Monday, September 19, 2011

Speaker at Progressive Rally Suggests Pissing on Republicans as an Alternative to Pouring Beer on Them

“This is Wisconsin, this is the place where you had some guy pour a beer on the head of a Republican State Senator? No, no, no, that’s all wrong. You can’t do that. That’s just wrong. I’m from New York. If you’re going to pour beer on a Republican, you have to drink it first.”

As liberal radical extremists in Madison become more and more aggressive and violent, the Wisconsin-based Maclver Institute writes that conservatives have become frustrated with law enforcement’s approach to the radical protesters:
“The incident has brought to a head concerns by conservatives in Madison that law enforcement there have not taken threats to public safety seriously. Many on the Left, however, have openly mocked the incident as humorous and minimal, although most of this has come in the form of facebook and twitter postings and none in such a public fashion as Palast, an author and freelance journalist, brazenly did on Saturday.”
This is what the left-wing do. They act like crazy animals and in the same fit of lunacy they call the Tea Partiers the "radical extremists". I'm sure the same Madison mutants that made the poop Picasso's in the capital bathrooms would see nothing wrong with throwing urine on Republicans.

It's just a matter of time before President Obama calls out his civil army to take up their arms of piss and poop and start flinging away at the Tea Party and Republicans. I've seen this kindof warfare at the monkey exhibit in the Detroit Zoo. In the end they all stink of waste. It's what liberals do with everything they get their hands on. It turns to crap.

Just as these liberals have turned every city theyprotested and rallied in into a garbage heap, they have done this to our country. Americans are watching. We see how the liberals act when they have power and when they lose it. They are at their last stand and they will pull out every weapon in their arsenal to hold on to power for themselves. As Republicans want to give back power to the people, liberals want to hold on to it and use it minus the people. They think they can do a better job of controlling everything.

We conservatives and moderates are ready for the liberal monkey warfare. Americans have seen enough liberalism to last a life time. We have watch every liberal policy fail. We have watch everything go to poo since they have taken our money and given it out to who they want. Go ahead and piss on us, you have been pissing on this country for a long time now. The voting booth is where liberals will have the piss knocked out of them.

The Republican Party purged the liberals from their Party after they lost big time in 2008. Democrats went as far left as they could and stayed the coarse. The Democratic Party has only two choices to make. They could go down with liberalism joined at the hip. Or they can cut their ties whiliberalism and go right of center like they used to be. For us to be a strong nation on top we must have a strong Republican Party and a strong Democratic Party. We have seen what taking both Parties to the left have done to this country and world. Now is the time to give liberals no where to call home. Get rid of the Progressives in both Parties. Let's make America great again by taking control of both Parties. Let the liberals throw their turds and beat themselves stupid. While they are looking stupid at Turd Fest 2012 we will keep pushing both Parties to the right. That is when we will see real change. Liberals don't deserve the Democratic Party. They don't deserve anything.


  1. LOL! It is really sad that for every stupid thing the left does like this, the more everyday Americans distance themselves from the left cause.
    It's pathetic to see the Dems ignore this kind of behavior, but that too reflects on them.
    When the Dems are elected out of government, will they continue to act like this?
    If so, you can witness firsthand the destruction of the left political movement in this country.

  2. No psychologist here but being I like to get to the root of an issue and being computer literate it did not take long to run a search on this worded as follows 'pissing on others'.

    The results were all of a deviant sexual nature and thats all that needs to be said here as to the root of this behavior really.

    Now being this particular fluid is of a biological nature I believe it would be considered a felonious assault should it be put into practice.

  3. Wow, its like they are setting bombs up in federal buildings and attacking kids at camp now isn't it. Oh, wait that is what conservatives do.

    Next they'll shoot one of them while he's an usher in a Lutheran church service. Wait, that's what conservatives do.

    and they'll put a bomb at the olympics. wait that was a christian conservative not a liberal.

  4. Joe when you mentioned bombing federal building thought you were talking about Regimes buddy! Were You?

  5. That is one funny ass post. Joe the list of liberals that have done much worse goes on and on. Just look at what the unions are doing. Look at the liberals going after Christan church with guns. I posted it yesterday.

  6. Being my comment was before JoeC I find it quite reveling in his lack of defense on what I brought to bear the most substantive.

