Thursday, March 25, 2010

Democrats Are Fanning The Flame Of Violence:Eric Cantor Video

House Minority Whip Eric Cantor just gave a brief speech accusing Democrats of using reports of recent threats of violence for political gain, and saying someone shot a bullet through the window of his campaign office this week.
"I've received threats since I assumed elected office, not only because of my positions, but because i am Jewish," Cantor said. "I've never blamed anyone in this body for that. Period. Any suggestion that a leader in this body that would incite threats or acts against other members is akin to saying that i would endanger myself, my wife or my children."
Cantor said a bullet was shot through the window of his Richmond, Va., campaign office this week, and that he's gotten threatening emails.
"I will not release them because I believe such actions will only encourage more to be sent," he said.
He said to do so -- as some Democratic lawmakers have done -- would be reckless.
"It is reckless to use these incidents as media vehicles for political gain," he said. He called out DCCC Chair Chris Van Hollen and DNC Chair Tim Kaine by name as those who are "dangerously fanning the flames by suggesting that these incidents be used as a political weapon."
"To use such threats against members of congress is not a partisan issue," he said. "By ratcheting up the rhetoric some will only inflame these situations to dangerous levels."
Cantor's congressional office tells TPMDC the shooting happened sometime late Monday night or early Tuesday morning. It triggered an alarm, and the campaign filed a police report immediately. No one was harmed.
Michael Lowry, a spokesman for the Cantor campaign, told TPMDC that all inquiries about the shooting were being handled by Cantor's congressional office staff. He would not confirm any details about the incident, including whether or not there was a visible bullet hole.
A Richmond Police spokeswoman says the department is working on a statement about the incident to release to the press.


  1. They are always playing politics with we the people. It is as if they want to set off the far right and far left.

  2. Incinderary language serves no one. I do not believe Mr. Cantor understands the rhetoric that is out there. And to accuse the Dems of fostering violence is no more helpful or accurate then saying nothing at all. The ballot box is where ALL this belongs. Anything less is promoting anarchy and senseless acts of violence. By the way Chris, Congressman Cantor was not the only politician who was the receipient of a violent act. It would have been nice if you had at least paid lip service to the others, who were mostly Dems. you sure you don't work for Fox Noise?

  3. Oh, please, Chris. I wish you were kidding, but I know you actually believe this shit.

  4. Where's the outrage from the left-wingers?!?!

    Listening to The Ed Show on the radio, callers were calling for the thought-police to take Glenn Beck out of radio and tv. When dipshit Ed, to his credit, asked the one caller why, the guy couldn't come up with anything more than the fact that he didn't agree with anything Beck says! LOL

    The funniest part of The Ed Show today, the little that I was able to listen, was when Schultz was saying how "words have meaning. Words have consequences". Funny because there was no mention of when Ed himself said that he would cheat if that's what it took to beat Scott Brown. Hypocrites!

    Now, the funniest part of the Ed Show yesterday was when a tanning salon owner called in. Did you catch that Comrade Bruce? The guy that employed about 30 employees, and now he has to eat a tanning tax? And Ed was like, "well why don't you pass it on to your customers?" Oh, so thanks Hypocrats for the tax on our services that you gave us! LOL, so then the guy said that he couldn't ... and then Ed said, basically, well tough luck, have fun failing for bankruptcy, and then took us to commercial!! LMAO ... I'm going to try to find it on the internet, it was hilarious! Ed Schultz has to be the biggest idiot I have ever heard. And I know a LOT of Hypocrats, several on this blog that make comments, but Ed is like Comrade Bruce's twin he's just that stupid! LOL

    Oh, and today he was bemoaning the fact that conservative radio is on 450 stations across the United States. Dude was trippin' he was so jealous, I was struggling to keep the car on the road I was laughing so hard! He was all talking about how conservatives sell books (by the way, Ed has a book coming out, LOL!)

