Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Obama Isn't Above Making Up A Sob Story About Natoma Casnfield

Do you remember the story of Natoma Canfield? Obama used her story like many other peoples stories to sell Obamacare. He said she is loosing her home because she can't afford the insurance premiums now that she has cancer. Obama is such a showman. He saved the many fainting people in the front rows of his speeches.lAs if I believe that Obama didn't plant those people now that these stories are out. I hope he doesn't use a small child to help sell his health care bill. Oh, he did did he? Is everything about this president smoke and mirrors?  Can we believe any words out of his lieing mouth? What kind of man uses dieing women,small children and lies to sell us a bill of goods we don't want?
Now here is were it turns into a soap opera. Gateway Pundit finds that Natoma isn’t the hard luck story she pretends to be.
Natoma Canfield is being cared for at one of the top cancer centers in America. She will qualify for financial aid and won’t lose her home.
FOX News reported:

Natoma Canfield, the cancer-stricken woman who has become a centerpiece of President Obama’s push for health care reform, will not lose her home over her medical bills and will probably qualify for financial aid, a top official at the Cleveland medical center treating her told FoxNews.com.
Though Canfield’s sister Connie Anderson said her sibling is afraid she’ll lose her house and Obama warned at an Ohio rally Monday that the patient is “racked with worry” about the cost of tests and treatment, she is already being screened for financial help.
Lyman Sornberger, executive director of patient financial services at the Cleveland Clinic, said “all indications” at the outset are that she will be considered for assistance.
“She may be eligible for state Medicaid … and/or she will be eligible for charity (care) of some form or type. … In my personal opinion, she will be eligible for something,” he said, adding that Canfield should not be worried about losing her home.
“Cleveland Clinic will not put a lien on her home,” he said.          


  1. Dr. Thomas Sowell has an excellent column today.


  2. Not sure how many of you caught Obamas claim last week about "Anthem Blue Cross raising their premiums by as much as 60%, like they did in Illinois"? Guess what... It's a lie. My Anthem Blue Cross of IL actually went down $6 a month. This clown will say anything to convince people of this BS bill.

  3. Mark, so because your bill went down $6, we're supposed to apply that to everyone's premiums.

    You are an idiot.

    Natoma isn't even at Cleveland Clinic as I remember. She is as Cancer Center of America. So,who's making stuff up?

  4. Bruce explain why Marks premiums went down? Why would Marks premiums go down and how can the Democrats health care bill do better then NO PROFIT? Blue Cross in Ill. is a NON-PROFIT insurance company. Bruce do you know what NON-PROFIT means? We know you can't do better then non-profit but Obama said obamacare will save us as much as 3000%. Bruce do you know what a savings of 3000% means? And if the NON-PROFIT Blue Cross had to raise their rates as much as 60% last year then that is proof that insurancxe isn't the enemy the Democrats are making them out to be. Now we know these things as facts. You add them us and tell me what a brainiac like you Bruce comes up with. Take your time Bruce I know how hard this facts stuff is for ya. Bruce where is that focus on jobs we were promised? Is going deeper into debt the only answer the Democrats have?

  5. Bruce once again you are full of it. She is not at Cancer Center of America. Google it instead of lieing Bruce. And your going around calling other people idiots? You just project.

  6. Fealk you idiot, take your head out of your ass. Obama's prop is in Cleveland Clinic, getting treatment, without insurance. That is why she wasn't with the Incompetent One in Ohio.

    Natoma Canfield is 50 years old. She was diagnosed with cancer 16 years ago. She quit her job or was laid off 12 years ago. She has reportedly held odd jobs cleaning homes the last few years. Natoma was paying $5,000 a year for her insurance but dropped it after it went up to $8,000. She wrote president Obama in December to tell him about it. She was worried she might lose her home that her parents built. Some people might say she’s lucky to still have a home after losing her job 12 years ago. Others say she’s lucky that today’s regulations weren’t around when she was diagnosed with cancer at 34. The current government officials don’t believe breast exams are necessary until much later in life.

