Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Toyota Is The New Death Trap


The first known instance of a plug-in hybrid car going up in flames occurred on June 7 in Columbia, South Carolina to a 2008 Prius that had been converted to plug-in capability for the Central Electric Power Cooperative. The conversion was performed with a Hybrids-Plus PHEV15 conversion kit that uses an A123 Systems lithium ion battery pack. The incident is still under investigation by Phoenix, Arizona-based Electric Transportation Engineering Corporation. Initial information indicates the fire may have been triggered by something related to the on-board battery charger and the car had previously experienced some mechanical issues related to that.                                                                                                                                On top of that another Toyota Prius has been found to excellerate and not break. This is something totally new. These Toyota cars are becoming death trapes not only for the driver and passangers but for the general public. These Toyota's need to be pulled off the road until they find out what is causing all these problems with these death trapes. These cars have been proven to be more dangerous and deadlier then the Pinto.Toyota Avalon


  1. LOL ... just think of all the greenhouse gases released when one of those go up in flames!! ROFLMAO

    Every one of those Prius' sets global warming going faster and faster, what with them using dirty coal power to charge. What a bunch of idiots these liberals are.

    Plus, the only real advantage for a Prius is in the city, with frequent stops and starts. I guess that works for people like Comrade Bruce who only drive a mile and a half to the library to check out David Duke's latest tome. Not that great for highway drivers. BWAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

  2. Toyota advertises that their product is very safe. In their latest add they used the image of little kids sleeping in the car safely and in peace. But the accidents contradict this peaceful driving image.


  3. I don't feel safe around them any more. They should be pulled off the road,NOW!!!

  4. Hey, yagmur is back too! Welcome back yagmur.

    I suppose now that Comrade FAILk has to get fire insurance on his Prius we will all have to get fire insurance on our cars. We have to spread the costs out you know. LOL

  5. Chris, these ads by Google never cease to make me laugh. Here you have a blog topic on the Prius Flaming Deathtrap, and the ads are for Toyotas! LOL

    I guess Google is aware of the idiom that there's no such thing as bad press!

  6. I agree with you Chris on these Toyotas. Did you know that Bruce wont post me now? Just because I called them out on the racism from the Democrats. I just clicked on the Prius ad so you get paid by Toyota. Screw those Jap cars. UAW all the way.

  7. Thank you again for letting me and others post on your blog freely. It does show me you are strght-up brother. You also write about racism and pot so you can't be all that bad.

  8. Thanks for stopping by my blog Chris and I agree with what is going on with the Toyota, I am scared to purchase one now and am even more scared for the people who are driving them!

  9. OceanDreams, what about the Toyota's that might run into a Ford or GM driver? You might not have a Toyota but one could still kill you or a friend. They have become the pitbull of the auto industry. You never know when they will turn on you.

  10. I'd stay out of the way of some GM products too. There were 1.3 million recalled just about a week ago.

    DETROIT � General Motors Co. said Monday it will recall 1.3 million Chevrolet and Pontiac compact cars sold in the U.S., Canada and Mexico to fix power steering motors that can fail.

    The recall affects 2005 to 2010 Chevrolet Cobalts, 2007 to 2010 Pontiac G5s, 2005 and 2006 Pontiac Pursuits sold in Canada and 2005 and 2006 Pontiac G4s sold in Mexico.

    The automaker said the vehicles are still safe to drive and never lose their steering, but it may be harder to steer them when traveling under 15 mph.

    GM spokesman Alan Adler said it will take time for the automaker to get 1.3 million new power steering motors from the supplier, JTEKT Corp., and GM will notify car owners when the parts are available

  11. Bruce but GM isn't killing people. The Toyota is killing more people then any other car recall in history. Toyota hasn't fixed the problem and these death trap Toyota's are now indangering other drives. These cars are going 95 MPH on their own and then the brakes are failing. Are GM or any other vehicle in history ever done this to us? Has the other companies tried and cover it up by saying it was a floor mat problem. It is hard even for you to make a coralation between GM and Toyota's recalls. Toyota has had a slug problem with their engines for a decade and they never recalled them. Goolge it if you don't believe. Thank God Ford,GM and Chrysler care about their customers as to do the recalles without govenment interferance. Shame on Toyota and shame on you Bruce for driving one without getting it taken care of. These cars kill and you don't care. I feel sorry for you Bruce. Why don't you worry about your own Prius car instead of placing blame on an American company. It shows a lot about your characture Bruce.

  12. While I remain convinced that the charges against Toyota are trumped up, I have never been a huge fan of their vehicles. I think the styling has always been too conservative. I'm currently in the market for a new vehicle and after looking at a number of different models, my next vehicle will most likely be an Accord. Quality of build, styling and features are exactly what I'm looking for.

  13. Not even close, Chris. Pinto is the all time leader.


  14. Bruce are you high? Scrutiny of Toyota Motors (TM) has intensified amid rising complaints of fatalities believed to have been caused by unintended acceleration. The reported toll now stands at 34 -- up from 21 in late January -- the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said Monday, citing new data from the public alleging Toyota cars were responsible for the deaths. In addition, 22 people have reportedly been injured as a result of the acceleration problems.
    September 10, 1970

    Detroit has an erratic track record when it comes to small cars. The demise of the Saturn nameplate was recently announced. The Pinto was an effort by Ford to compete with Volkswagen. The ad copy mentions the German import by name twice.
    They also compare the rack and pinion steering to Porsche and Jaguar but this is the only place you will see those cars mentioned in the same breath. Ford was actually setting their marketing sights on Japanese and German subcompact imports.
    The economical compact car was introduced at a good time, oil crisis was on the horizon. Arab oil producers boycotted America in 1973 in response to United States support for Israel during the Yom Kippur War. The next oil shock would follow in 1979 in the wake of the Iranian Revolution.

    However the Pinto would not survive past 1980 due to a scandal over the fuel tank position. The fuel tank was sandwiched between a tiny rear bumper and a differential with protruding bolts. Combined with doors that could jam during an accident the joke at the time called the car “the barbecue that seats four.” When cost-benefit memos surfaced showing that Ford was aware of the issue and failed to spend money to retool, the auto maker was caught in a public relations inferno.
    Studies would cite 27 Pinto deaths in fiery collisions and juries would award large settlements. Some have argued that this is a low number of deaths considering there were 2,000,000 Pintos on the road but everyone who argues this point was not one of the 27.

    I can’t prove this but my guess is that some of the distrust Americans show subcompact cars is rooted in this story. The Pinto would be discontinued replaced by the Fiesta, a car that looked a lot like the VW Rabbit.

    According to Wikipedia the Chevrolet Vega and Ford Pinto were introduced within a day of each other.

    27 deaths Bruce.

  15. Used Toyota's are cheep right now. You can't give a used Toyota away. How's that resale value going for you now? hahahaha

  16. Bought a Ford Focus Last April and It Runs Great! 32mpg and NO Government Money! What a Great Idea!

    Bruce Let the PINTO Go For Crying Out Loud and You Forgot the GM Produced Corvair! Believe You Needed a Fire Bottle NEAR By For That One TOO!


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