  5. Vomamike why isn't the left giving lipservice to Cantor? All they are talking about it the "crazy teabaggers" and insighting violence. This is Bonsai From The
    Right. Not left. The 80% of media that is liberal has the Dems covered my friend. Bruce go get arrested. Oh you've already done that? What it a violent offence?

  6. "And to accuse the Dems of fostering violence is no more helpful or accurate then saying nothing at all."
    And to the lefties who are out there blaming the Tea Party Movement for the brink and threats incidents, with no proof can be said the same thing.
    Who knows, both incidents might be some folks who are unemployed who are fed up with congress for not dealing with the unemployment issue in this nation and all the while Obama is gallivants around the nation trying to convince the knowledgeable citizens on the HC law...

  7. Where were the left-wingers of justice when Stupak was getting all those threatening calls from the libs who wanted him to vote for the health care tax bill?! Remember that one vomamike and Bruce? They were calling his house and harassing his wife, to the point that they had to turn off the phones. Not a peep out of you men of justice then! LMAO

    Where is this "casket" put on some Senator's lawn?!? Oh, that's right, a left-winger lie! It was "near" his house now! Where is the proof of the N-word being thrown? OOOOOPS, another LIE! LOL

    Even John Dingell, in his video trying to cover up his statement with some kind of nonsense on The Ed Show said that he has received death threats in the past! They all do, but suddenly the Hypocrats are sooooo touchy. Could it be they are trying to make the right look bad? Nah, the lefties would never do something like THAT!

    Go ahead, marginalize Cantor's HQ being shot at, that's just fine you nutjobs. But he filed a police report, so I'm sure that one's not a fake or if it is he or whoever filed it will be spending some time in the pokey. Can you say that about your fake accusations?

  8. I see all the Communists are out today promoting this health care tax! Fidel Castro thinks it's the greatest thing that The United States is coming on over to the Communist way of thinking, and so does Comrade Obama. Soon there will be a chicken in every pot, eh Comrade Bruce? Everyone will make the same wages which will be distributed by our masters who know best! Ahhhh, what a utopia it will be!

  9. Remember when the Obama political machine and Clyburn played the race card against Hillary and Bill?!? LOL, well I do! Chicago dirty politics at its best, that's all this is. Trying to discredit a threat to his political power.
    Democratic Congressmen walking through Saturday's antiObamacare rally at the Capitol have charged that they were subjected to racist and bigoted epithets by protesters. Andrew Breitbart does a great job of summarizing the circumstantial evidence that these charges are bogus.

    At the center of these charges is Rep. James Clyburn of South Carolina. Rep. Clyburn is a member of Nancy Pelosi's House leadership team, the highest ranking black House member, and a past master of deploying the race card. In 2008 Clyburn was a key participant in the Obama team's efforts to racialize the primary campaign. Princeton Professor Sean Wilentz provided this useful account at the time:

    Once again -- and for the last time -- the Democratic primary campaign has moved into a southern state, North Carolina, with a large African American population as well as a considerable university and college town liberal vote. Once again, the Barack Obama campaign and its supporters, fresh from a stinging defeat, are trying to stir up false accusations that Hillary Clinton and her campaign have cynically injected racial animosities into the campaign.

    The latest round of charges about the Clintons have come from a familiar source, Representative James Clyburn of South Carolina, the highest-ranking black leader in Congress. In January, after the Obama campaign suffered stunning defeats in New Hampshire and Nevada, Rep. Clyburn, although nominally uncommitted, joined a chorus of concerted complaint about Hillary Clinton's supposed denigration of Martin Luther King, Jr. and his contributions to the 1964 Civil Rights Act because of her observation that President Lyndon Johnson had played a crucial part in guiding its passage. (Clinton's actual remarks, rarely reported, praised King enormously and were historically accurate.)