  7. What is keeping this idiot woman from shopping around for less-expensive insurance?

    What is keeping this idiot woman from shopping around for less-expensive HEALTH CARE, rather than spending $5,000/year on insurance, why didn't she put that in a bank?!

    What is keeping you idiot Hypocrats from putting together a sob-story clearing house website, where you can gather alllll your 20 sob-stories and you generous Hypocrats can donate to these people's health care/insurance? Is it because you don't care about the PEOPLE, you only care about their STORIES so you can try to sell your Socialism scam?!?!

    And now, lookee here, Big Pharma is buying ads to push the windfall legislation from the Hypocrats! LOL ... you don't think they would push for this legislation if there was nothing in it for them, do you!? After all, it was well documented in the HuffPo that re-importation of cheaper drugs was taken out by Obama, resulting in higher prescription drug prices. That's a documented FACT.

    I told you Comrade Bruce, that this legislation was written BY and FOR Big Insurance, Big Pharma, Trial Lawyers, and the Unions. How does it feel Comrade Bruce, to support this legislation that is for all of these big corporations?!?! You should be ashamed of yourself!
    Drug industry preparing pro-reform ads
    March 16, 2010

    COMING SOON – The drug industry, which has held off running ads until officials sign off on the final reconciliation bill, is growing more comfortable with the emerging legislation and is preparing a substantial pro-reform ad buy in 43 Democratic districts, according to a senior industry source. The amount and timing of the buy have not yet been set and hinge largely on action in the House. Still, the development is a substantial step forward from Monday morning, when industry officials, coming off a tough weekend of negotiating with Democratic staffers, said there were no ads in the works. The movement should also help appease the White House, which has been leaning on the industry to provide Democrats air cover, according to industry sources.

  8. Oh, and does Comrade Obama bother to ask why HEALTH CARE is so expensive that this idiot woman might lose her house? No, of course he doesn't. Even though it has absolutely NOTHING to do with insurance. These Hypocrats are either sub-moronic, or believe people like Comrade FAILk are, to believe this tripe. These Hypocrats ... it's like asking why the loan on the house costs so much!! Idiots, it's the cost of the house that determines the size of the loan! Same thing with insurance, the cost of health care directly affects the cost of insurance! WHY are Hypocrats so STUPID?!?!

  9. Forget the natomi or whatever story, I would worry more about people buying Husseins fuzzy (downright B.S.) math.

    He says basically if his socialist plan passes, premiums will go down,,drumroll,,3,ooo% !

    Can you say jackass?

  10. I sure wish Comrades Joey or Bruce could explain to us how this boondoggle is going to cut health care costs, and/or health insurance costs.

    All they can say is that it will. Because that is what MoveOn says, LOL

  11. So Comrade Joey and Comrade Bruce, just to make sure where you stand here, you fully support the KKKoffee Party, right? So that when the next libtard nut-job with his KKKoffee Kard goes off, we know you fully support them and everything they stand for?

  12. John, Check out this coffee party video:


  13. I know, isn't that video hilarious?!?! My wife was asking me why everyone there was so angry. I had no idea, other than the fact that they are naturally angry people. I mean, really, they have control over both houses of Congress and the Presidency, and they are angry I guess because they have no one to blame but themselves for their epic failures!

    You know what else struck me as funny, is that these idiots are railing against Capitalism. If I was the store owner I would kick their asses out on the street. But I guess Capitalism is fine for coffee shops. What about the poor that can't afford a $5 (!) cup of Folgers!?!? Hey Comrade Bruce, do the coffee store owners give away free beverages for you Communists?!? BWAAAAHAHAHAHAHA!!

  14. What I saw was some very sorry lookinf saps.

  15. Christopher I did a piece on the 3000% BS statement by Obama. It is amazing how the left wing media haven't even touch that talking point from Obama.