    What I found in my smallest of research combined with Joes comment should most profoundly reflect what all must see by now of socialists and their deviant ways - projection.

    Reality is where I live and I see Joe and others for what they are, deviants of Nature itself and that of truth and are to be given no credit whatsoever.

    To Bonsai: I apologize for nothing in this as I call it as I see it.

  7. Facebook has the "Republican golden showers blitz" getting started. It looks like we all need rain jackets. Some of these perverts are telling people to ferment the urin for a week or longer.

  8. I was watching the Pianist recently and all the vile things one can imagine that was done to the Jews in Warsaw Poland after the Germans rounded them up and put them in the ghettos. We are far from that but on the road to it most certainly in my humble opinion because things in history always have a way of repeating themselves. They repeat because we forget and when we forget the whole thing starts over as the politicians and haters begin to stoke the flames of racism and pit us against each other. If they had all the power tomorrow and you walked in their midst, if known of your love for this country and your stand against what they believe, do you really think you’d last two seconds without being beat to the ground and killed? These people have plans for us, the real Americans who really care not only about our communities but theirs as well and the well being of many others even outside this great country. These demonizations of us on the right will lead to no good that is for sure. When it all falls apart we will no doubt be blamed for it just like the Jews were blamed for the ills of Europe and that of Germany specifically. Thank God their was a great country like America who could come riding to the rescue not only of the Jews but of Poles, Gypsys, French, Brits, Norwegians,etc. NO one is coming to our rescue folks. If we lose freedom to these monsters we will rue the day and so will our children. We may not see freedom again for generations. He is just one of many of Obama’s Maniacs.

    The baby-killing, America-hating, Christ-ophobic Liberals keep pushing and pushing…

  9. Damn this got me worked-up,,,,,3 tries now,,,

    To Jim and George,,"Ye of little Faith"

    God Dammit men, Put on some pant's! Load a gun or two and take care of business!

    Politics be damned, if one decides they wish to "try" any type of liquid-throwing on me they will meet a bullet,,or two or more,,without one ounce of hesitation.

    To those that seem to promote the 2nd Amendment I say live it and to those that demean it and show behavior such as Bonsai shows, die by it.

    There is no place in society for those who wish to throw anything at another so therefore they should be taken out of said society should they choose.

    Does that sound harsh?

    If not, you are part of the problem!

  10. Golden Showers? They are freaks of nature.
    C-CP what did Bonsai say that was so bad? Are you saying to kill liberals now and throw people like Bonsai,Jim and George out of the country for not shooting them? Not everyone is a killer. Would you shoot them for hitting you?

  11. God, Chris, can't you take a joke. Palast was making a joke, first of all.

    But it's interesting you ignore this little tidbit from Andrew Breitbart and you can tell he's totally serious about his Second Amendment solution comment about killing liberals.

    This whole post, Chris, is bullshit. I was there and Palast was in no way calling for people actually piss on conservatards.

  12. I din't hear anyone laughing. I heard the libturds cheered for it. It's hard to rewrite the reaction of the crowed and the lack of laughter from him. Nice try though Bruce. Don't forget the Madison Capital Building bathrooms and property. They smeard crap on everything. I wouldn't put anything past you,the unions and your ilk. They have taken Americans hostage because of union contracts...If anyone is calling for the killing of liberals that is wrong. Just like it is wrong when it is done to the Tea Party and Christian Churches.

  13. Steve, If you bothered to understand what I wrote you would know I was not saying anything at all bad about those you mention. What I wrote backs up Bonsai and the others just at a stronger degree.

    Really, if again you bothered to read what ChiefGeorge wrote you would completely understand my take on this.

    Respectively, reading is a gift but useless if one does not understand the word's.

  14. Christopher-CP: I guess I didn't understand what you wrote either. "To Jim and George,,"Ye of little Faith"

    God Dammit men, Put on some pant's! Load a gun or two and take care of business!"

    Are you saying you would shoot one of these pisshands?

  15. wow, CP going all OG on us, people with beer,
    Chris and Steve from his mothers basement.

    I hope you do exactly as you say you would. First just to make sure your not some punk bitch and second because your a typical Christian talk shit and forget what the bible says.


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