Thursday, November 10, 2011

This Atlanta Private Investigator’s Lie Detector Prove Cain Is Telling the Truth

Even though Cain hasn't taken a lie detector test yet there is proof that Cain isn't lieing. Investigator TJ Ward and his $15,000 voice analyzing software detect stress levels and other metrics from a person’s voice to tell if they are lying or not. Ward used the software to analyze Cain’s recent press conference and said it shows he was telling the truth:
During the speech, when Cain denied the claims, the lie detector read “low risk.”  According to Ward, that means Cain is telling the truth.
During the section of Bialek’s news conference where she says, “He suddenly reached over put his hand on my leg under my skirt and reached for my genitals he also grabbed my head brought it towards his crotch.”
During the analysis of that section the software said “high risk statement.”  Ward said that means she is not  telling the truth about what happened.
“I don’t think she is fabricating her meetings,” said Ward.  ”But, she is fabricating what transpired.”
“When he directly talks about the allegations against him there is no high risk,” said Ward.  “It is low risk, which tells me he is being truthful in his conversations to the public.”
You can watch the machine in action below:
Ward told CBS that law enforcement already use software such as this and that it has a 95% success rate.


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  2. LOL! We must have posted this same thing at the same time.
    Great minds think alike.
    Pretty damning. Wonder if Mr Ward will use it when they accusers do a joint press conference.

  3. I hope he does. If it goes Cain's way he will get a lot of attention. People will see Cain as the victim in all this. It may make him untouchable.

  4. Only liberals believe these women.

  5. So now it’s come to that... It’s come to the point where even the left who have been calling the rightwingers “racists” for years now have come to the point where they are calling the right “racists” because they support a man who is not the “right kind of black” I guess that we have now arrived at the day in America where a black man is vilified by other black men, because he doesn't fit their black profile. I guess that the true black man must be a liberal or he is not really the black man that the country needs. I have seen it all now. Blacks like Danny Glover, Harry Belefonte, and Al Sharpton as well as many others calling a back man a Uncle Tom once again only because he doesn’t fit their mold. You all should be ashamed of yourselves, and especially the lefties who claims to be so tolerant. Who say that they is for “Diversity”.
    Isn’t it amazing how twisted they make things when they don’t agree with the party that the individual belongs to.

  6. It looks like Herman is taking back his offer to take a lie detector test.

  7. Cain has nothing to gain by taking a LD test - if he fails, he's toast because everyone will believe the results; if he passes, the left will say it was rigged and ignore the results. Cain just needs to keep hammering on his innocence (and start investigating Axelrod, whom I am convinced is behind these 'eruptions'.

  8. It all depends on what the meaning of "is" is, right Brucie? Even if Cain is "guilty" of everything he's accused of, he's still done nothing illegal. And he's done nowhere near what your hero admitted to doing. Using that poor intern for an ash tray. What a liberal pos.

  9. Bruce, backing off? I don't see that. And humpingthepost put it in to your head that "he produced another inconsistency"
    Nothing inconsistence nor backing off. He said he is still willing to take it, but rightly so, they should also take one.
    Is to to much to ask them to get strapped in to one of those things to make sure THEY are not lying also?

  10. Cain will take a lie detector when Hell freezes over.

    He is NOT a serious candidate any way. Now that I think about it, none of these clowns running for the Republican nominate is serious.

  11. How about Barry Soetoro take a lie detector against Larry Sinclair's claims? Snorting coke in the back of a limo while giving Larry a BJ. The cocaine itself is a felony. Barry admits he was a coke-whore and pot-smoker. Now he's dumping taxpayer funds to his buddies for useless . Nice hero Bruce.

    Even if Cain did what the women say he did, he never even committed a crime. All Cain ever did was work hard and make something of himself. OWS should be studying what Cain did to see how they can do it themselves. Sounds just too much darn hard work though, doesn't it?!? ROFLMAO I love how the OWS protests private corporations that can only take your money if A) you give it to them freely or B) the government takes it from you first and then gives it to them. That's it, that's the only way, and OWS protests the private corporations!?!? LOL Talk about a bunch of clowns!!

  12. Are you good with these woman taking one, Bruce?
    All the Republican candidates are serious about one thing. Getting Obama out of the Whitehouse and 4 of them, I am confident, will clean his clock in the general election, is my prediction.

  13. I'm ok with the women taking a lie detector, but that's up to them.

    None of the Republican field will beat Obama. That's just wishful thinking on your part, Mark.

    The Republican candidates are clowns. Herman Cain doesn't even know how to answer a question about Libya. All he does seem to know is that whatever side President Obama is on, he's on the other side.

  14. Bruce, Not even Obama can answer those questions about Libya. The state Dept doesn't know for sure who those people are.
    Hell, Obama doesn't even know the law, that he had no later than 60 days after commencement of hostilities to answer to congress of his actions. The guy is a loose cannon who thinks he doesn't have to answer to anyone but Michele.

    FYI Any generic Republican beats Obama hands down. Which means the country is turning away from Obama and will go with pretty much any Republican come 2012.

  15. Mark, the problem is that there is no "generic" Republican. All the candidates have names and problems answering questions about Libya, etc., Rick (brain freeze) Perry, Mitt (I'm on all sides of every issue) Romney and the rest of the Republican clowns.

    Not one Republican clown will be able to beat President Obama.

  16. Bruce if theres anybody that would know a clown it would be EWE! Still got that paper machete head?

    November 2012 will indeed be interesting. Defending Failure will not be easy for nobama so we will be entertained with alot of Nastiey side shows. Fortunately Citizens have been awakened by regime. My prediction Republican canadate 53% Nobama 47%. The 47% will not vote against Nobama they may be forced to actually contribute to live in the greatest Nation ever on this planet.

  17. I know Bruce this is hard for you to figure out, but a generic Rep is in general ANY Republican beats Obama. Once the Rep field is set then you can look at a head to head polls.

    Newt, Herman and Mitt could wipe the floor with Obama's record.

    And I will say it again, Bruce, even "The state Dept doesn't know for sure who those people (who just overthrew Gaddafi) are."

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