Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Obama Lied (overstated) Health Care "Savings" By A Masive $868 BILLION

In what the White House calls the final push for health care reform, President Obama pushed the envelope on deficit reduction and came crashing down to earth.
"Our cost-cutting measures mirror most of the proposals in the current Senate bill, which reduces most people's premiums and brings down our deficit by up to $1 trillion dollars over the next decade because we're spending our health care dollars more wisely," Mr. Obama told an audience at Arcadia University in Glenside, Pa., a suburb north of Philadelphia.
The President was so proud of these cost-saving numbers in the latest version of health care reform, he delved into a bit of Washington-speak to back them up.
"Those aren't my numbers," President Obama said to the rising applause of the estimated 1,300 in attendance. "They are the savings determined by the Congressional Budget Office, which is the nonpartisan, independent referee of Congress for what things cost."
That part is true. The budget office does keep score of what things cost. More precisely, the budget office projects what things cost or save over a given period of time.
But the budget office did not say the Senate health care bill would save $1 trillion over the next decade. Not even close.
It estimated the bill would save $132 billion from 2010 to 2019, leaving President Obama's "next decade" estimate $868 billion short.
That's some rounding error.
When contacted, a White House official said the President  meant to say the Senate bill would save $1 trillion in its second decade.
The budget office did project possible second-decade savings of up to $1 trillion, but attached this note of caution: "A detailed year-by-year projection for years beyond 2019...would not be meaningful because the uncertainties involved are simply too great."
In his remarks today, President Obama made the case that all issues had been considered, all ideas vetted. It was time, he said, to take a stand.
"We have debated healthcare in Washington for more than a year," Mr. Obama said. "Every proposal has been put on the table. Every argument has been made. The need is great, the opportunity is here. Let's seize reform. It's within our grasp."
What is not in the President's grasp, or the taxpayer's for that matter, is the alluring prospect of $1 trillion in health care savings in the "next decade." But there is the hope, though it "would not be meaningful," of that magnitude of savings starting in the decade beginning in 2020.
By the way, the budget office projects a 2020 deficit of $1.3 trillion. A number like that would make $1 trillion in health care savings from 2020-2029 meaningful indeed.


  1. If the old saying were true, this guy's pants, and the rest of the Hypocrat's pants, would have burned off long ago. Maybe that explains Rahm in the shower with Massa?

  2. Massa will be on for a full hour on Glenn Beck at 5pm. The libs are losing it with this 1 hr long tell all on the Democratic Party. I'm afraid one of these liberals are going to assassinate Beck.

  3. When has Obama gotten the numbers right? Either he is the most incompetent admin ever or just full of crap.

  4. He's not incompetent, just people like Comrade Bruce and Comrade Peters are incompetent. Actually, they are useful idiots, just repeating the talking points that are spoon-fed to them by MoveOn and Soros and their ilk.

    Comrade Obama knows exactly what he is doing. He's just lying and lying and lying, and the MSM is ignoring his lies for the most part, and even repeating them. Sickening. Fortunately, a vast majority of the voting populace is onto his lies.

    Even useful idiot Comrade Bruce cannot point out ONE cost-saving measure, either to health care or to health insurance, in this bill. That's a testament to what a pile of shit this Hypocrat plan is. Sorry for the language Chris and Drew and your kid if you still read, but man, sometimes you just have to call a spade a spade.

  5. Health Care to This Administration is Control and Power Period! The Bill Itself Will in Time Eliminate Private Sector Insurance. It Will Cast All Into Government Health Care with NO Other Options! Even With this Piece of CRAP Millions Of Citizens Are NOT Covered WHY!

    This Bill Has NEVER Been About Price Controls in Health Care,But, Control Period! Nothing in The Bill Goes to Lessen Cost In Drug Industry Hospital Stays Or Test! What Citizens Wind Up With is a Single Payer System Sorta Like Medicare/Medicade Which Due to Fruad and Mismanagement is Trillions In Debt with NO Hope of Ever Being in the BLACK! More Deficit, More Spending Does Great Harm to ECONOMY which Effects JOB Creation and That Is What These Progressives are After Period!

    One Last Item Prexsisting Illness is Like Not Having Auto Insurance UNTIL You Have Accident and Then Private Sector Insurance is Forced to Pay for Damages!

    Health Care MUST Be Addressed BUT Not to Gain Conrtol/Power Over Citizens BUT to Ensure Them of Choice and The BEST Heath Care That THEY Can Receive!

