Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Here Are Some Polls From The Detroit News: Very Telling


Anti-reform ballot push

Would you sign a petition to challenge the federal health care mandate and declare that Michigan can opt out?
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Happy with health care bill?

How do you feel about the vote on the health care bill? Vote, then share your comments.
Thank you for voting on this CyberSurvey!
This is the results to a survey on the Detroit News. The left wing tried to email this survey to everyone they knew and still 75% of the people do not like this health care bill. This is one of the most Democratic areas in the nation and 3/4 of this obamacare sucks. But there is a fringe that are happy with this health care reform bill. We might have lost this battle but we will win the war.


  1. Where did you get the cybersurveys, Chris, right off the Detroit News web site?

    Those are really accurate.

  2. Bruce didn't you send this survey out begging your "friends" to vote on it? Why would you beg your friends to vote on it if it wasn't reliable? You really are something Bruce. Bruce said,"Would you please vote in this survey and tell all your friends to as well?" It looks like even when Bruce tried to sway the vote it still represents the truth. People hate this obamacare bill and Bruce can't handle it.LOL

  3. Chris, don't you know that nothing is more accurate and non-partisan than a good ol' DailyKos reader poll! LOL


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