Wednesday, March 24, 2010

This Is About Controlling We The People said Dingell

We told you this was about controlling we the people. This is social engineering at it's worse. When did the government start controlling us instead of we the people controlling the government? This is the Democratic way. Now lets see how long it takes for the womens rights groups to get a hold of this. Just kidding we know the liberal hypocrisy's and its symptom's. Well at least the kids get their insurance right away. And the elderly get their cuts to Medicare right away too. How great is that? Oh, Crap don't tell me they lied about the kids getting covered right away. And they didn't even read the bill. That's the Democratic Party way.


  1. OOOOOOOOOOOPPPPPPPPPSSS could this be one of those slip of the tongue things, like "You know, spread the wealth around"...

  2. The TRUTH Slipped Out, NOW What,Blame it on The Republicans!

  3. This is like one of those Colombo episodes where he just lets the crook keep talking until he finally slips up.

    Unfortunately, in this case there are no cops to slap the handcuff on these POS's and take them downtown in a black and white.

  4. We have the triumvirate of Michigan Hypocrat idiots today. Dingell on his deathbed, Stupak folding like a dollar store greeting card for a meaningless Executive Order, and John Conyers making up some "Good and General" clause. I think he got it confused with "Good 'n Plenties" or something, LOL

    In all fairness, I'm pretty sure Dingell was talking about controlling insurance companies and things like that. It's still nothing that the government should be doing, especially this corrupt government. Everything the government tries to control turns to sh*t.

  5. lol...Nothing more than a mistake in words. After all he's only trying to control 300 hundred people so its not that bad.

    So which one of you is he trying to control? which one of you is one of the 300? Prove to me that your part of the 300 and i'll buy it. lol

    Seems like your being jag offs about only one part of a discussion when he obviously wasn't being very clear throughout.

  6. "Representitive of The People" NOT Being Clear! Time For Change Seems Progressives Cry "Not Very Clear"! November Elections Should Obviously CLEAR Up a LOT!

  7. Joe, what part of what he said DON'T you understand 'Control' and/or 'We the people'
    'Control'-That which serves to check, restrain, or hinder.
    'We the People'-As proclaimed in the Preamble of the US Constitution is meant and intended to be the Citizens.
    So therefore- check, restrain, or hinder the Citizens... be it 1 or 304,059,724

  8. Dingell was on The Ed Show last night and clarified his remarks on this issue.

  9. Mark "we can't forget your ancestry because you won't let us" Adams,

    What part of he wasn't clear did you not understand? He obviously was trying to say something that he stumbled upon, but not one of you has blogged that the healthcare bill will only cover 300 people yet.

    thats the duplicity in your actions. you attack him over the misuse of control but don't jump on the fact that he thinks only 300 people will be covered.

    Stop being partisan hacks. Its a mistatement.

  10. Joe, your first sentence clearly shows you've got some problem with my name, is that how I am to understand this fu&ked up statement?
    So I guess I can do the same... Whats the C stand for in you name, 'C'ocksucker?

    Second, here is what falls apart from the rest of your comment, "He obviously was trying to say"... OK this is a poor effort on your part to try and redirect someones thought process of what they're ears just heard.
    The only misstatement from him is he forgot to use 'million' after 300.

  11. Dingell - "Control the people" - Oh, that was a mis-speak

    Conyers - "Good and General clause" - Oh, that was a mis-speak

    Obama - "We gotta spread the wealth around" - Mis-speak!

    Biden - "Paying ass-loads of taxes is your patriotic duty" - Mis-speak!

    Sounds like the Democrats spend half their time mis-speaking, and the other half "correcting" what they "meant" to say. Vote these idiots out. Either they are saying what they mean and then doing damage control, or they are too intellectually lazy/stupid to govern. There's no room for this kind of error when these idiots are dealing with foreign countries, let alone with the people who have granted them the power to govern.

    From now on I don't want to hear any lieberals say one thing about any Republicans who "mis-speak". If you do say something you will be labeled a hypocrite, and rightly so.

  12. Bruce, I thought Mr. Ed went off the air years ago. Is Wilbur still on the show? Mr. Ed must be really old. Too old to waste health care money on. Did they show the death panel?

