Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Watch Out Grandma Is Dangerous Just Like The Left Wing Now.LOL

These people are just as dumb as you can get. They keep saying we will become violent like they always do. If thism isn't proof that the left are mentaly ill then what is? They have been predicting the right wing would riot and do the same violence as they always do. But instead we have been finding out that it is the left trying to set us up with their brand of violence. They have been waiting for one of our millions of protesters to screw up and loose it like they do. But what they have are bricks through a window and they treat it like we are the ones burning cars,throwing molatoff cocktails with masks on.  I think it is Racheal Madcow and Olbertmen that are inciting the left wing extreemist to  go out and do violence in the name of the TEA Party as to make it look like we are the ones that are dangerous.  It is their MO. Don't forget the fact that our prisons are full of liberals.


  1. I have gotten a lot of emails in the past 24 hours, mostly from senior citizens incidentally, asking simply, “How?”

    How do we throw them out? How do we replace them with good people?

    It is both harder and easier than it looks.

    First of all, we need to be realists. Some of the candidates we love won’t cut it. Sometimes we will be split on candidates with you liking someone and me liking someone else — it is okay to disagree, but both of us must understand that at some point, if our candidate cannot raise the money, we need to unite behind one conservative lest the conservatives split the vote and get a moderate elected.

    More importantly, we need to pick our battles carefully and wisely. I don’t mean to pick on Les Phillips in AL-05, but let me use him as an example.

    Les Phillips got a lot of attention at CPAC and thereafter. He and Mo Brooks are battling it out with Parker Griffith, the Democrat turned Republican. Les Philips has raised $363,236.00 and Mo Brooks has raised only $214,339.00. But Phillips’ money was raised through expensive direct mail programs and he only has $66,107.00 on hand compared to $211,303 on hand for Brooks. Compare them both to Griffith who has $714,835 on hand and the backing of the GOP establishment.

    This is neither a plus or a minus for either of the candidates, but if we want to improve that seat, we need to rally and we need to educate ourselves.

    More importantly, we need to focus on the Senate. I’ve provided a list of good candidates. I’d add Ovide LaMontagne in New Hampshire and Christine O’Donnell in Delaware to that list, but I’m more focused on the list as prepared. We need to move the Senate right both because of the GOP and because we need to hold the line on Obama’s appointees. The Senate GOP continues to fold on these issues.

    So how do we do it?

    First, we take this of House Democrats and “adopt” them. Set up a Google Alert or whatever you need to so you can track everything they do. And then you blog about it. Build a record of their misdeeds. Blog about them here or elsewhere. Let’s exchange notes.

    Then we get in and find good challengers for them. We have challengers for some of them already. I’ll make a commitment to start writing about those challengers. But we need to build up a narrative on these guys and monitor their movements. If you live in their districts, show up at events with a flip video camera. Capture their words and screw ups.

    In November, we vote them out and replace them with our guys.

    I’ll begin working on a list of the solid House candidates. We have a few already. On the Senate side though, I cannot emphasize enough that we must rally around candidates right now, even though their primaries may be a ways off.

    We cannot split between Lowden and Tarkanian — we need Tarkanian. We cannot split between Coats, Hoffstetler, and Stutzman in Indiana — we need Stutzman. We cannot split between Norton and Buck in Colorado — we need Buck.

    I know there is some disagreement, but we need to rally. And we need to rally in favor of the guy who is going to be a conservative before being a Republican. That is the only way to have a real impact.

    Already Senate Republicans are wavering on repealing Obamacare verses nibbling at the edges to fix it. We need candidates who will repeal it.

    This is not rocket science. But we have to stick together and fight. At the end of the day we have to be willing to make some tough choices. We can do it. That’s how we win.

  2. Wow, that was a load of nothing.

    Chris, you have rightwing bloggers writing about how the Tea party should throw bricks through DNC windows and your not violent.

    "I guess that guy's one of ours," blogger Mike Vander­boegh, 57, of Pinson said when told of the quote during a tele­phone interview. "Glad to know people read my blog."

    "The blog, which takes a "strict constructionist, libertarian point of view" according to its author, encouraged its readers to throw bricks at the windows of Democratic headquarters across the country"

  3. Wow Joe Bricks and name calling??? Take a look at the left and the shootings at the Pentagon and the plane in the IRS building in TX and you talk about things high school students do. When the Tea Party blows up a building,starts fires like ELF,shoot up the Pentagon,hang themselves to make it look like a right wing wacko did it,throw bricks through windows while turning over cars and the inocent killing of babies. LOL, and you guys are getting queezy over name calling and bricks? Are you really that big of wussies or are you trying to make a loose comparison of the right and left? Either way it isn't sincer and anyone with half a brain doesn't think the Tea Parties are dangerous. But keep it up as we remember what dangerous buffoons you liberals were when Bush was in office. It's so hard to believe you might actually believe your own comments. Did you guys do a lot of drugs or drinking back in the day? I see why people aren't watching Keith and Rachael when they try to sell those stories.LOL. You guys are great. Thanks for the laughs. I can't wait to watch Bruce fold when someone sticks a video camera in his face. There is a reason why our jails are full of liberals. They have nor moral compass with which to guide them.

  4. That blogger guy is stupid to ask conservatives to act like liberals. Did you see my old posts on the pictures of the anti-Bush/war protests? Either you are wussies or fake which is it? The left has a rap sheet 1000 times bigger and you are worried about some blogger that said something liberal. BWAAAAHAHAHHAHAHA. That must bug the crqap out of you guys on the left. It must sting knowing it would take a lot of vandalism to match what the left has been doing for decades. Have fun trying to make us look as bad as you on the left. The left that think killing babies should be a right trying to make us seem dangerous. You confidant JayNey has done worse then that and she is just one person. Hell Bruce has been jailed for misconduct. He would have gotten the same sentance for throwing a brick.HAHAHAHAHHAA. Those elderly ARE JUST SOOOOOO DANGEROUS. Why don't you liberals go bake to beating the crap out of a black man while calling him the "N"word. Thats not as bad as throwing bricks or calling a man "fagget" after he tells you to "get the F%ck out of the way". Sound dangerous or childish?


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