Tuesday, March 9, 2010

That Battle For Our Childrens Minds

Must-See Video: Texas Textbook Wars

It has come to the point that we can no longer afford to send our kids to government run schools. If you haven't seen the test scores for the American educational system then brace yourself for what you will see. Our kids go into kindergarden as some of the best prepared kids in the world and leave grade school and high scool as one of the worse educations in the developed world. And now with the indoctrination of our kids into a progressive thinking pagan generation by our schools. We need to put our focus back on the schools or bring back the vouchers. I send one of my sons to one of the best parochial schools in Macomb County Michigan. My youngest son goes to a government run school for speech. I spent a lot of time letting all the teachers for both my boys know what is and isn't exceptable. God blessed us with teachers that understand where I am coming from and where I want my kids to go. The governement teacher also sends her kids to a parochial school of her choice as she feels the same way I do about the publixc school system. Just because it's free doesn't mean you have to take it.  It is too hard to undo what the schools do if you don't agree with it. The teachers and schools have athority over our kids and if they are indoctrination our kids in Pagan religious theology by talking about "Mother Earth" etc... And just so you know that is what my youngest sons old school did for one month. They have Mother Earth month and did many of the old pagan rituals to Mother Earth. All in the name of eco friendly stuardship.


  1. well, gosh darn it we just need to add religion to our schools, because it works good in Islamic countries right?

    Why is the worlds largest conservative religions always butt heads when they are so much alike? You like Religion in school, they do too. You want laws based on religious beliefs, they want laws based on religious beliefs.

    They have training camps, you have "Jesus Camp" (see the movie it'll freak ya out. it did me and i had scene a lot through years of religious education.)

    I think the world is a better place because of atheists. they don't kill each other over our God being the only god.

  2. JoeC it is about taking Paganism out. ASnd Joe weather you believe it or not our law began from the Holy Bible and then the Jews made the laws. All we did was build on Jewish laws. Most countries follow our same laws with minor cultural differences. That is other then Islam Sherah law. Now that is some old testement stuff. No Jewish or Christian nor any other culture adopts that kind of law. You just have a bug up you butt about Christians and Gods will for you and your will for you. And if you haven't seen a riot with athiest then you are just kidding yourself. Go ahead and hate God and all Christians. It seems to be your way of lashing out at what you don't like in the world. But you can get off your high horse acting like you asnd other athist are better then Christians and other religions. Joe you have a bigger battle in you then you might let on. And it aint politics.

  3. Chris, the first codification of laws were not old testament and thus related to Christianity, but things like Hammurabi code...

    "While the precise date of Hammurabi's Code of Laws is disputed by scholars, it is generally believed to have been written between the second year of his reign, circa 1727 BCE, and the end of his reign, circa 1780 BCE, predating the Hebrew "Ten Commandments" by about 500 years. Perhaps the single most striking feature of Hammurabi's Code is its commitment to protection of the weak from being brutalized by the strong. He believed that he had been ordained by his gods Anu (God of the Sky) and Bel (The Lord of Heaven and Earth, the God of Destiny) to establish the rule of law and justice over his people."


    Also you could consider the Book of coming forth by Day, or the "book of the Dead" as another precursor to the Bible that had laws and code to it.


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