    Clyburn then jumped on flimsy accusations that former President Bill Clinton had supposedly made subtle racial remarks by calling Obama's claim to unwavering opposition to administration policy in Iraq a "fairy tale," and by likening Obama's eventual victory in South Carolina to those of Jesse Jackson in 1984 and 1988. (The first had nothing whatsoever to do with race: Obama had said in 2004, 2005 and 2006 that he didn't know how he would have voted on Authorization for the Use of Military Force in Iraq because as a state senator he had no access to the intelligence, and Obama voted consistently for war funding as a U.S. senator. On the second matter -- again, rarely reported in full -- Bill Clinton's remark was delivered as part of his praise of Obama's campaign in every state, and Jackson himself publicly deemed it inoffensive.) Clinton had apparently done his wife's campaign a lot of good with his work in New Hampshire and Nevada; but the targeted attack on him had the double effect of marginalizing him while advancing the race-baiter charges.

    In a radio interview Bill Clinton defended himself and said the Obama campaign had "played the race card on [him]."

  10. Yeah I saw the Castro thing today. MAN if THAT doesn't seal it that its a socialist law, nothing will. LOL
    (I can just see Obama with his head in his hand going 'I just can't win this argument now, thanks to Fidel)

  11. Mark, they aren't even hiding the fact that this is wealth distribution. Read this and watch this video. Makes me sick to my stomach to witness this. Especially with our pos Senator Stabenow standing behind this a-hole. These people are communists, pure and simple:

  12. Welfare and Taxes- Democrats Back to Work

    Now that the healthcare bill has been passed, I see that the news is getting a little more honest about reporting just exactly what the healthcare bill is. For example, the Detroit News says:

    The landmark legislation that Obama signed Tuesday would provide health care to 32 million uninsured people. The $938 billion, 10-year price tag would be financed largely by culling savings from Medicare and imposing new taxes on higher income people and the insurance, pharmaceutical and medical device industries.

    That's exactly what this healthcare bill was at its heart- a massive expansion of government welfare paid for by raising taxes (the 'savings' from Medicare are fake savings- the government telling doctors that they are going to accept less money for procedures and drugs doesn't affect the real cost of those procedures or drugs).

    Welfare and tax raises- that's the Democrats solution to everything, and you can just put 'healthcare reform' in that same boat and that basically is what it is. But, Democrats are still in Washington, so today they went right back to the Obama/Pelosi Democrat plan for America- more welfare spending, more 'construction' spending, and more taxes to pay for this government largess.

    A bill passed Wednesday in the House of Representatives would billions of more dollars for construction projects and welfare programs in selected states. Democrats characterized the $16 billion dollar bill as yet another stimulus program, but in reality it is more welfare and government make-work projects funded by increased taxes and fees or increased debt. This is the Democrat's only answer to every problem in society- increase dependence on the unaccountable state, increase the power of the government, increase the number of people in society working for the government, while taxes and fees and regulations go up on free people who are forced to carry the deadweight of government and its dependents around on their backs.

    Democrats, like my Congressman Gary Peters, don't make it a secret that what you are voting for when you don't vote Republican is welfare and taxes.

  13. Nobama Care Calls For Additional 16,500 IRS Agents. Wonder Why Their Needed? Nobama Care Calls For Zero New Doctors! Wonder WHY There NOT Needed!

  14. Well John, I guess the game plan is then, those who are against this bill should find a way to get sick so those who are for it....can pay for it. Sound like a plan? LOL!

    And Con Teach. "The $938 billion, 10-year price tag" lets not for get about the $246B Dr Fix that the House will vote on soon, which will blow away the $168B deficit savings the CBO said would happen over 10 years... More redistribution.
    Nov. can't come soon enough to at least defund this BS law and force Obuma to repeal.

  15. Eric Cantoris playing politics with the violence being leveled at mostly Dems making him a hypocrite of the highest order.

    He claims the Dems are playing politics as he plays politics. What a buffoon? How can you even post this hypocritical POS article on here?

