Saturday, November 12, 2011

'Occupy' Invade Conservative Conference


Could you imagine what would have happened if the Tea Party did anything like this? My how the narative has changed when the left-wing do the assulting. Obama drove us to be more like Europe, every day we are loking more and more like them. They say capitalism doesn't work. Capitalism works for those that use it. It fails for the lazy and ignorent. They want to take apart the only system that has ever worked. It aint perfect but it's the best we've got. They also say austerity doesn't work. What doesn't work is the big spending out of control government that brought these countries to austerity. At this point there is no other choice but austerity.


  1. There have been over 100 'Occupy' rapes. One death by overdose. Countless arrests. What a great group of Amerikans.

  2. These commies crack me up! Depositing their money in one of those deplorable banks, fighting over who gets the $500K that the OWS has received. Raping, killing, living in filth, breaking umpteen laws ... yep, it's a liberal paradise! Brought to you by the lazy-arsed kids whose parents sent them to elite schools where their marxist profs beat into their heads how evil their parents hard-earned money was, only to emerge in the real world with a degree that wasn't worth the paper that they wrapped the burger in at the only job they were qualified for! ROFLMAO So then they protest the banks, some of which were FORCED, by the government, to take money from the government, all the banks of which paid back the loans, unlike GM which will cost the taxpayers (aka the 53% that pay taxes) 15 Billion with a B! Serious down-twinkles folks! Bruce is all up-twinkles in his pants over at Occupy Detroit, which is a pristine example of Democrat rule, so shouldn't Occupy Detroit just hang out at their respective homes, since they already have everything they wanted? Meanwhile OD has been served. I heard them on the radio the other day saying they wanted someone to donate a bunch of stuff, one of which was an office space so they could occupy an office during the chilly winter, buncha pussies!! LOL

    *Mike Check* - You liberals are a bunch of idiots, and your ideas are not only bad, they're downright dangerous and deadly. Keep up the good work idiots!

  3. OD will burn down the liberal city if they don't get their way. I would like to see Occupy Cass corridor. Those dumbass white kids wouldn't last one night. They are a bunch of pussies.


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