Thursday, March 25, 2010

Open Thread: The Real Left Wing

Stock Image - man and boy hold 
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and photo clipartNAMBLA  is one of the many left wing organizations. You will see what the left wing really is and what they want to do to us as a society.

The first Hash Bash, 1971. This is one of Michigans left wing rallies. Someone always gets hurt at these. But since they are all high not too many riots,thank God.
Need I say any more? This is what the left think is a right. Is this what you want for our kids future? They say they care and the love. Does this look like a moral brotherly love to you?  Have we forgotten all the riots,the burning of private property,the beating of people by SEIU at a TEA Party,ELF burning SUV's and housing complexes? Is this what love and morals are to the left?


1992 in LA a riot broke out because of the left and with the help from the left. Do you remember these liberals beating people to a pulp just for driving by?Why is it that the Democrats want to let felons vote? Is it because almost all felons would vote for a Democrat? Why is it the left have more compassion for criminals and terrorist then they have for the unborn or conservative Americans?
Piss Christ.
Piss Christ is a 1987 photograph by photographer Andres Serrano. It depicts a small plastic crucifix in urine. This is what the left call art. But when a cartoon of the Prophet Mohamed is made the protest the insensativity. They call porn art and would like to see the age of sexual consent dropped for kids. I ask you this, is this the America you want for our kids?


  1. Dude how is that a left wing organization?

    lets play the lose again.

    Republican aide Alan David Berlin was arrested on charges that he wanted to engage in sex acts with a 15-year-old boy while dressed in a panda costume.

    A motherfuckin PANDA Costume. You asshats are pedo furries, you sick bastards!!!

    Republican activist and former presidential campaign chairman Jeffrey Claude Bartleson was arrested on charges of sexually molesting a 5-year old boy.

    Republican Mayor Jeffrey Kyle Randall was sentenced to 275 days in jail for molesting two boys -- ages ten and 12 -- during a six-year period.

    Republican Congressman Mark Foley abruptly resigned from Congress after "sexually explicit" emails surfaced showing him flirting with a 16-year old boy.

    Seems to me that your "liberal" group is filled with rightwingers....

    and how bout this "liberal group"

  2. Chris, after reading several of your newest posts, I really think you've gone off the rails.

    You need to seek professional help.

  3. How is it not the left? Answer that boys? You accuse the TEA Party of racism without real proof. Breightbart is giving $1 million to anyone that has proof that the Tea Party called out the "N" word. The left said it happen 13 times so it should be easy to find 1 for a cool million. LOL you libs are something else with your double standardes and your rabbit hole idealogy.

  4. Joe you are only pointing out a few people when Chris is pointing out the liberal culture. Chris also didn't say it was a Democrat thingy but a left wingy thingy. There are liberal Republicans and conservative Democrats. They just don't want to get it Chris that's all.

  5. Chris, you make all sorts of bullshit accusations all day long on this blog without proof, so whats one more.

    But talk about double standards. the right is going off on a brick throwing tirade and you accuse us of being violent. I even showed the blog post on another thread.

    Hey, i know of this pedophile organization that i used to be part of when i was younger. In fact my whole family was part of it, including my Grandparents. It was called the Catholic Church.

  6. Bruce If There Is ANYBODY That Would Know About a Train Leaving the Tracks it Would Be You! Your Train To Hooterville is Always Behind Schedule!

    Will Some Body Splain To Me WHY NOBAMA is Still in Campaign Mode Over Health Care and Why He Is Not LAZERING in on JOBS and The Economy! Seems He Really Has a Tuff Time Multi Tasking or He Just Dont Give a CRAP About Citizens and JOBS! I Suspect The Latter!

  7. Spot on Al. It's especially glaring after the Hypocrats were touting that poll that said how wonderfully loved that health care tax bill is now that it has become law. Why would this liar have to keep selling if it is so wonderful, and what was it, 60% of Americans love it now?!?! LOL

  8. Joe you can dish it out but you can't take it? You liberals need "Big Brother" to take care of you. All I hear is the TEA Party is dangerous and I'm just giving some perspective. I'm not done yet. The left have a lot of bad things in their closets. There is a reason why our prisons are full of liberals. Joe if there is someone throwing bricks and making threats then shame on them. I'm just showing your shame while you are acting all piose. I'm sorry to hear that you where molested by the Catholic Church. Now I see why you are so angry with God and the Christians. But it is OK for you to cast stones at the Catholic Church and it's not OK to cast stones with the thousands of liberal child molesters that made a group just for man-boy love. It's in their mission statement.Hey you on the left still have baby killing. You don't want to foget that it is liberals that want to send a student to an abortion clinic without the parents consent. Just look at Margret Singer's views on planed parenthood and killing black babies.