  16. Christopher, I especially liked reading the comments that go with that video; they are really giving it to those regressive idiots, LOL

  17. I was at the Troy meeting. There was some scary things being talked about by many of the people there. I have been to Tea party meetings in the past and I have to say the Coffee members have a lot of hate and anger for the Tae party members. The Coffee party is about 20% radical leftist at that Troy meeting. They are like an angry mob looking for vengence

  18. ANY Insurance Is BASED On COST! COST Savings Must Be Made At The Core Of the Cost "The Hospital"! Until Cost There are Brought UNDER Control All Else Is SMOKE/MIRRORS!

    Nobama Socialized Insurance Does NOTHING to Curtail COST and Does Everything To Eventually Make Government Controlled Insurance the ONLY CHOICE!

    2400 Pages With Hidden Ear Marks and Triggers That EVEN Now NO Politican Can Explain! But Pelosi Says Pass it and Then Work on IT! Never ,Never Heard of ANY Congress VOTING First and Then TWEEKING The LEGISLATION Later! Politicans Have FORGOTTEN We Own Their SEATS and WE Can Take Them Back! Problem NOW is At What COST to This Great Country! Shame on Them!


  19. Tea Party people are concentrated and organized into one goal, following the Constitution. The "coffee clatch" looks liked disorganized idiots (anarchists).

    Maybe , just maybe they do need coffee to wake the f@#k up.

  20. Anonymous, I love how you teabaggers always post here as anonymous, especially when you infiltrate one of our meetings. You never have the courage to identify yourselves. I was there and I totally disagree with your assessment.

    What we dislike about the tea party is their total misrepresentation of the facts and their disruptive tactics and fear mongering on an issue of such an imperative nature.

    People are dying for lack of access to health, but tea baggers are only worried about themselves. If they have coverage, to hell with the rest of America.

  21. People Dieing Because of Lack of Health Care! Bruce Its Called Medicade and ANYONE Can Get the Care They Need. I Have Seen Citizens on Medicade in The Hospital Get The SAME Care as Insured Citizens and That is The TRUTH! Medicade IS a GOVERNMENT RUN Health Care System and Single Payer to BOOT! All Nobama Care is About is CONTROL Period! Why Else DUPLICATE Medicade Which is TRILLIONS in Debt with NO Hope of EVER Breaking EVEN!

    Just Like The Sick Lady Nobama Set UP as Example Can Get Health Care By Going into Government Systems That are ALREADY in PLACE!

    Citizens Who Need Health Care DO Not KNOW of Government Run Programs Already in Place or Choose NOT to Use It!

  22. Bruce Alot of Your Lib Blogers Use Names and Im Pretty Sure Their NOT there Real Names, You Know the Ones I Mean. YOU Must Have Forgot, Never Mind its The Truth !

  23. BWAAAAAHAHAHAHA ... Comrade Bruce gets laid low by Al once again!

    Al, you rock.

    Pretty funny when Comrade Bruce complains about fear mongering and then uses the tired old Hypocrat/Obummer line "PEOPLE ARE DYING!", oh man, that's a classic.

    Where are these people that are dying Comrade FAILk? And how terrible of you if you just let them die and don't take up a collection for them, or give of yourself! What an asshole you are Comrade Bruce! If I see a fellow human being who needs help I help them out! What do YOU do? Try to get legislation passed that doesn't take effect for 4 years? Is that the Hypocrat solution, hope those people die in 4 years? That's quite a cost-saving measure! LOL

    If you don't have anything more than your talking point, you are just a fear-mongerer!! ROFLMAO @ you stupid regressives! Oh man, you libtards are the funniest bunch of doffuses around. It's like the Keystone Cops of politics!! LOL

  24. What the matter Bruce, pissed off the I exposed the President for what he is? I baldfaced lier, who'll say anything to get this POS bill on his desk to ink in to law.
    And who is talking about Ohio???
    Last week the President said that (See these things->"" they're called quotation marks. I am quoting the President of the United States)
    "Anthem Blue Cross raising their premiums by as much as 60%, like they did in Illinois"
    My premium went down in IL, and I have 84 addition fellow employees who can attest to this, as they also saw the premiums lowered.
    I'd like to know where he got HIS figures from.


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