  16. Al, another great point!!

    Mark, funny you should say that, did you hear about all the libtards who are going to the hospital now to get their "free" health care??!! They go in and say give me my health care, and the hospitals are like "WHAAAA??!? Dude, you're getting taxed now, the insurance thing doesn't kick in until four years from now!" LOL

  17. AL great point. IRS agents will be union jobs. Doctors are a comodaty in the Socialist health care system. India will be getting back their best and brightest. He maybe with Obamacare we all get Kevin Truedou's self help Medical Advisor's books instead of doctors. It's part of the fundamental change Obama was talking about. Maybe if they can make food more expencive with Cap and Trade we will eat less and die younger thus saving them money and loosing weight. Now if we just add a "Man caused dissaster" to the mix we could see what the Democrats are made of. I can't believe that only 33% of Americans like this health care bill while 62% want the Republicans to keep fighting it. It sucks to be a Socialist Democrat.

  18. Joe -

    The fact is, all politicians get threats all the time. Dingel even admitted that he has gotten threats over the years. Hypocrats are making a big deal out of a few nut-jobs. Cantor is merely pointing out the fact that he, as a Republican and Jew, gets threats all the time as well. How does that make him a hypocrite?

    You should hear the liberal radio station, 1310, fanning the flames. Now they are accusing Boehner, McConnel and Cantor of telling people to go out and riot. I would like some proof, real honest proof, from the left-wingers, of where conservative radio or Republicans are promoting violence of this sort. It's just not true. Hypocrats should be ashamed of themselves.

  19. Forgot to add, before you say I am, you know that I'm not justifying anything. FBI should investigate and take these nut-jobs off the streets, on BOTH sides. Lefties have their share of nut-jobs, it's just a fact of life that there are extremists in everything. Where was the outrage when the left-wingers were harassing Stupak and his wife at their home?!? Seriously, all you said when I posted my sincere concerns for Stupak, was that Limbaugh told his listeners to call in to their Reps offices! Why would you seemingly justify Stupak's harassment with that kind of remark? It's like you have to make everything about "sides". There's right and wrong. What some nuts are doing is wrong, and what the Hypocrats are doing is wrong by trying to stoke the fires against an overwhelmingly peaceful group of protesters. Hypocrats are turning into Fascists, seriously. Look at the propaganda, the fear-mongering, the taking over of key parts of the economy, the President giving orders and writing laws, trying to silence their opposition by calling them racists and all manner of things ... Hypocrats are giving a clinic on Fascism. Look at it objectively and it's quite concerning.

  20. John
    the threats have increased from the normal amount enough that the FBI and State Police are monitoring phones of Michigan democrats.

    and then you have this pieceabout the Virginia tea baggers....

    "Leaders of the Virginia Tea Party group that posted Perriello's brother's address, meanwhile, stated that they did not endorse what had happened."

    they post an address and then suggest they don't endorse what their people do withn that info. Thats a crock. You post an address you know someones going to that address. When they go over board you have "plausible" deniability but thats just Bullshit. Think about that objectively!

    I do want to say that i am slightly impressed that the person who berated the parkinson dude finally admitted his mistake and apologised. Despite his earlier denials, he came out and apologised and made a donation to a parkinson foundation. Good for him. He should've owned up the first time, but atleast finally did it.

  21. John, Andrew Brietbart is offering $1,000,000 for proof that the TEA Party members called the names they are accused of calling. Guess what? No one has collected yet.

  22. hey, Mlive has the calls to Stupak. listen for yourself...

  23. WTF Joe. What more do you want from people?!!? I say it's wrong, but it's not good enough for you? Stop being such an a-hole and denounce it on both sides Joe. Is the right denying that any violence is wrong? No, they are not Joe. I tell you what though, not saying it's right but the Hypocrats certainly pushed it to this by not listening to their constituents. The vast amount of anger from their constituents will be reflected in the polls come November.