  13. PMSNBC always brings on liberal when they slip up and tell the truth. At that point they get to retell the story with the usual lies back in place of the truth.

  14. Don't forget about Obama saying the kids would get covered right away but he mis-spoke I guess. Will they mis-speak if they pay for Viaga for child molesters? You liberals are all a bunch of sick pervs.

  15. Looks Like Father Time HAS Caught Up To Dingell!

    Luckily He Is Not On Nobama Care. By the Time They Get to Him with AGE Being a Pro-rate Item! Ooops

    Thank Godness He Has His Own Insurance Unlike Citizens!

    Conyers With That " Good and General " Clause to The Constitution Statement Appears to Be Ready To Join Dingell! Wonder if They Can Get a Two For One Deal! Alot In Congress Got Deals For Their VOTE Why Not The Old Guys!

    What Committe is CONYERS the Head Of In Congress to KNOW So Much About OUR Constitution?

  16. Mark "i want to sound impressive so I pimp my ancestry out" Adams,

    I have no problem with your name. Its a name. Its the attention whoring way you put it on your blog that is the problem. the only thing you want anyone to know about you is that your related to some of the founders.

    Hey everyone wants to be special and if they can't do it themselves why not remind everyone that someone in their family was. Just pimp your ancestry.

    but lest look at that load of deflection BS you threw out on your post. Conyers, biden, Obama, hey stay on topic there. We're talking about how duplicitous the right is. They'll look past him misspeaking about the number of covered but will lacth on to any other misstatement like he meant it. Are you guys that stupid? I'm beginning to think so.

    I mean we all laughed at the Shrubs mistatements but noe of us actually suggested that Bush wanted OBGYN's to fuck their patients, even though he said it. We just laughed and called him a moron.

    Not you hypocrites. You latch on to the smallest missteps like they mean something.

  17. Pimping and Whoring Seems to Be Part Of The Blog Now! Whos Doing What To Whom is The Question, BUT, Then Again That Could Be Precieved as a Pimping Thingy!

  18. hey, while we're taking things and making them more than what they's some of my faves...

    Bush wants terrorists to succeed...
    "I'm telling you there's an enemy that would like to attack America, Americans, again. There just is. That's the reality of the world. And I wish him all the very best."

    White house security violated.North Koreans abduct a child from the oval office....
    "I remember meeting a mother of a child who was abducted by the North Koreans right here in the Oval Office."—Washington, D.C., June 26, 2008

    He thought the Seante would Clone themselves...
    "It would be a mistake for the United States Senate to allow any kind of human cloning to come out of that chamber."

    Even Shrub thought he was a disaster...
    "And I, unfortunately, have been to too many disasters as president."—

    And he saw his job as a secretary..
    "All I can tell you is when the governor calls, I answer his phone."—

    Can you see my point now?

  19. Joe -

    Dingell was talking about controlling private companies. That's my point. The government has no place in controlling private companies. If they do, that is Socialism, and they said that there was no Socialism in this bill. Well, they lied, didn't they?

    Furthermore, do you realize that you are equating John Dingell to George Bush? Is that really the example you want to use? LOL

    Dingell is a doddering old fool. A prime example of the Hypocrat party, between him and Conyers and Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick ... any bill that these old and corrupt idiots are for should be given a wiiiiide berth by the rest of Congress, no matter what the party. Can you imagine these people making your health care decisions?!?! *SHUDDER*

    And just remember, whatever slush funds, controls and power these Hypocrats put together, the pendulum WILL swing to the right. If you look at what the Republicans will soon be in control of, I think you will be as concerned as the rest of us.

  20. Joe, did you notice that the title to my profile says "All you'll need to know" What more do you want? My address, bank account #, ss #, next of kin?
    JHC, It's a political, patriotic blog.

    Joe as I see it you've got this fixation with my profile and where I came from. I've got something that I'm proud of. WHAT in the F*ck is wrong with having something you're proud of?
    I take it that picture in your avatar is your son. You must be proud... nothing wrong with that.
    But somehow you have this issue with the profile that I proudly display.
    Could this be jealousy? Who knows, who cares.
    What you see is all you'll need to know or find out.
    I do notice, though, you have nothing about yourself, that must mean you are a ‘nothing’.
    Get over it, you (continually) look like an a$$whole.


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