  6. Al, I just heard that student loan "reform" is bundled in with the government takeover of health care. They are trying to jam that through via reconciliation as well. No concern about WHY secondary education is so expensive (HINT: It's the government involvement), they just want more control and power. And trust me, my wife has huge amount of school debt through Sallie Mae, nobody wants reform on these bastards more than me, but more government is NOT the answer!

    Anyway, just wanted to alert everyone to the fact that this bill, as always, has more than just government takeover of health care. It has lots of other things jammed into it, plenty of pay-offs to big-time Hypocrat donors in all kinds of industries.

  7. WTF. Can he get anything right?

  8. Holy CRAP, these neo-monarchist regressives now want a national ID card?!? These Hypocrats are out of control, and that whanker Lindsey Graham is the biggest RINO out there:

    MARCH 9, 2010
    ID Card for Workers Is at Center of Immigration Plan


    This is indeed some scary stuff. And don't think I am against LEGAL immigration, because there's nothing further from the truth.

    Call, email, fax, write your representatives to let them know we do NOT need a National ID card to battle illegal immigration. What we NEED is for the government to enforce the laws that are already on the books. I know because I have a relative who catches these guys using fake or stoled Social Security numbers, and the government could care less about enforcing the laws.

    I'm worried, because once again the ACLU and I are on the same page ... LOL

  9. He is getting a lot of the numbers wrong but it isn't his fault.

  10. John,The NBPP think it is a way for the government to control us blacks. ID cards is the wrong thing to do. You don't want Obama knowing your shit and I don't want Bush knowing my shit. That is some voodoo bullshit coming from the

  11. See here Comrade Bruce, not ONE word on keeping health care or health insurance costs down. It's all spend spend spend. And this is from the mouth of Nancy Pelosi! I like how she says we have to pass it to find out what is in it. She has never been more truthful!! LOL

    The final health care legislation that will ... offer paid for investments that will improve health care services and coverage for millions more Americans. It will make significant investments in innovation, prevention, wellness and offer robust support for public health infrastructure. It will dramatically expand investments into community health centers. That means a dramatic expansion in the number of patients community health centers can see and ultimately healthier communities. Our bill will significantly reduce uncompensated care for hospitals.

    “You’ve heard about the controversies within the bill, the process about the bill, one or the other. But I don’t know if you have heard that it is legislation for the future, not just about health care for America, but about a healthier America, where preventive care is not something that you have to pay a deductible for or out of pocket. Prevention, prevention, prevention—it’s about diet, not diabetes. It’s going to be very, very exciting.

    “But we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it, away from the fog of the controversy.


  12. Well, forgive me for being frightened Jay-Ney, but it is quite scary that we agree on something. Not because you're black, but because you're kinda nutty.

  13. Oh, Al, here's the problem! When Comrade Obama said he was going to focus on jobs like a laser, we assumed he meant GENERATING jobs! But with his government takeover of health care, it appears that by focusing on that he intends to DESTROY jobs!

    Broad business coalition opposing health care bill, Mar 9

    WASHINGTON (AP) - Major business groups say President Barack Obama's health care overhaul is a job killer, and they're launching a multimillion-dollar ad campaign to take that message to voters.

    The U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the National Association of Manufacturers, and groups ranging from contractors to retailers said Tuesday the Democratic health care bills would raise their expenses, while failing to control health care costs.

    Advertisements will start airing nationwide Wednesday on cable television and shift in a few days to 17 states, targeting moderate and conservative Democrats whose votes are critical to passing the bill in the House. The campaign is estimated to cost between $4 million and $10 million, with the insurance industry paying part of the cost.

  14. John Thanks For the Info Which Actually Dunt Surprize Me! I Have Through the Years Questioned Politicans From BOTH Parties BUT I Never Have Been Concerned About The Facts Which After Reviewing Can Be FOUND! All Politicans Have Agendas and There Own Version of The Facts! I Have Never Feared a Administration For What They Appear to Be Setting UP This Country For and That Is What Concerns Me! Facts/Truth Change From Day to Day and What is Said TODAY is NOT What Occurrs Later.

    Could You Imagine Such a STUPID Statement From" The Speaker of the House "In Regards to SUCH a ECONOMY Busting Bill! She is Second in LINE to Lead This Great Nation and THAT Is a SCARY Thought!

    Card IDs Dont Surprize Me With This Administration! If Anybody Thinks Thats a Good Thing You Have Drank the KOOL Aide And Are Beyond Help!

  15. I never thought Bruce could push JayNey to our side. Once the glasses come off the Democrats don't look so good do they?


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