    That guy that posted the address was one guy, not the party. So that's what's up with that. What more do you want from them, want every TEA party everywhere to fall on a sword because of one idiot? What about when Ed Schultz said he would cheat to rig an election to keep Scott Brown from winning?! Where was the outrage from the left-wingers then? Never heard that one on the MSM, but I can give you a link to the audio if you need to investigate Joe.

    And now you are back to using slurs Joe. I thought you were trying to be the mature one, but I am rapidly losing faith in you Joe. Either grow up or go F**K yourself. If you want to have constructive dialogue we are all up for it and Chris gives you the forum. But you want to use the term tea-bagger, that must make you feel like a big man but you are just stooping to Comrade Bruce's level now.

    Joe, I don't care to listen to any hateful messages. Does MLive have the calls from the radical left-wingers when Stupak was going to vote against the bill!?!? There's your hypocrisy Joe, and it's squarely in the radical left-winger camp.

  24. FYI Chris - On the news today, the police have determined that the bullet that went into Congressman's Cantor's home was a stray bullet- falling from being shot in the air, and was not intentional. Further, that the Congressman knew that BEFORE he issued his press release.

    FYI to others - Ed Schultz admitted he was talking "tongue in cheek" about the cheating in the Mass. election - and did so almost in the same breath. You guys are really stretching it!!!

    I am very dismayed that political discourse has taken such a venomous turn today. And as the cliche goes, "two wrongs never make a right", so just because one side does use incidenary language NEVER excuses the other side from using it.

  25. vomamike, I sure wish you were as rigorous in your investigation of Republican wrongdoing as you are the Hypocrats. As Chris has asked several times, where is the proof of the N word being bandied about? Where is the proof that Beck, Limbaugh, et. al. are fanning the flames and telling people to go out and be violent?

    You are correct that it is not right. You are also hypocritical when you make it out to be only one side doing it.

    I suppose that's pretty convenient that an actual bullet happened to fall from the sky and hit a Congressman's offices. Must be the same silly kids that called him and slurred him for being a Jew.

  26. I like how it's always "tongue in cheek" and "mis-speaking" and "just being silly" when the left-wingers do it. Harry Reid and his negro comments, Bill Clinton saying Obama would be fetching them coffee, was it Dan Rather saying Obama couldn't sell watermelons, Ed Schultz saying he would perform vote fraud to get somebody elected, Chris Matthews "forgetting" Obama was black for a few minutes ... gosh, vomamike, if a conservative said any of these things, do you think lieberals would have a problem with it? Maybe I'll take some time out to look up some hate-speech from Olbermann to President Bush. I'm sure he has a lot of "mis-speaks" and "tongue in cheekiness" that he bandies about.

  27. Mike you have been cheerleading the left when they go overboard but then you try and rain in the right when they prove the left are much worse and you did nothing. We can all agree that their are nut cases but when every left wing media and blog is saying the right are sooo dangerous yet the left have done 10X's more then the right ever has. That is why the left always loose in the eyes of the American people. That and they lie all the time. You act like the this is the first time a threat has been made by any side. I know it must be suprising to hear that some conservatives are acting like liberals. I'm suprised too. But so far it's always turned out to be the left trying to set up the right.

  28. Was it an accident when the SEIU membersa beat that black tea party member while calling him a "Fucking nigger"? Where were you from the left when the real violence was happening?
    come out of the rabbit hole now it's not 1969 anymore.

  29. There Are Crack Pots on BOTH Sides of This Issue and Thats The Truth Period! Once Again I Do Not Endorse it But Citizens Are Frustrated With Their Representitives Who Actually Believe Their Seats in Congress Belong to THEM!

    Before Elections There Will Be More Frustrations With Other Liberal Agenda Items Amnesty and Cap and Trade! Once Again While This Is Going On Administration Does Nothing About Creating JOBS and With That Mind Set Citiizens That Want To Work and Cannot Find Work Are Going To Get More Frustrated! Most Citizens Do Not Consider Lasering in on JOBS as Unemployment Benifits as This Administration Apparently Does!


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