Saturday, February 20, 2010

Glenn Beck Hit It Out Of The Park At CPAC

Full Video: Glenn Beck’s CPAC Speech

This video has a long intro but it's worth the wait. Glenn Beck is great in this speech at CPAC. He is one of the best speakers I've seen in a long time. What do you think of Glenn Becks speech?


  1. Chris,

    No need to watch the video again here, I saw it live and agree,,OU OF THE BALLPARK!

    The best keynote speaker of the event!

  2. I watch it live too. I laughed my but off. He is just a regular Joe with a good head on him. I like the fact that he didn't let the Republicans off the hook either. You never see the liberals do that.

  3. Chris, I know you ,as I like to laugh but dare say he was quite serious. Beck has a way with speaking but what he says is quite real and not to be laughed at.

    You might remind Brian of that.

  4. Oh, he was the best. Even the funny parts were serious. I just think that it was great how in all his seriousness and sweating he made some great jokes. I laughed at all the same parts everyone in the audience did. He was trying to make some points with laughter. Many times those points are better made with laughter. But 98% of his speech was serious and down right scary. That is why he made some funny parts. A great speech has many parts to it and isn't run by one emotion. I'm sure Brian knows how serious things are or he wouldn't be doing everything he is doing. If you don't take the time to laugh then you might go crazy like the liberals do so often and hurt people.LOL. Everyone does things in a different way. But I know we are all serious or we wouldn't be doing what we do. I'm sure there will be some people on the right saying Beck should run for President and then others that will say he is just a comedian. Both are a little on the edge. But he gets us to listen because he is funny. His message is still gloom and doom and a tad depressing for a lot of people. If he doesn't tell the story of our past and futture in an entertawining way no one will listen. Just look at Keith Olbertmenm. He is as misserable as a person could get. And Mancow isn't much better. That is a big part of why people don't listen to them. People got Becks message and the conservative message but they didn't become depressed and hopeless afterwords. Laughter means hope to a lot of people.

  5. i thought it was the usual BS, but i don't get what you sheeple see in him. Then again i don't let my political opinions come from youtube clips of a cokehead.

    Its a shame you guys comstantly accuse us of being just puppets of the union when you put your puppet master videos on your blog. Notice the irony of that?

  6. You really mdo look down on everyone don't you JoeC? You think Bruce and his ilk are less then you and you think we are less then you because we like what you don't. You look down on Christians that sin,duh everyone is a sinner, but you only dislike the Christian sinners. From reading you comments over these few month it is obvious you think of yourself as a high form of man then us lowly people. Those were the same idealogies that made slaves and killed Jews. We look at all men as being equal while you on the left see us as less then you. Shame on you and your beliefs.

  7. Chris, thats just garbage. I don't look down on you. I don't understand yours or Bruces relying on the "phrophets of TV politics" and its a really creapy how attached people are to it, but i don't look down on you.

    theres nothing enlightening about what they are doing. Its shilling for advertisers sake. they don't care about you, your world or your life, they care about ratings. You buy their books, watch their shows, make them rich and what does that serve?

  8. "i thought it was the usual BS, but i don't get what you sheeple see in him. Then again i don't let my political opinions come from youtube clips of a cokehead."

    What most people would call a fallacious argument. Not once did you point out the errors or falsehoods in his speech. No, you simply resorted to a dismissive attitude and an ad hominem attack. I listened to the speech and would be curious to hear what you deem to be, "the usual bs".

  9. Paul, the whole speech was the usual TP's that conservatives have had wrong for years. Sure he rips the Right for small things but in the end he still gets the whole thing wrong.

    his views on the constitution, Religion, our rights its all wrong. The usual BS he sputs off wrongly everyday.

  10. Still not better JoeC. Try again. You said a lot of nothing. You must not have anything of substance or you would have used it. Go back on the internet instead of the TV and find your answers. You think you are using a higher form of media to get you info. That make a lot of sense. Does it to you JoeC? You liberals are in need of some real in your face reality! This Spring you will get it! The people are getting angry at you liberals not the conservatives. You will get blamed.

  11. From what I know of Beck, he was an alcoholic, not a cokehead. Barry was the cokehead.

    I would be interested to hear your rebuttal on some points Joey. I didn't listen to the whole speech, but I will if you do give a reply on what points he got wrong.

    From what I have seen of Beck he's pretty entertaining. It is pretty funny the level of animosity that the liberals have for Beck, Limbaugh, and Palin among others. Nobody cares what Maddow and Olbermann have to say, they are so far out of the mainstream it's ridiculous. Maybe the reason Beck and the others garner so much rage, and I'm not saying from you Joey but from some of the others like FAILk, is that they realize that Beck et. al. reflect more of the mainstream and are antithetical to their big-government dreams.

  12. Thanks Anon, I agree completely. I watched the video and I heard things like, Freedom, Liberty, smaller government, and personal responsibility. If you want to label those issues has beliefs of the Right, then so be it. But, they are ideas that make sense and you'd be hard-pressed to argue they wouldn't be good for the country.

    Simply put JoeC, tell us how he got the Constitution, religion and our rights "all wrong". And you don't get away with saying, "It's because he's Glenn Beck".

  13. JoeC Where is BECK Wrong on the Constitution?
    Socialized Government Insurance takes AWAY Freedom of Choice! Citizens are FORCED to DO Something They May NOT Want and THAT is a LOSS of Freedom to Most! Beck May Have Been a Alcholic and Pot Head But Whats Your Poiunt Other than ATTACKING the Messenger and NOT The Message!
    Information Should Come From Several Sources and I Throw OUT What I Dont Agree With And Move On. Libs Seem to Think Attacking People They Dont Agree with is a GOOG Thing and We Will See in November WHOM Believes What and That is ALL That Really MATTERS!

  14. John, Glenn abused Coke, dope and alcohol. It was just in parade magazine this past weekend. Strange that he mentions the recovering alcoholic thing, but not the recovering addict at CPAC.

  15. JoeC Attacking the Messenger and Providing NOTHING Regarding the Message! Says MORE About YOU than BECK!

  16. Paul lets start with this...

    "As I read the Constitution – as I read the Constitution – as I read the words of the founders, really, the only job of the United States government is to save us from bad guys."

    Thats a standard righty mantra. Its wrong but its the standard thought. Government is not the uber cops, and the framework of the constitution provides for more than that.

    "We know – you didn’t give us our rights. Not a single time have we gotten a right from Congress or the President. We get them from God. And when he gives us those rights he puts a warning bell inside of us."

    Even Madison and many of the founders didn't believe that. James Madison called trial by jury a civil right, one that emanates not from the creator but from the social contract.

    I do wonder how you could sit through that. I couldn't. i had to wait for the transcript. It just sounds bad, he jumps all over the place and doesn't keep a single thought going throughout except for his bizarre "progressive thing" but most of that was attack by association.

  17. The Attack BY Association Does That Include Tea Party,Independents and Consevatives! Just Wondering,Thats a Wide Brush And MANY Citizens!


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