which his administration sought to deceive (lie to) congress in pressuring to change a USAF 4-Star Generals testimony before a sub-committee looking into GPS.

    Of course there is another large Obama donor involved in the background on this scandal but has has two deeper concerns; National Security and the willful attempt to falsify testimony to congress.

    One thing is for sure, congressmen make a living off of lying but they damn sure do not put up with being lied to or even to the idea of it and members of both parties on the committee are now investigating this.

  2. From what I have seen and heard it appears White House is not in any hurry to release E Mails that pertain to the LOAN! I believe subpoenas were needed to get most of what Congress has now and it took some time for results from regime. To me the longer it takes for regime to give documents needed and to the point subpoenas must be issued by Congress to get them the more I must ask what the HELL they scared of?

  3. Thanks for the new info CP. I'm sure these are just the tip of the iceburge. The last jobs bill(STimulus bill) is just a fleecing of the American tax payers.

    AL, the Democrats are running scared of this green energy scam. It sure is bad timing for Obama and the Democratic Party. I think when all is said and done there will be even more Democrats in jail or in hiding.

  4. Liberals Killing Christian Pastors Now18 September, 2011 20:39

    A gunman killed one person at a Florida home and then burst through the front door of a nearby church on Sunday, wounding a pastor and associate pastor before parishioners tackled him and held him until deputies arrived.

    Pastor William Boss and associate pastor Carl Stewart were in critical condition, the Polk County Sheriff’s office said. No other church members were hurt. The person who was killed had not yet been identified.

    Jeremiah Fogel, 57, ran through the doors of the Greater Faith Christian Church after a morning service had wrapped up and just before another daily service, authorities said. The red-brick building also serves as a school and sits across from a mobile home park.

    It was not immediately known if Fogel had an attorney.

    Deputies interview witnesses at the church where two people were shot. Several police cars and police tape blocked off the church and the street in front. Ambulances and police cars rushed down the street when the shooting happened, neighbors said.

    “I’ve never heard of any problems there,” said Bryan Neely, who owns a motorcycle shop about two blocks away.

    The sheriff’s office was expected to give a press conference Sunday afternoon, Central Florida News 13 reported.

    The suspect owned a limousine service that provided transportation to the airport and often worked outside with his wife, mowing the lawn and pulling weeds, neighbors said.

    “They both did yard work together. They would cut up and laugh,” Doreen Carroll, who lives a couple of blocks away, told The Ledger of Lakeland.

    A friend of Boss told the newspaper he is a unique pastor who is caring and works to help the community.

    “He had a gift from God to speak,” said Reese King, sports director at a local radio station.

  5. I'm sure we will be seeing more liberals going off the deep end and hurting people they disagree with. It is the liberal way.

  6. Chris The Justice system on occassion leave much to be disired. I understand the suspect did 10 years or so for killing his FIRST wife!

    My guess Reabilitation FAILED!

  7. Executives from SOLYNDRA will be taking the fifth regarding the Company going Bankrupt and the loss of 530 MILLION Tax Payers dollars. This investigation will drag out into the election cycle and it will be interesting to see what MSM does to report ALL!

    Fast and Furious a really stupid plan that cost one Border Patrol officer his life along With Unknown amount of Mexicans dieing is another FAILURE in the Justice department that seems to be UNDER REPORT by MSM. Whom would OK the release of thousands of Automatic weapons to Criminals to trace them through to the drug cartells without thinking maybe something BAD could happen? Well BAD happened and how far up gthe Food Chain does the responsibility go for this just STUPID Idea?


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