  9. What About JOBS. Now Obama is going after Amnisty for illegal imagrants. I'm all for the legal way of becoming American. But to pardone illegal imogrants for their crime and reward them for their crime by making them American with all the benifits is nuts. We have too many workers in this country as it is. Why do the Democrats hate the AMERICAN workers so much? Is it because they are buying votes with our jobs?

  10. chris, I'm going to take your word for what the NAMBLA website mission statement is. Not going to have that on my browser.

    As for dishing it out, i can to, but come at me with something witty and realistic, not that you went to Namblas website. Whats wrong with you.

    As for prison being full of liberals, huh? Explain that one.

  11. It brought a slim smile to my face when there much furor yesterday when Steny Hoyer announced (all unsubstantiated) that up to ten democrat representatives had received some form of death threats. Now the threats
    were not the source of my slim smile as that is exactly what the left wants so they can feed on it and IT IS WRONG.

    The smile came due to the left being mystified and appalled that this would happen. For a year or more the left has ignored, dismissed, demeaned, slandered and discounted the American public whose voice was about as loud
    as it could be on many issues. It echoed from the Town Hall meetings to the streets, the polls and the constantly jammed switchboards just to name a few. When every avenue available to the electorate, the taxpayer and
    citizen is blunted, blocked and the point of humor for their actions, there is little left for one to express their exasperation, frustration and fears.

    When all methods and levels of civility are met with name calling, smears and defamation what is the recourse left for the citizenry?

    I've long claimed that the left has put a pressure cooker pot on the burner which is turned to high. The pressure cooker has no relief valve built in and the end result of this is a release of built up pressure (angst) that will finally exceed the pots ability to contain it. The left reveled when the pot on the burner was used to cook up their policies and programs.

    However, they neglected to watch the amount of fire that was slowly causing the ignored pressure to build to the point of immediate and dangerous release. The laws of physics always prevail, even in politics.

    I simply understand some folk's passion for what they believe in being treated as astro-turf with every method of redress for their voice being stunted and ignored. Americans are the flame of the burner. When it lacks the attention it deserves the results are always less than desirable; especially for the inattentive cooks. Yet they are surprised and indignant when the shrapnel is suddenly everywhere. Like all bully's they are amazed
    when they confront rebellion and force equal to their actions. In this case the threat is more than a bloody nose. That is unfortunate and ill conceived, however effective for some who can no longer wait until November to express all that pent up energy.

    Violence is not the answer right now. "He who laughs last, laughs best" is the answer. The proper reckoning is for the left to lose the House and Senate in eight months and the same for the following decade. That would be the double fisted smack down to all the current bully's. Sending them to the emergency room with ballots is much more appeasing and long lasting.

    Sometimes patience is very hard to maintain.

  12. Joe I didn't go to a liberal NAMBLA web sit I was just guessing. Joe do you relaisticly think the prisons are full of conservatives? Great points Paul. The Democratic party minion have been proding the conservatives for a long time now. They want the right to do what they always do,riot,be violent and threaten.

  13. Joe- "the right is going off on a brick throwing tirade and you accuse us of being violent."
    Maybe ... Turns out Eric Cantor campaign office was shot at.

  14. They are threatening to kill Ann Coulter now. Leave it to the left to one up the right. Karl Rove had a list a mile long on how many death threat he got.

  15. They make me sick.

  16. Now Lets See Citizens Ignored By Elected Representatives and Politicans Pass A Bill That Majority of Citizens Do Not Want! Citizens are Called a Mob, Nazis and Extremist For Using Their Freedom Of Speech. Now Politicans Cannot Figure Out The ANGER That Citizens NOW Have and It May Be Boiling Over! Politicans and Libs You Want ANGER Wait For November!

  17. Mark that was a inside job. It wasn't real. just like the Tea Baggers claimed the dude who called Franks a "fag".

    But your guy is right, it is a shame that righties have to do this just because a bill passes. But look at the rightwing websites that are supporting it and you'll figure out why its happening.

  18. LOL ... Joe with more nonsense. When it happens to a rightie you just can't bring yourself to condemn it, you have to call it an inside job or marginalize it. Window. Shot. With. Bullet. That kind of thing is acceptable to you. Sooth your soul by calling it an inside job. Look at what you have become. You've become Bruce. God help you Joe.


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