Wednesday, March 24, 2010

This Is The TEA Party Movement

David Frum vs. The Tea Party Movement:
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Memo to David Frum: It's the Spending, Stupid
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Look at those dangerous radicals. These are the people the left wing fear. And I believe they are afraid of these great Americans. These Americans are Blue Dog Democrats,Libertarians,Independants and Republicans. One thing they are not is Progressive,liberal,Marxist,Socialist of Communist. The Democratic Party is mthe place for those groups.Just look at how now the Socialist party and the Democrat party is coming together. I will be doing some posts on who the Progressive/Democrats are. And what they are. We have seen the scary TEA Party conservatives rally. I'm sure the liberals have to where adult Pampers to look at these scary videos of the TEA Party protests. No wonder why the Democrats need the big government and big labor to protect those queezy Democrats. Maybe the weak feeble Democrat/Socialist can't handle life without "Big Brother" watching out for them. They don't have the fortatude to take care of themselves. How sad a life to be afraid of the TEA Party. Pissing themselves when they see a gang of elderly protesters dressed in red,white and blue. The liberals called them every name in the book and they stood tall. Ooh scary grandmas and grandpas. T%he liberals sent SEIU to beat the crap out of them and the TEA Party kept getting bigger. Those "teabaggers" must be a scary group because you liberals tried every trick in your Saul Alinski books to scare them and they laughed at you instead. You said they would do something dangerous and they haven't yet. Ooh scary Tea Party members. Yeh, good thing you weak little queezy liberal don't have to make it in the real would you would never make it.


  1. Wow, have you been checked for rabies lately. What is this frothing at the mouth piece of bitter nothingness? Comeon Chris we know your mad but damn take some time to make sense and actually say something.

  2. Just moking you on the left and your fear of the Tea Party members. LOL. A couple of bricks through a window and you guys are putting on you bullet proof vests and crying "danger". And Joe you even called them a bunch of "white men" as if to bring the race card in. Talk about mad. Are you still in the rabbit hole Joe? You will like my posts on liberal organizations if you think this one is bad just

  3. JoeC just to point out something. You said,"Comeon Chris we know your mad but damn take some time to make sense and actually say something." You said "we". How many are you in your head? And is one of you named Sybil? "We"."Mad" BWAAAHAHAHAHAHA

  4. Chris, we is liberals and people on the blog. We all know your mad at the passage.

    Speaking of Sybil, which one of you is Jay Ney and Nay Jey? Just asking.

  5. Passage Of The Bill Is Not a Mad Thing BUT a Freedom Thing and If YOU Cant Tell The Difference, When You Get To Hooterville Say Hey To Bruce!

    How Are The Job Creation Thingy Going By The Way! Nobama Must Have Time Now To Lazer In Oh Never Mind Hes Out on The Campaign Trail STILL Splaining Health Care Bill! This Administration Is Too SMART To Be So Dumb!

  6. Al, could i have that in english please cuz here's what i got.

    the bill wasn't passed in anger, but in freedom and when i visit Bruce at Hooters have some wings and say hello for you.

    I'm almost certain thats not what you meant to say.


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